Chpt. 3: The Master Lords of Hell

Larry slowly lifted his head. His eyes were red from crying for the past few hours. He sat on the ground silently, looking at his surroundings. The ground was red and chalky. There were stalagmites(I think that's right) sticking out of the ground in random spots. There was a large river of molten lava going through the ground and red lightning streaking the black sky. Every few minutes, a soul would fall from above, stand up, and slowly walk away. Larry didn't know what to do, so he got up and began walking. After a while he saw a long line of evil souls standing in a line. Larry went to the back of the line and waited.

Several hours later he reached the front of the line. He was standing in front of a large gate that read The Master Lords of Hell. As he approached it the large gates opened as if by magic. He heard evil laughter coming from seemingly nowhere. He slowly walked forward, thinking about his predicament. Meeting Satan, Being chased by an evil sheep. It just didn't make sense. He had always followed all the rules and the bible. He had never said nor done a bad thing in his life. Why him? It didn't make sense.

He kept walking and finally came to a long table surrounded by people in chairs. "Hello Larry" said James Wilkes Boothe the lemming. "We have been waiting for you" said Attila the Hun the lemming. "Who are you?" asked Larry timidly. "WE ARE THE MASTER LORDS OF HELL!" said a deep booming voce from above. Slowly a giant man in a blue business suit, a red tie, and the head of a goat floated down and landed in a chair at the far end of the table. "Your arrival was predicted, Larry, by the great Desmond." Said the goat headed man. "He said that Satan would go power mad and begin taking innocent souls from above for no reason instead of only those who are bad like the great Cursor God says it should be. He also said that Satan would bring you and that you would liberate all of the pure souls who do not belong here. We cannot allow this. This is why we have been hoping you would come. So we could DESTROY YOU!"