"Don't," Teddy said between kisses, ever so thankful that the costumes Kate had given them were of easy access, God blessed her perversely insightful mind. "Scare me like that."

Billy gave a low groan as he pushed his knee between his legs, tugging him closer, and repaid by tugging lightly on his lower lip before kissing him again: for a moment there almost was too much teeth but then he soothed the almost bite with his tongue and if he had had enough coherent thought lefts, Teddy would've wondered if it had been a spell too, but what remained of logical thinking was currently going a little giddy at the realization that he was making out with his boyfriend in a dark alley and the fact that they were both okay.

"I could say the same, y'know?" Billy murmured against his lips before he tilted his head and licked the line of his jaw and over his ear, tugging the piercings with his teeth lightly. It was almost enough to distract him of his quite rightful concern.

He was about to retort something of the sort when his boyfriend's hands finally managed to get inside his pants, and the most he managed was a 'God, yes' and moved his hands from Billy's waist to his ass, pushing his pants away, feeling Billy moving against his thigh and making these small noises that went directly to his cock and he shivered, trying to get closer. He could always retort that projecting an illusion and letting that be disintegrated to distract the villain when no one else but your twin was aware of the fact was much worse than, say, be smashed through a building.

But later. It could wait until Billy's hands weren't inside his pants.

"Ted, Bill, Eli says that… OHGOD!"

Although they didn't bolt away from each other they did stop kissing and, with their hands still in several interesting places that they didn't feel like leaving at the time, they turned to look towards Stature, who was apparently losing a battle on trying not to giggle out loud. "So! Um, sorry about… ah, interrupting, but Patriot says we should get going and. Um. Eh, sorry again!"

And that meant that hands currently visiting promising lands had to be removed. Both Teddy and Billy shared a slightly pained and regretful look as Cassie made a quick run towards the rest of the team, and then finally, sharing a soft kiss, they broke apart and fixed their clothes, deciding that whoever had thought that superhero uniforms had to be so tight had been nothing but a frigid asexual bastard, and they made their way back to the rest of the Young Avengers.

"Do I want to wonder what they're talking about?" Billy murmured to Teddy a while later, who just looked behind his shoulder towards Kate and Cassie; they were talking in hushed tones and what seemed to be silent giggles: at least from Cassie, that was a given.

He looked back towards Billy, and grinned. "Probably not."