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Pairing: Sora Naegino/Leon Oswald
Theme: #30-#40

Breathe You In
By Royal blueKitsune

31. In The Silence Of The Night

You don't know this but I've always enjoyed watching you when you sleep. There is just something so relaxed, so unguarded about you when you dream. The hard lines around your eyes and mouth soften and you seem completely at peace with the world around you.

I love the play of shadows and lights on your pale skin and I love to glide my hands through your long hair and shower you with love. The type you've been deprived of almost your entire life.

Somehow you can sense me watching you -maybe you've gotten so used to me- and slowly open your eyes, spearing me with one of those half lidded looks that always makes me weak in the knees.

I whisper for you to go back to sleep, never once stopping my fingers from tangling in your hair, but you seem to have other thoughts. You kiss and pull me closer and I don't protest in the slightest.

Here with you, in the silence of the night, I know I have everything I could ever wish for.

32. Like A Sculpture

Back where we started all this. I swerve the boat right and watch you from the corner of my eye as you continue to maintain your position. Poised and graceful, with a smile on your face and eyes lifted to the brightly shining sun.

This time it was at your insistence that we tried this. Even though I know such an exercise is not easy, I can not deny that your spirit further continues to impress me. You are strong and beautiful and I can't help but think that you look like a sculpture.

I'm glad you aren't. You are not made of ivory because your skin is bronzed from the sun. You are not perfection created by the mind of an artist, such as Galateea was to Pygmalion, and you are not dressed in the finest garments and do not wear the most expensive jewels.

A simple bodysuit is enough for you - there is no doubt in my mind that you are soft, smooth beneath the chosen outfit and all woman. I have sampled your skin and smelt your fragrance. I have felt the warmth of your skin and not the coldness of stone.

I have not a sculpture but a real woman with real emotions. She is mine and that is more than I could've ever hoped for.

33. Never Mine

You were mine and yet you weren't. It had been...difficult to understand but I had come to accept it. Before we were friends turned lovers turned soul mates you were my partner on the Kaleido Stage.

You were untouchable and so far away that I thought I would never come to know the real you. I yearned and hoped, tried and scratched at the walls of ice surrounding you and desired beyond everything that you would return the feelings I had no courage to confess. Some Kaleido Star I was...

I thought you would never be mine. It seemed so impossible that I had come to content myself with your little matter how insignificant they were. If you could never be mine, I would at least be happy with your presence in my life.

All that make-believe ended when, during one of our performances, the wire I was supposed to catch onto broke and I was thrown off balance and towards the ground. I heard you shout my name, something akin to desperation lacing your usual calm voice, and heard the startled gasps of the public from all around me. My heart fluttered madly and I was positive I was going to end up waking in a hospital. Or worse. Not waking at all.

It was with startling clarity that I remembered the disappointment with which you had seen May when she hadn't been able to improvise to your ad-lib. To see that same look in your eyes...I couldn't bear the thought of it. Of you losing all faith in me. I don't know how I managed to bend my knees so that I caught the trapeze closest to me but I did.

I saved the show and despite the trembling of my entire body I continued with my usual routine, feeling the weakness intensify only when I was finally in your arms - the princess and the prince reunited. The steel cage of your arms around me...I almost wanted to sob with relief. You felt so good.

There were no words to describe my surprise when you cornered me that night in my changing room -after all my friends had worried and fussed over me- and took me in your arms. No strings attached (forgive my unintentional pun). I was just as weak then as I had been after the show and could only sigh in pleasure when you lowered your head and unexpectedly kissed me.

How much I loved you then. Perhaps I had been wrong in my assumptions before...perhaps you had been mine and I hadn't known it.

34. The Way You Dance

I can grudgingly admit to myself that this was indeed a good idea. Even if it was suggested by that annoying boy who still insisted he liked my Sora.

No matter. He is not interfering in my affairs so I find no need to pay him more attention than is strictly necessary. Instead I am quite pleased to watch as you twirl on the dance floor...and tempted to join you if only to fend off all the not so subtle glances of interested parties. Men who lust after your body and don't make an effort to notice that you are not interested

For some reason that sparks something inside me. The instinct to possess is burning brighter than I ever remembered it. Without a second thought I discard my long coat, not paying attention to the startled glances of some of your friends, and in a seemingly unhurried fashion make my way towards you. Inside I am seething as the young boy from Kaleido Stage, your friend in all appearances, tries to keep up with you.

I do not share what is mine and his sheer brazenness when it comes to you enrages me beyond belief. You are nice enough to let it pass but I will not let things go any further than this.

My arms wrap around you from behind and I waste no moment to turn you from him, with no remorse for completely ignoring his sputtering nonsense. You seem surprised for a few moments but then a large grin blossoms on your face and you return the gesture by curling your slender arms around my neck and rising on your tiptoes to kiss me.

It lasts a few timeless moments and then you pull back and into the mass of people. I go willingly, noticing with no meager satisfaction that your friend has been forgotten almost completely in my favor.

I am selfish I admit. But seeing as you're currently grinding your hips against mine and your head is thrown back to expose your swan like neck, I feel that my selfishness has enough grounds to stand.

I also feel like whisking you off the floor right now. Home would be good but we might not even get to the car if you do not stop trying to entice me this way.

Angel on the stage and minx in my arms.

35. Underneath The Willow Tree

I am having the hardest time believing we're actually doing this here of all places. I suppose I'm the guiltiest party for starting everything. The picnic in the garden of your house, convincing you to spend the day with me and all those teases that broke your iron restraint...despite all the thoughts of being caught, I do not stop you from making love to me underneath a willow tree.

You seem to enjoy my quiet moans but I fear that your desire to make me scream your name will only draw attention soon. The fence is tall and made of white stone but I know that it does not hinder people on the street from hearing us together.

Despite that I encourage you vocally when you lavish my breasts with attention and don't stop you when you discard your shirt and mine. My hand grasps yours but instead of halting your approach, it helps in the difficult task of removing my skirt and leaving me almost naked beneath your appraising gaze.

I arch my back and muffle a moan in the crook of your neck when your skillful fingers slip underneath my practical panties to caress me. This is not the first time I've been with you but it is certainly new to be taken this way.

You press me harder into the willow tree and seem almost determined in torturing me with those calloused hands of yours. One particularly wonderful stroke forces another muffles scream from me and my nails dig into your bare back, leaving angry white-crimson lines in their wake.

The sensation is nothing compared to the surge of pleasure I get when you complete I find out only moments after my wonderful release. I'm still high from the sensations you provoke in my body and feeling your harsh breathing against my heavy breasts is almost my undoing.

Your hands grasp my thighs and I automatically wrap my legs around your waist, biting my lower lip when I feel you sliding deeper in me. From there on all I am aware of is you and the friction and heat between us...I know I no longer have any control on my voice and I welcome your searing kiss.

It keeps me from shouting my gratification to the world.

Cherished, loved, exhausted and happy. All these words describe what I'm feeling as you hold me in your arms and draw half of the picnic blanket to cover our naked and sweaty frames.

I'm not sure when I've become so uninhibited but I know I don't regret a thing.

36. Smiling Face

My curiosity has been long piqued by this strange habit of yours. The ever present smile of yours is most intriguing and I can't help but wonder what spurs you to be so very happy all the time.

I will agree that smiling suits you best and that the first person to make you cry will find himself or herself at the receiving end of my wrath. I have much to repent in that matter myself and so I am careful to keep your smile intact and bright as the days pass. For one reason or another I feel so much happiness when I see you smile or laugh.

My heart flutters even though I seek not to show how weak you make me. I keep my stoic facade and try my best to make you keep yours - presents, my attention, my praises (so rare) and gestures of affection and love. It doesn't matter what it is. Money is no problem and you have already charmed me into going to great lengths for your enjoyment.

Still, I'm quite sure you'd never ask of me anything. I know that the smallest of things will make you happy. A butterfly, the deep blue sky, performing and whatnot...

Such a strange being you are.

37. Notebook; sketchbook

The first time I caught you drawing was the first day I discovered another small piece of your personality.

I had always considered your hands to be beautiful; fingers long and slim and not at all ending in stubs of meat like most men tend to have. They were the hands of an artist but until now I always believed that your special skills extended only as far as the Kaleido Stage.

I was wrong of course. The sketchbook is full to the brim with wonderful landscapes, portraits, images spanned by dreams or simply the products of your imagination.

Today is another lazy day of summer with nothing special to do and I am leaning my chin on your shoulder, watching the mesmerizing strokes of your pencil with something akin to fascination. I am currently busying myself with imagining what could come out of those lines and curves.

It's a funny game and I hum softly, feeling as content as I ever could. You don't mind and actually even lean more on me, letting the windowsill take the brunt of our combined weights. I think you like my humming just as much as I like your drawing.

This is only another grain of sand in time. One of our many moments together...some would think it insignificant but I think that it is certainly a memory to cherish in the future.

38. Full Hearted Laugh; you laugh with your whole body

Saturday morning. Ordinary.

Sitting on the couch with you and eating breakfast consisting out of cereals and milk and eggs and cheese. Endearing. In an insignificant sort of way.

You are so small curled in my arms that I'm tempted to think you might loose yourself in my arms. Our heights are certainly a strange factor sometimes but that really doesn't matter. I am currently experiencing the very mundane task of getting fed by your hand while watching the corniest show I have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

No wonder it is set so early in the morning. Ratings must be horrible.

Yet you laugh and for that purpose only I half follow this silly show with overbearing voices and fake emotions. It seems to amuse you and you can't help but giggle every time someone does something stupid. Laugh anymore and your ribs might burst.

You seem to find that bit of information very interesting because you renew your bouts of laughter.

So refreshing. It is the only the reason why I don't will the show to be banned in the deepest pit of hell.

39. While You're Sick

Stubborn, opinionated husband of mine. Next time you believe you are strong enough to beat the forces of nature, please do keep in mind to dress warmly and wear mittens and a warm sweater.

I promise you that you will still look just as good and can guarantee you that you won't be bed stricken for several days with a case of serious fever and headaches. The doctor really was nice to come in the middle of the night to check up on can't understand how scared I was when I found out that your temperature had taken a turn for the worse and that you were quite literally burning.

I kiss you forehead and push the sweaty bangs away, cooing softly when you groan in displeasure and pain. Go to sleep and I promise I will be here when you wake up.

Aren't I always?

40. I Can Hear Your Heartbeat

It's a soothing sound and I would like to get as close as possible to hear it. Your heartbeat is something bewitching - the constant, never changing thump that every human possess seems all the more beautiful coming from you.

All the more enthralling because I know it like my own. The familiar feeling of being close to you makes something tighten in my chest.

You confessed to me that you liked to watch me while I slept and I must say that I am not indifferent to your innocent beauty either. Twisted in my silk sheets you manage to look both angelic as well as ravishing; you are mine. The moon makes me believe your skin is made of the fairytale princesses one hears about as a child.

Your unique coloring stands out and I can't help but trace your eyelids and marvel at the rusty color of your unaccountably long eyelashes. They match the color of your hair and compliment your doe like eyes perfectly.

I close my eyes and sigh softly. I can hear your heartbeat and it's steady tempo is making me feel tired and worn out.

No point in fighting it. Tomorrow I will wake up and you will be here to greet me and kiss me good morning.

You will be here...


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