This one is pure humor, and Kakashi makes an appearance;p

Title: Anything But That!


Idly, Kakashi thought maybe he shouldn't have been so hard on Naruto during their spar. He did injure Naruto enough that Sakura had to heal him, after all. Well, that and he wouldn't have to fake paying attention during Sakura's lecture on how they should be more careful.

As soon as Sakura's ire focused more on her husband, Kakashi sank to the ground against a convenient tree and pulled out his trusty book. He was sure that Sakura's berating would last long enough to get through at least one chapter.

Mixed with the yelling he heard a tiny giggle. His eye lazily looked up from the page to see a strawberry-blonde pile of chub unsteadily waddling toward him.

"Hey, guys." When he failed to get his ex-student's attention, he spoke a little louder, "Yo!"

Sakura stopped mid lecture with a gasp.

"Her first steps!" Naruto exclaimed happily.

Proud parents watched the determined child make her way toward their silver haired friend. Their expressions turned into slight confusion just as Kakashi's eye widened with astonishment. Sakura shrieked, Naruto snickered, and Kakashi stubbornly lifted his book over his head.

Aki was reaching for the porn.

Kakashi's eye narrowed slightly. Not just any porn, his porn.

"No. Mine."

With a wail, Aki fell into Kakashi's lap. He openly stared at the child in mid tantrum. She was Sakura's daughter alright. The angry pitch was exactly the same.

"Oh. My. God." Naruto mouthed, looking over to his wife, very sure she was going to-

"I can't believe this!"


"Of all the things she could inherit from you." Sakura vehemently poked Naruto's chest. "She had to get the love for all things orange and perverted!"

"But, but Sakura-chan…"

Sakura turned her venomous glare on Kakashi. "And you! What did you do to my child!"

Kakashi looked affronted. "It's not like I told her I had candy."