By Superpower37

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Chapter 3: Skill

The guy turned around with Jamie in his arms still. Mistake. Matt and Jeff took that to their advantage and knocked him down. He let go of Jamie and she ran to her brothers.

"Stay behind us" Matt warned. She got behind them. She saw her brothers getting hurt. She ran and kicked the guy in the stomach. He fell down and got up quickly. He ran straight for her.

"JAMIE" they both yelled blocking her. The guy pushed them both out of the way and almost stabbed her in the arm. She got scraped from that. He aimed for her head and also scratched her cheek. Jeff growled and yanked him away from her. He brought his knee into the guy's stomach and Matt knocked him out.

"Jamie, are you okay" Jeff asked panting.

"I'm fine" she replied. Matt went to her and pulled her into a tight hug. She gently rubbed his back as thanks. Jeff joined the sibling hug. They called the cops. Afterward, Jeff cleaned up in his bathroom while Matt took Jamie to get cleaned up in his.

"Hold still Jame" he said as she turned her head away when he touched the cuts.

"It hurts" she whined.

"Shhh, I know" he cooed. After they were all done, they met in the living room and ate some food there. Jamie leant her head on Jeff.

"Thanks you guys" she said. Matt and Jeff rolled their eyes.

"Jame, we're your brothers, we wouldn't have a choice" Jeff sighed. Jamie smiled and punched her brother lightly. They all laughed despite what happened earlier.

"I'm so going to be better than you in wrestling" Jamie teased. Matt and Jeff both looked at her.

"Yeah, better than us. We've been in the business for a long time" Matt snorted.

"You never know, I could have pure talent" Jamie retorted.

"Yeah right" Jeff said.

"Hey! I'll laugh when I beat both of your records, if you have any" Jamie threw back. Matt and Jeff looked offended.

"We have belts. You won't be able to get the Tag Team Championship, you need a partner" Matt shot at her.

"That's easy, I can talk to Vince and he'll pair me up with someone who will help me kick butt" Jamie told them smiling evilly. The doorbell rang. Jeff went to get up and get it. Jamie climbed over the couch and beat him to the door.

"Jamie, hi" Kyle, one of Jamie's best friends said nervously. Her other best friends, Izzy or Isabella and Sam, pushed him forward. Kyle stumbled towards her and slowly bent down.

"Kyle? What's wr……" Jamie began. Kyle stopped mid-sentence when he kissed her on the lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist. Their friends cheered. They both knew that they liked each other, but were afraid to tell the other. Matt and Jeff saw this. They went to them.

"Hey Kyle" Matt said sarcastically. Jamie sucked in a breath. Trouble was coming.

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