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The two sat together at the restaurant, Raven in her best black dress and Beast Boy is an expensive tux. He gazed at her lovingly, much to her delight (though she didn't see show it).


"Mmm?" she asked her boyfriend, a twinkle in her eye.

"You know I love you, right?"

She nodded. "Of course."

He stood up, bending down on one knee.

"Rae, I love you more than I've ever even thought possible. Please, make me the happiest man in the world."

He took a box out of his pocket, opening it slowly. Inside was a beautiful sparkling diamond ring.

"Marry me, my dearest Raven Roth."

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she nodded and accepted the ring. He stood up, kissing her. It was the happiest moment of the girl's young li-


Mrs. Raven Logan was broken out of her daydream by her frantic daughter. She jumped up and ran to the little girl.

"What is it, baby?"

The green finger was shoved into Raven's hand. A little blood trickled from a tiny cut.

"Oh, you poor dear! Come on, Joan, mommy will fix it for you!"

Joan was a mirror image of her father. Green hair, green eyes, and green skin. She had his pointy ears and even the little fang protruding from her cute little mouth. She was quite a happy two year old, loving and kind to everyone and quite intelligent. The girl allowed her mother to pick her up and put her on the marble kitchen counter.

Raven took a band-aid from the cabinet and wrapped it around Joan's tiny finger.

"How did you do this, dear?"

"Bwandon did it, mommy!"

"Brandon did it?"

Joan nodded confidently. Rolling her eyes, Raven picked up Joan and walked up the stairs to Brandon's room.

While Joan looked like her father, Brandon looked like his mother. He had long purple hair and grayish skin. The five year old was a lot like his mother, as well. He loved reading and meditating, as strange as that was for a boy his age. But more than either of these, he loved picking on his sister.

"Brandon Garfield Logan, did you hurt your sister?" Raven asked the boy sternly. He quickly shook his head in reply.

"No mother, of course not!"

"Mommy, he used his powahs to thwow a toy twuck at my fingah!"

"Brandon, how many time am I going to have to tell you not to pick on Joan?'

"Sorry mommy."

"Sorry is not good enough this time, dear. You seriously hurt her, and it could've been worse. Apologize to your sister."

"Sorry, Joanie."

"Good. Now, you're grounded. And that means you can't sleep over at Sophia's tonight."

"No buts. She'll just have to deal without you."

Brandon pouted as Raven left the room. Sophia was Robin and Starfire's five-year-old daughter. She was Brandon's best friend; well, his only friend really. Robin and Star had another daughter as well, Joan's best friend and birthday-mate, Annie. The two were called the very fraternal twins, as they were born on the same day and were hardly ever apart, if they could help it. Robin and Starfire and Beast Boy and Raven were still as close as ever, and Cyborg, who didn't have any children or a wife, was close to them as well. They did everything they could together, and made sure their children got every chance to be together.

Raven carried Joan back downstairs, where she found Beast Boy in the kitchen fixing lunch.

"Hey babe."

"I told you not to call me that, Beast Boy."

The titans had all decided to keep their aliases rather than switch back to their real names. It was more comfortable, since they had grown to know each other as those people.

"Oh, come on, Rae, it's so cute, though!"
"Beast Boy!"

"Okay, how about honey? Sweetie? Babycakes?"

Raven raised her eyebrows.

"You may call me…"

She counted on her fingers.

"Dear, Raven, and, if you must, Rae."

He rolled his eyes.

"Yes mam."

"Oh, yeah, mam too."

She grinned evilly at him, and Joan giggled.
"Why, hello my little Joanie Woanie! I didn't see you there!"

He took her from her mother and began tickling her and she began giggling happily again.
"Stop it, daddy, dat tickles!"

"Well, duh, it tickles!"

She giggled more. Raven watched the two play, smiling widely. Beast Boy was such a good daddy, and he loved their kids so much. It made her happy to watch them together, watch them find happiness in each other. She loved her husband, she loved her kids, she loved her family. Beast Boy finished playing with her and put her done. She ran off to do God knows what.

"I love that kid, Rae," Beast Boy said, wrapping his arms around Raven and holding her to his chest.
"I know. I do too."

She felt so comfortable in his arms. She felt like she never wanted to leave. Until-

"Excuse me."

She ran to the bathroom and threw up. Beast Boy was behind her.

"Are you okay, Raven?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I've just felt a little sick lately. Nothing big."

He stared blankly at her.

"Uh, Raven, yeah it is."


"You aren't, er… late, are you?"

"Oh, god, Beast Boy, you aren't thinking…"

"Are you?"

"A little, yes…" She looked at the ground.
"Raven, I'm going to go buy a pregnancy test, okay?"

She nodded, frowning.

"It's okay, don't get ups…"

She put of a finger, turning around and throwing up again.

"Oh, I'm sorry, baby."

He rubbed her back, kissing her head gently.

"I love you sweetie. I'll be back in a minute."

She nodded, throwing up one more time and sitting on the toilet. Taking one last look back at her, he headed for the door, trying not to hope too much that this test would come out positive. He would love a baby, he would love it a lot, but he knew it would be a lot of work and quite a struggle to raise three kids, but he loved babies so much. Sighing, he grabbed his coat and headed out the door.

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