By Superpower37

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Author's note: I have no clue where this came from.

Chapter 1: It Begins

Jamie Hardy, the younger sister of the famous Hardy Boyz. Matt and Jeff's kid sister. She was 16, Jeff was 29, and Matt was 32. Of course her brothers loved her to death, but she had to live with them since both her parents died.

"Jame! Let's go" Matt yelled. Jeff just happened to walk by the stairs in their house when Jamie through herself at him. Years of practice with her gave him the reflexes to catch her.

"Jame, you should really be careful. What would have happened if I didn't catch you" Jeff scolded as he put her down.

"I would have either fallen to my death or landed on you" she said. Matt stopped.

"Gee, nice thought that is" he said sarcastically. He could almost see his baby sister plunging to her death and he wouldn't be able to catch her in time. She walked over to him and gave him her best hug that she could. He bent down to help her and smiled. He was thankful to have the best siblings.

"So Jeff, is Amy and Trish coming over" Jamie asked excitedly. Both brothers rolled their eyes. Jamie got along well with all the women wrestlers, but were closer to Amy and Trish.

"No sis" Jeff sighed. He swore that his sister knew everything about wrestling, maybe more than they did. The guy wrestlers loved how she kept stats on all of them, even Vince. Jamie helped out at the arena often, usually helping Vince make storylines. She also handed the wrestlers towels after every match. She joked and laughed with every wrestler. She cheered someone up if they were having a bad day. Everyone loved her. They arrived at the arena. It was summer, so Jamie didn't have to worry about school.

"Hey guys" Scott Steiner called out waving.

"Hey Scott" Jamie called back waving furiously. Jamie smiled to herself. Her and Vince had made that night's storyline big, but the others didn't know about it. When her brothers weren't looking, she had snuck a bag into the car. They still didn't know about it.

"Look guys, I've got to get this to Vince. He wanted me to bring something for him" Jamie said taking out the bag. Matt and Jeff just shrugged their shoulders.

"Okay Jame, be careful. I don't want you to get hurt" Matt said kissing her on the forehead. Jeff did the same thing and she skipped off. When she was gone, Scott turned to them.

"You guys treat her like a ten year old" he remarked. Jeff and Matt glared at him.

"Yeah well, she's our baby sister and we're in charge of taking care of her since our parents died" Jeff said.

"I know you two care about her, but I know from experience that when you get girls upset, they're not fun" Scott replied with a shiver.

"Your cousin doesn't count Scott. And plus, that's something called PMS. We learned about it school" Jeff said. Matt looked at his brother.

"You are so immature" Matt stated.

"What" Jeff asked.

"You didn't need to say that out loud" Matt snorted.

"Yeah well, it's a fact" Jeff retorted. The three of them went t the locker room to change.

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