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Chapter 7

The next morning neither Beast Boy nor Raven attended breakfast; for fear that they would see each other. Starfire brought Raven a cup of tea and Cyborg whipped up some tofu eggs for Beast Boy. Robin didn't like this at all. What were they supposed to do if they got called out on a mission? He just hoped they would work past this awkwardness and do their job.

Beast Boy lay on his bed, tossing a ball up and down. He felt very depressed for a number of reasons. His perfect plan had been anything but perfect. He had made a fool out of himself flirting with Raven. He felt completely embarrassed now that he knew that she had known about his little plan. And now that he knew that he had a crush of his own on her he couldn't believe he made such an idiot of himself.

"I can't believe this happened," he said to himself. "Here I was trying to get Raven to like me I ended up liking her! But, I think I've kinda liked her for a while. I've just, I don't know, been in denial about it."

He sighed and tossed the ball to the floor. He sat up and looked around at the mess that was his room. His eyes suddenly landed on the book he had borrowed from her a few days back. He knew he would never read it, so he would have to give it back to her before it became swallowed in the mess.

"Awe, dude, I don't wanna go see her," he said as he stood up and went over to the book. "She's just gonna laugh at me or something. But, if I don't get rid of it I'm gonna lose it."

He groaned, picked the book up, and headed out of his room. His stomach was doing flips as he made his way to Ravens room. His heart raced and he felt his hands growing clammy within his gloves. Now he knew why he had been having these symptoms. He had a crush on Raven.

He made it to her door and slowly, and wearily, rapped upon it. He didn't want to do this, but he knew that they would have to face each other sooner or later. So he would rather just get it all over with.

"Starfire, I already told you, I don't want to talk," said Ravens voice from the other side of her door.

"Uh, Raven, it's… it's me," said Beast Boy, finding his voice had basically left him.

It grew very quiet. Beast Boy wasn't sure what to do now. Should he leave? She wasn't responding. Did she not hear him? No, she must have. Why couldn't she say anything? He would even have welcomed a yelling fit!

Suddenly her door slowly began to slide open. It moved out of the way and now he found himself staring straight into her eyes. And he felt a bit faint. She looked as weary as he, something he usually never saw from her. She was always either neutral or mad at him. This was a new look for her indeed. And he couldn't help notice how beautiful she looked this way. She shy and vulnerable, which were two other traits that one would never think of when they thought of Raven.

"Uh… hi," he said, nervously.

"What do you want?" asked Raven, who sounded as nervous as he.

"I just, um, wanted to give this back to you," said Beast Boy, handing her the book.

"You read it?" asked Raven.

"Well, no," said Beast Boy. "It was part of my, uh, plan to get you to like me. And Robin and Cy told me that you knew the whole time, so you don't have to pretend anymore."

"Oh," said Raven, unable to think of anything better to say as she took the book. She instinctively held it to her chest, as was her way of protecting herself from him.

"Yeah, well, I'm sorry about… all of this," said Beast Boy, rubbing his arm awkwardly. "It was a really stupid thing to do and I'm actually kinda glad you knew, because if you didn't I could have really hurt you."

"Well I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I knew about your plan," said Raven. "I shouldn't have played along with it and flirted back at you. It was a really immature thing to do."

It grew quiet again and both just wanted this moment to end. They wanted to lock themselves away in their rooms for the rest of their lives. The passion they had let themselves feel the evening before had given way to this horrible awkward feeling of longing, depression, and angst.

Beast Boy finally cleared his throat and said, "Anyway, I'm sorry I was unable to get you to like me. And I'm sorry about… kissing you last night."

"Why… why did you… kiss me?" asked Raven. "I mean, I understand why the first one happened, but why did you start kissing me afterwards?"

Beast Boy almost felt like he was going to faint. "Well, uh, at the time I wasn't sure why," said Beast Boy. "I just saw you there and I did what my heart told me to do."

"You're heart?" asked Raven, feeling as if hers was going to burst from within her chest.

"Yeah," said Beast Boy, looking at the ground, afraid to look her in the eyes. "So, if you're gonna blame anyone, blame my heart."

"I'm not going to blame anyone or anything," said Raven. She then let out a sad laugh. "I wish I could listen to my heart like you."

Beast Boy looked up from the ground and their eyes met again. "Then why don't you?" he asked.

"You know why," she said, looking down.

"Oh yeah, your powers," said Beast Boy. Then he realized something. "Hey, uh, when I started to… kiss you, why didn't you stop me?"

Raven looked up from the floor, her eyes wide. "Oh, uh, I don't know," said Raven.

"Because I would have thought that you would have pulled me off of you and screamed at me or something," said Beast Boy, really thinking about it.

"Well, I was, um, caught in the moment," said Raven. "Like you."

"Oh," said Beast Boy.

The two looked away, each feeling uncomfortable. And yet, they both still had something yet to say. They both wanted to reveal what was in their heart, why they had really shared that passionate kissing with each other.

"Look, um, there's something I think I should tell you," Beast Boy sighed.

"What?" asked Raven, unsure of what he could be keeping from her that she didn't already know.

"Well, you see, this past week my whole mission was to get you to have a crush on me," said Beast Boy. "But, just the opposite kinda happened."

Raven looked at him oddly and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, Raven, I kinda… sorta… was the one who developed the crush," said Beast Boy, feeling light headed.

Raven's eyes went wide again and she nearly fell over. She actually had to find her footing so that she wouldn't. "You… have a crush?" she asked, believing that this couldn't be real.

"Yeah," said Beast Boy, shaking with nervousness. "And… it's on you."

The light above Beast Boy's head surged and exploded, causing him to jump. He looked to Raven and saw that her mouth was slightly opened and she appeared unable to think. Finally, she breathed and spoke.

"You… you have a crush… on me?" she asked.

Beast Boy humbly and silently nodded his head. "And I wanted to say I'm sorry for what I said last week when I thought you had a crush on me. Because, if you really did have a crush on me, I know now that I would have really hurt your feelings by the way I acted. So, I'm sorry."

"Beast Boy, I… there's something I need to tell you," said Raven. "I… I did have a crush on you. I mean, I still have a crush on you. I just… I didn't want you to know."

Now it was Beast Boy's turn to stare at her with his mouth open and his eyes wide. "So… this whole time… you've liked me?" he asked and she nodded. "And when I confronted you about having a crush on me and you said that you didn't, you did?" She silently nodded again and bit her lip nervously. "So… I really didn't have to go through all that trouble to try and make you like me?" Raven let out a ghost of a smile and nodded.

"I've liked you for a while, Beast Boy," said Raven. "You didn't have to act like a fool around me to try and make me have a crush on you."

"But, all this time, I thought you… hated me," said Beast Boy.

Raven turned serious and said, "Of course I don't hate you. Hate is a horrible thing and I forbid myself from feeling it for anything or anyone. If I don't like something or someone I simply put them out of my mind and ignore them."

"And you weren't doing that with me?" asked Beast Boy.

"I'd never be able to ignore you, even if I tried," said Raven. "No matter what, I always give in and yell at your or let you know that you're supposedly annoying me."

"Supposedly?" asked Beast Boy. "What does that mean?"

"Well, a lot of the time, when I say you're annoying me, you're not," said Raven. "I've always secretly liked all of the attention you've spent on me." Now she was starting to reveal everything to him, and it actually felt like a great weight was lifting off of her. "And every time I yell at you or hit you, you give me more attention."

"But, Raven, why didn't you ever say anything?" asked Beast Boy. "Did you just expect to like me and never tell me? How could you do that? I mean, really, how? I found out I had a crush on you last night and I couldn't even last twenty-four hours without telling you."

"Well, I've learned to keep everything I feel separate from myself," said Raven. "If I didn't, then my powers would never be under control."

"So, you would have gone the rest of your life without ever telling me how you feel?" asked Beast Boy.

"If I did you would have responded in the same manner you did last week," said Raven, a bit bitterly. "You would have acted all smug and told me that you would rather we just stay friends. Now why would I have wanted to put myself through that?"

Beast Boy's fang dug into his upper lip as he thought. "Yeah, you're right," he said at last. "I would have been like that. And I'm sorry. I really am a jerk sometimes."

"Yes, you are," said Raven.

It grew quiet between them again. Now everything was out and they were both thinking it all over. God, how they wanted it to go back to the way it was a week ago. Raven could put up with concealing her feelings for him, she was sure of that. But knowing that he knew now made her feel… embarrassed. Even knowing that he liked her, she still felt embarrassed.

"Well, again, sorry," said Beast Boy. "But you know, since I have a crush on you… and you have a crush on me, do you think that maybe we could, I don't know, do something?"

"Like what?" Raven asked.

"Like… go see a movie or something?" he asked, wondering if his heart would ever stop racing.

"Are you asking me out?" asked Raven.

"Well… yes?" he said with a nervous smile.

Raven thought for a moment and then gave him a small smile. "Alright," she said, slightly blushing.

Beast Boy smiled and said, "Cool. So, uh, how about tonight? Like at seven?"

"That sounds… good," said Raven, trying her best not to smile as wide as she wanted to.

"Okay, so, uh, I'll see ya later then," he said with a grin that was becoming more comfortable. "Bye." And with that he quickly got out of there before he ruined the moment by saying something stupid.

Raven closed her door and let her self smile as widely as she wanted to. Finally, after all of this time, her crush finally had a crush on her. She knew that if she was patient enough he would come around eventually. And he had, and it only took a week of flirting.

The End