Wind, Fire, and Keiko

Chapter 9

The Dragon of Dark Rooms

or The End Part 1


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Noone' POV

Chase Young's Lair

"A cage? Really?" Keiko huffed with crossed arms and legs staring blankly at her captors.

Chase Young just scowled down at her. "I don't see you getting out, so I wouldn't say anything."

She rolled her eyes and stood up, still pretty short compared to the older man. "I mean c'mon. I heard you're like the baddest dog in the pound and this is all you've got?"

"Would you rather I toss one of my tigers in there with you?" He smirked deviously.

Keiko peered around his back and saw a few jungle cats, some licking their lips, and Wuya. "Uh...I think I'm good."

"Enough of this," Wuya interrupted walking up to the cage on her toes. "Now, why don't you finally cooperate like a good little girl. So we can get this over with, and finally take over the world."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there lady!" She snapped back regaining all the confidence she brought with her from Japan. "Little girl? I am not little. But I bet considering how old you are I understand why you'd call me little, you hag!"

"Hag?!" Wuya grew red but was held back by Chase as he smirked at the youngest person in the room.

Keiko crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I just call them how I see them. Second of all. You don't boss me around. I'm Keiko Tsuchira! My dad is one of the richest men in Tokyo after Tohomiko-san! And I don't care how big and bad you're centuries of experience have made you think you are but no one orders around a Tsuchira!" At this she began to smirk and grabbed hold of the iron bars in front of her, leaning her body forward and smirking back at the villain-duo. "Also, great-great-great-great-great grandma, emphasize on the great, no one in this day and age even thinks about conquering the world. They think about conquering industries and over throwing the competition with carefully created and discrete monopolies." Wuya was looking at her like she was insane and the most putride thing in the world now. "Oh and by the way, that dress is so last year." With that she stuck out her tongue in triumph.

"Are you done?" Chase asked holding back his amusement.

Keiko blinked, "Hmmm, I'd think so."

"Good." He pushed Wuya aside and took a threatening step forward. "On that note, you're going to do what I say, when I say it. Two hours from this instant we're going to have you activate the Scales of Location and you will do it. The dragon of shadows will reach his awakening at that exact time, and when you use the shen gong wu he will be transported here and then we shall take over the world with his great power."

Keiko's eyes widened, "So there really is a dragon of dark rooms?"

"It's the dragon of shadows!" Chase snapped at her transforming and making her 'eep' and fall down into the fetal position. "And as soon as he gets here you're using the yang yo-yo to complete what is meant to be for the world. Reign by me!"

Keiko was still shocked from the view in front of her. Three thoughts passed through her mind, 'What the fluff just happened?!', 'Kimiko and Jermaine will save me', and 'I don't wanna die or be evil!'.

Back at the Temple

"We gotta go after her. Like right now! I know what Chase can do, man!" Jermaine panicked as he paced around the meditation room while the other dragons and Master Fung watched. "He can very well kill her!"

"He won't do that," Dojo scoffed waving his hand to shake away the thought.

"How would you know?!" Jermaine snapped making him hide behind Master Fung's leg.

"Jermaine," Omi whispered trying to calm his friend. "I understand how worried you must feel, but believe us that she will be safe and quiet."

"Safe and sound," muttered Kimiko hugging her chest, while being hugged by Raimundo.

"How do you know?" He repeated.

Master Fung sighed, "If you can not control you're fear and anger you can not assist the others in recovering her."

Jermaine became silent and stood still, trying to get a reel of his emotions. "I'm...I'm sorry Master Fung."

He nodded. "This is something I thought we would be able to avoid, but now it seems as though it is necessary for me to inform you all of the current situation." He looked down at Dojo, "Dojo, if you will."

The tiny dragon nodded and slithered off to the scroll room as everyone stood around in a circle, facing their teacher. Clay to Master Fung's left, then Kimiko, then Raimundo (who was still holding her), Jermaine and lastly Omi who was watching Jermaine carefully and sadly.

"Every thousand years when the dragons in training emerge, there are three more that awaken. The dragon of sound rises first, the dragon of light next, and lastly the dragon of shadows awakens. All three dragons are as powerful as the four original dragons. There is however great power when the dragons of light and shadows are together."

Dojo came in carrying a scroll much like the Shen Gong Wu scroll and handed it off to Master Fung. He opened it up for them to show them the illustrations on the page. "There is a ceremony, one where the two dragons can be bound together for eternity. The connection and bond the two have," Two figures hold each others' hands as light and shadows escape flow out of their bodies. The two energies swirl together. "It's powerful and catastrophic for the receiving end of their combined powers."

There was silence in the room before Clay spoke up, seeing as he was the only one who could bring himself to do so. "So, you're saying Chase is gonna force Keiko to pretty much marry some stranger to get them together to conquer the world?"

Raimundo looked down at Kimiko startled by her hold on him tightening. Jermaine looked on at the floor more angrily and Master Fung nodded, "That is what I'm saying."

"Keiko would never do that," Jermaine spoke through his teeth.

Dojo sighed, "Both Omi and Raimundo have been under the control of the Heylin side before. Even you were persuade by Chase before."

He looked up at the green scaled dragon, "She still wouldn't."

"She has no choice, Jermaine." Omi said as soothingly as possible. "Chase is very powerful, he may threaten Keiko or use the ying yang world against her. Keiko is strong. But alone she is just a girl."

"Then we have to go save her."

"It won't be that simple," Clay added.

Raimundo watched as Jermaine's shoulders slackened and his fists tightened. He looked down at Kimiko and wondered how he'd feel if her were in his friend's position. Probably just as bad, or worse. He removed one hand from Kimiko and peeled off the tape on his lips. "It's never that simple, but it doesn't mean we give up."

Everyone's heads turned to him. "Great, now everyone's staring at me." He sighed. "Might as well say what I was thinking before about what we've done before. Look guys, we've been in pretty bad situations before and we've still beat Chase Young's, Wuya's, Hannibal Roy Bean's, Panda Bubba's, Jack's, we've beat all of their butts. If Chase thinks we won't do the same this time he's got another thing coming."


"Please don't try to change our minds now Master Fung." Raimundo stopped him. "You know we won't just take this lying down. Keiko's one of us. If not to save the world, we'll do this for her. It'll be a piece of cake anyhow with all of us doing this. This will be the first time we face off against the Heylin as six dragons in training. We'll kick Chase Young butt no problem, and you know it!" He smirked triumphantly as the others smiled back at him. "Well? What do you say?" Now he covered his mouth again to wait for their responses and not cut them off.

"You know I'm with you, partner."

"Let's kick Heylin behind!"

"I'm with ya Rai."

"About time you started leading, airhead."

"You will do well, Shoku Warrior." Master Fung nodded in approval with a smile.

Raimundo grinned behind the tape and looked down at Kimiko, expectantly. She smiled back and removed the tape from his lips. "What are you doing?"

Her smile widened as she stood up on her toes, and finally kissed her boyfriend in front of their friends. "Helping you lead us."

He smiled back and chuckled, "You do know I had two hours left before the wu wore off right?"

She smirked, "Oops."

Clay chuckles, "Well alright then. I say we go kick some Chase Young butt now!"

Master Fung cleared his throat, "We will discuss what happened when you return."

On Dojo

"We'll go in through the back, you'll take care of that right Clay?" Rai said as they rode off to Chase's lair.

"No problem there," He answered giving him a thumbs up.

Rai nodded, "Alright after words Kim will help light the way for awhile until we see light from torches on the inside." They nodded. "Jermaine, you'll use that vibration trick from before to distract the guards and get them to go in a different direction."

Jermaine grinned with a twinkle in his eyes, "Leave it to me."

"Omi," Rai said turning to the bald kid. He blinked up at him attentively. "You take out any of the guards you can if they spot us. So you'll stay near the front of us with Jermaine behind you." He nodded with a smirk. "Jermaine, you still remember the outlay of Chase's place right?"


He smirked, "You know where he'll probably be at then, right?" Jermaine smirked back and nodded. "When we get near where he'll be you tell me, ok?"

"You got it, Rai."

"Next stop, Chase Young's custom back door." Dojo laughed as they saw the mountains ahead.

Jack Spicer's Basement

"You guys all got me a wrench," Jack groaned after opening fifteen gifts. "No new game system or anything? Geez, you're all so cheap."

"I've got something purr-fect for you," A voice purred at his ear. Jack smirked and turned around to see Katnappe, or as she was dressed now Ashley, smirking at him.

Jack smiled, "Really? It's not a wrench right?" She laughed and shook her head. "Yipee! Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!"

He held out his hands with closed eyes excitedly, something warm and furry fell into his hands. "A cat?"

Ashley rolled her eyes, "It's a kitten." Jack blinked down at the black kitten, the first black one Ashley had he noted. "I thought maybe you'd like it."

He hesitated, "But--" As he looked up slowly he caught her full on glare, "Ha, ha, ha, I-I-I love it! Ha, he,ha..."

She smiled, "Great."

Moody1656: I am taking so long to come up with some inspiration for this plus I was grounded so I'm sorry guys but this might just have to be a two or three parter ending. I'll try my best, but like I've said before guys I don't really have as much time to write as I'd like. Thanks for all of your support!