Chapter 1: LARRY!

Once upon a time, there was a Lemming named Larry. He was a good lemming who always followed the rules and was basically good. He never swore or sinned in any way. Then one day, as he was returning home from his job as a blocker, the ground began to shake. Large cracks gleaming with red light appeared in the cement. The entire ground gave way creating a large fiery pit that seemed to have no bottom. Larry ran to avoid falling into this pit and just barely made it. He turned around, exhausted, as Satin rose from the bottom of the pit. He was not as Larry had always pictured him. He was very buff with an eight pack(rather than a six pack) His horns were curled like springs and he was blue rather than red. His sharp teeth jutted out from his mouth with blood on the tips. His cold eyes were black and evil in general. His finger nails were knife tipped kinda like Freddy and his staff had a bloody lemming skull stuck to the top. He reached his enormous hand slowly towards Larry, laughing maliciously.

Chapter 2: The Real Hell

Larry staggered back as Satin's hand slowly came closer and closer. Larry looked up and said "Why? Why am I dying? And why am I going down there? I have been good all my life! WHY?" "I have my reasons" said Satin in his deep voice. He grabbed Larry and pulled him into the fiery pit as it closed it self and the world went back to normal.

Larry slowly opened his eyes. He was in the middle of a large field of flowers. Maybe I didn't go to hell, he thought. Maybe I went to heaven. He looked out over the field and saw a sheep. He got up off the ground and walked towards the sheep. He leaned down to pet it's soft fur when it suddenly grew horns and it's eyes glowed red. It's teeth sharpened and it grinned evilly.

The next thing Larry knew, he was being chased bye a demon sheep. Then, a hole opened up underneath him and he fell down through the darkness. He landed hard on solid red rock. All around him was dark red rock, lava, and fire. He realized that he was in fact, in hell. He saw a little lemming with small red horns, wings, and and a tail flying by. "Hey," he shouted. The demon lemming looked at him, spit a fireball at his feet, and continued flying to wherever he was going. Larry danced and jumped around as the flame ate through his little lemming shoes and began to char his feet. Overwhelmed with sadness and confusion, Larry the lemming sat down on the hard hot ground a cried.

To Be Continued...