Wahhhh! Another story for Kaleido Star? (Grins) I will build the entire Sora/Leon fandom if I'm not careful...this is already the third story that's done by me.

It's a little different from my other works because even though it was made for the community 30 Breathtakes, it contains all the thirty themes -shortened I know- in one chapter. So it's practically completed. These are little ideas so I hope you like them. I'm gambling here...

No beta reader and I've tried my best to notice all the mistakes there are. If you see anything (yes Stephanie I am talking about you because you are the one who usually tells me these) please let me know

Disblaimer: Kaleido Star doesn't belong to me and neither do Sora and Leon.

Warning: Fluff, fluff and fluff again...complains anybody?

Pairing: Sora Naegino/Leon Oswald
Themes: #1-#30

By Royal blueKitsune

1. Wind In Your Hair

I can't help but envy the wind. It is the one who tousles your hair -the pristine perfection every woman dreams of attaining- and the one who lovingly plays with it, sweeps it higher and higher in ever-changing patterns of silver.

I watch you and dream that I have become the wind.

2. Sun On Your Face

You twirl round and round, your laughter reminding me of songbirds and twinkling bells, and the sun shines down on your face, your hair, your whole being, giving you an ethereal glow that fascinates me.

How you notice me I do not know, but you wave and call my name loudly, never once stopping that almost infectious laughter. I nod back slowly knowing that my voice would fail me should I answer back.

3. The Look In Your Eyes

Sometimes I think I have you figured out. Your distant personality, your rare displays of affection, your desire to achieve perfection and break all the barriers of the frail human body.

Only sometimes because when you look at me the way you are now, I feel like I'm even farther to dispelling your mystery. And you take my breath away.

4. In The Snow

For all the maturity you display on stage, you can act so childish outside it. You prove my words a moment later when you let yourself fall backwards in the snow giggling like a child with a new toy.

I watch you from the bench and only realize that my fingers are nerveless when I almost drop the book I had been reading.

5. The Way You Walk

Walking...seems like a trivial matter doesn't it? I don't know how you do it but you make even such an action seem worth watching. Your bearing is regal, your posture straight and proud and the constant swish of your beautiful hair mesmerizing.

I turn my head when your gray eyes shift to mine and hope that you do not notice the blush staining my cheeks.

6. Handwriting; Letter

I suppose I am acting undignified by 'borrowing' this discarded piece of paper you used to write your groceries list. Preposterous indeed...I have lowered myself to taking such petty things.

In the dim light of the moon your handwriting appears strangely. I do not understand your language but I still find myself brushing my fingers against the gracefully curved symbols and letters.

7. Orange Sunset

Is there a thing more beautiful than a summer sunset? I half cover my eyes and squint against the orange and crimson fires painting the sky vibrantly. The canvas for painters, the scenery for lovers, the refuge for dreamers.

My eyes turn to you. Are you a dreamer Leon? Or maybe a lover?

8. You're Good At What You Do

My hands grasp the trapeze and I find no obstacle in keeping myself straight, despite the fact that standing upside down is no easy task...it has been so long since I've mastered my body and the feats I can achieve with the strength I possess.

I raise my eyes to watch you despite the fact that my long hair is in the way. You're beautiful in the Kaleido lights...shining like the true star you are. Your moves are flawless and as your seemingly endless spin in the air ends, I twist my body, wrap you in my arms and play the part of the lover. Like you are.

We are both good at what we do. Whether it is performing or acting.

9. Body Language

I know that you are not one for emotions. I see that in your eyes...the royal purple is enchanting but it displays not your soul, as eyes are supposed to do, but a carefully crafted image of what you wish to show.

Your eyes are shuttered and cold and rarely display warmth I know exists just beneath the layers of ice. I know that because I've seen the other side of the coin...of your personality.

I used to mind knowing that you would intentionally hide yourself from the world. I don't anymore because I found that your body language tells me everything I want to know.

10. Hands

You wouldn't believe me if I told you what I'm thinking about at this very moment. I probably seem absorbed by the announcement Kalos is making about next weeks' show but in actuality I haven't paid attention to a word.

I'm pondering your hands. Yes, a most peculiar thing to think of indeed. It seems that with you around I always think of the most ridiculous things. I'm admiring your long and slender fingers, the delicate structure and contours and the pale skin that stretches tautly over muscle and bone...so fragile.

They fit so well in my own and I don't hesitate to lace my fingers with yours.

11. In Silk

Am I stuttering? Most likely. You probably think I am ill by the elegant arch of your eyebrow...I'm acting the part with my flushed cheeks and the fact that I've tripped twice on my two feet. (Thank God that you're here to catch me when I fall)

Tonight you look stunning in your dark blue, silk ensemble and I don't doubt, for even one moment, that most of the public is made of women eager to see you perform tonight. I almost want to reach forward and touch you, feel the toned perfection of your muscles beneath the elegant outfit.

It took falling in love to notice what I foolishly didn't acknowledge before.

12. You Look Pretty In A Dress

The first time I saw you in a dress I was reminded of the mythological stories I read in my early childhood. About the charming, petite fairies that enchanted people with their beauty and spirit.

I had seen you in skirts and Kaleido outfits before but seeing you in a dress only served to make me more of aware of your obvious womanhood. Your soft curves hidden beneath the knee length, flowing material of your flower imprinted dress, the enticing glimpse of long legs and bronzed skin as you moved around to converse with different people.

Do you even know what you are doing to me?

13. Tangled In The Sheets

A woman, no longer a girl. I know I will never regret giving myself to you and I would never want another to touch me the way you did tonight.

I sigh sleepily and giggle when you nuzzle my neck with a gentleness I never thought you could ever possess. I don't mind being pleasantly surprised and I don't mind being wrong about people - I have before because I am not usually a good judge of character.

We are tangled in the sheets and my back is molded to your bare chest, legs intertwined until I don't know where one starts and the other ends and your arms are wrapped around me like you never wanted to let go of me.

I know I don't.

14. While In The Shower

I never believed that sexy was a word one could associate with you. That is to say you are not by any means unattractive, quite the opposite actually - a man could get lost in your eyes.

I've always thought you more as innocently seductive. You don't realize it yet but your smile holds that power to captivate those around you. That particular smile is what drew me to you in the first place...then there was your purity, your kindness, your determination. All these go beyond physical boundaries.

I've never really considered you sexy but watching you in the shower, covered in only a sheen of shimmering droplets and watching me expectantly from over your shoulder, proves my assumption wrong.

The invitation is made and I do not hesitate to draw you in my arms and kiss you breathless. Perhaps I should join you in the shower more often.

15. Amazing Kiss

No matter how many times we've done this, I can't help but think that every time is the first time for me. Your kisses are always different, always bring a feeling of fuzzy warmth through my system...and I'm ready to face a new day.

This time your approach is deliberately slow and gentle. Tempting and teasing me with the promise of more to come. If it were possible I would melt in your arms and become one with you. I could renounce breathing because I know I already have a lifeline to hold onto. When you hold me like this I feel cherished, powerful, ready to face the world and its many challenges without flinching.

That is what kissing you does to me.

16. Sweet nothings; Sweet Whispering

Sometimes I wish I could peer into your mind and read every thought, ever emotion you so willingly share with everyone around you. Sometimes I wish I understood my desire to get to know you so well.

How did you manage to get under my skin in such a way that living has become a mundane thing when you're not here by my side? What modern witchery is this love that makes one give his all for the one he or she loves?

When I'm with you the stage seems bright and full of meaning. I can feel the satisfaction of performing, not for me, but for the audience - a sensation that I thought long dead.

When I'm with you, just the two of us, I feel brave enough to whisper sweet nothings in your ear. I would never do so with another...lower my guard so blatantly.

17. In The Rain

I'm back! I know I've been gone for two weeks to see my parents but now I'm home again.

It's raining and my clothes are soaked chilling me to the bone. That really doesn't matter because you are expecting me in the doorway, umbrella in hand and sharp violet eyes seeming to change to stormy gray to match the weather outside. You don't really have time to say anything because I decidedly throw myself in your arms and kiss you hard enough to shake us both to the foundation.

I know that because my knees are suddenly weak and there is the faintest tremble in your hand as you thread it in my hair. The umbrella has probably fallen to the ground because I feel the rain is pelting down on us...this time I'm not cold anymore because I'm with you.

Tonight, make love to me. Show me how much you missed me and I will do the same. My Leon.

18. Pretty In Pink

Not usually my favorite color. I never could stand pink - for what reason I do not need to exemplify. I'm sure anyone could relate, especially if that anyone belonged to the male species...though I've seen disturbing cases before.

But I'm stalling. I was thinking how good you manage to make the color look. Granted, your shirt is not glaring pink but a softer shade that can be admired without needing to fear for your eyesight. Had you hair been a more vivid red, crimson or scarlet, the colors might've clashed distastefully.

However I also believe that what looked gauzy on others, you would've made it look classy. Take it from a fool in love...though I can not guarantee that my vision of you is completely objective.

19. Soft Lips

I've been thinking of buying a special lip balm...winter always makes my lips chapped and rough. I relaid that to you and your expression told me you thought me silly.

Then you leaned forward and brushed your lips against mine, never once breaking eye contact. I didn't know whether I should be mesmerized by the swirls of violet or the sheer tenderness with which you kissed me.

Your verdict was that my lips are soft and delicious and that you would throw the -and I quote- 'damn balm' out the window should I decide to buy one. Instead you stated that I should be more worried about what you were going to do me for sneaking some of the chocolate mousse again.

Oops! Busted...

20. Jewelry

You managed to surprise me yet again...who the devil ever heard of a woman complaining about being spoiled? Actually, this must be a complete novelty - a woman who is complaining about a man spending too much money on jewelry for her and a man who wants to spend it against her wishes.

I suppose I know what the problem is. You do not wish to abuse my trust in you; you are content with only what I have to give without yearning for material things.

I love you even more for that but the downside is that I still want to spoil you. You protest when I slip the ruby studded, silver ring on your finger but the gleam of admiration is visible in your eyes.

You will only have the best with me. This I can promise you.

21. Scent; musk; perfume; cologne

Has anyone told you how good you smell? I rub my cheek against the crook of your neck and you cuddle me closer even in your sleep. Your scent is of lavender and something just you...something that makes me think of your masculinity. Overpowering and compelling. Deeper I bury my nose in your shoulder and inhale once again.

Most likely I will end up falling asleep in this position, lulled to peaceful dreams by the unique fragrance.

I'm not complaining.

22. Flushed Cheeks

For one reason or another, your cheeks are once again tinted red and I can only think what an endearing picture you make all red and flustered. Was it something I said before? I can't remember.

Despite the fact that we've done so much more than talking or kissing, you still blush so easily. Such a pretty shade of pink that dusts your cheeks.

I should remember to make you blush more often.

23. Asleep On The Couch

I blink owlishly. Once, twice. Nope, my eyes are not deceiving me. Your breathing is even and your chest rises up and down steadily telling me that you've indeed fallen asleep...and on the couch of all places. After all my insistencies to go lie down and nurse that nasty cold more seriously, you go and fall asleep in the worst of places.

My bare feet make no sound on the plush carpet and I'm grateful at least for that. Hot tea and chicken soup will have to wait until later so I set the tray down on the table and check your temperature.

Still no good. The answer is easy. If you're sick we might as well both be sick because we live in the same apartment. The blanket is picked up from the feet of the couch and I half lay down on your chest, making sure that we're both covered and warm.

You seek my presence even in sleep, it seems, because in minutes I am turned into the human teddy bear. Well, at least you're not complaining about the lack of space.

24. Intoxicating

We are most assuredly late again. You seem embarrassed but I do not share your feelings. It is enough that we both had to come back earlier than planned from our trip to Paris, back to Kaleido Stage because Kalos couldn't do without us. I find nothing wrong with claiming the early morning hours for the both of us.

Yes, I will admit that I have...difficulties keeping my hands of you. You are chocolate and, if anything, that gains priority when it comes to me. Is it my fault that you look so adorable when you wake up? Hair in disarray, eyes sleepy and filled with contentment, lips pouting.

There is also that habit of yours of kissing me in the morning. If you haven't learned until now, that so-called kiss will almost always turn into something more.

It is intoxicating, and here I'm not referring to chocolate again.

25. Singing Voice

I've wanted to try this for a long time and since you're not here -don't think I'm happy but I grudgingly accept that Kalos called you out tonight- I might as well try it out. I don't think I'd have the courage to sing and play the guitar when you're here because I'm too shy about my vocal skills.

The guitar was sent by mother as a birthday gift and I've already mastered it since I was small - call it passion for music but I've always liked guitars. My voice should be a little rusty but I trust I won't sound like a cat being strangled...at least I'm alone.

Not too bad. At least I'm not hitting the wrong notes. Words come out naturally and let myself go, singing to my heart's desire.

That is until the floor creaks and I catch sight of you standing a few feet away from me, eyes filled with unspoken surprise.

To breathe or not to breathe...that is the question.

26. Clear Blue Skies

The best pleasures in life are the simple ones.

At least that is what they say. I was never one for grandeur so the sight of the clear, blue skies above us is more than enough for me. The sun is shining brightly but the sky is -nonetheless- filled with clouds of all sizes and shapes. It is no matter to worry about and you seem happy to point out to me you believe the fuzzy shapes represent.

You say it's a duck, I say it's a wolf's head. I say it looks like a face, you argue it's a fish.

One thing is for sure - simple pleasures are only pleasurable if they are shared with you.

27. First Sunlight In The morning; Sunrise

It seems to me like deja vu already. Though very early in the morning, I can easily recount all the times I watched the sunrise with you holding me in your arms like you are now. The show was nocturnal so we both decided we could spend another half hour here, at the Kaleido stage, to watch the sun as it rises from the sea.

My feet dangle precariously over the edge of rail and the sea is churning wildly below us but I know that you will not let any harm come to me.

28. The View From Here; Vista

I let my chin rest on your shoulder and my eyes drop slightly, to shield them from the already burning lights of the rising sun. The view is spectacular...I could never really decide if I enjoy seeing the colors rise or fall more.

The morning is peaceful, the sky still blue but bordering on white as it connects with the sea and finally cream and peaches as it touches the vast water. It seems to reflect in the sea and in your eyes.

I can almost see the flames reflected there. I am not quite sure when the main attraction became you but you are already so enthralled I am sure you will not mind.

29. Vibrant Colors

Whoever said that you were emotionless obviously didn't know you well. I know that men can not be creatures without feelings...it goes beyond the nature of human kind.

Though your emotions are not visible to those who do not know you well, I know they are there. Mostly disdain, loneliness and pride - negative emotions but emotions nonetheless. However, I've seen others as well. Feelings and thoughts that can be vibrant and colorful if shared with the right person; a person worthy enough to win your affection and trust.

I consider myself lucky to be that person in your eyes.

30. I Watch Your Back As You Walk Away

I feel an ache building in my chest as I watch you walk away from me. You're sulking again and it simply does not suit you. You're usually so happy and so easy to please...

The door slams behind you and I finally allow myself to sigh softly. I close the book knowing that soon the letters will blur and nothing will make sense anymore. Not if you're upset with me like you are now - I, of course, blame it on your pregnancy and the mood swing it brings with it.

Not that I'm not more than enthusiastic about it. Having two new additions to the house makes me nothing but happy. Twins - my happiness is absolute.

The couch creaks as I sit up and follow you to the bedroom with every intention of apologizing for even saying that you will have to renounce the Kaleido stage for the next year or so. I will not back down but I will not have you angry with me - I simply couldn't stand silence coming from you.

Somehow, I'm not surprised when the door suddenly opens in my face and you barrel into my body heavily. We've had these insignificant spats before and I know that neither of us wishes to stay mad with the other.

So I hold you closely until your muffled whispers subside. Forgiveness is not asked but granted immediately.

Our lips meet halfway and everything is else forgotten tonight. I'm not vocal enough to express my love often but I know I can show you in the most gratifying manner both of us can think of.End.

Well...I tried my hand at something and interesting here. No flames please. Constructive criticism is welcome (if the case calls...please don't answer it! .)

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