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Chapter 1: Will you ever come back oh well I hate you anyway

It all really fell into place the day that Tommy left. No for a love story it's not really a place good start but in the case of these two it was just what was needed , though Jude didn't see it that way at first. The day started out like out any other for lately anyway. It had been 9 mouths since Tommy had left and she was not over him not by a long shot. 3 more months and it would be a year. She did not know what to say to her boss Daruis. Her music was fine but it was not the same with him not being there. She had written depressing songs since he had left and only had 2 hits and for 9 months that was not good, not good at all. She was alone again because Kwest her temporary producer as she lovingly called him was out with his girlfriend her sister Sadie. He called her to tell that he would be in to try and record so there she was waiting patiently for him to arrive. Just as she finished that thought there he was walking in the door.

Jude: Hey Kwest how was your date with Sadie

Kwest: It was great , I didn't know you cared I'm touched

Jude Laughed: Ha Ha Ha your such a comedian

Kwest: It's good to see you laughing again

Jude: yeah well don't get use to it as she went back to frowning

Kwest: Jude how are you really I mean you tell every one your fine but come it's me. I know your not really I mean I don't know you as well as To... Him but I know you enough to know you are hurting deeply as much as you try to hide it

Jude: Well aren't you the smart one I'm as good as can be expected

Kwest: well then are you feelling good enough to record that song that you wanted to record

Jude: yeah

Kwest: alright then get in there girl

Jude almost gleefully then suddenly heartbreaking: Alright Tommy I'm going...I mean Kwest

Kwest: I'm sorry Jude I forgot are sure your ready Jude we can wait

Jude: not Kwest I'm fine here I go

Kwest: 3... 2... 1


(Looking In By Mariah Carey)

You look at me and see the girl

Who lives golden the world

But don't believe

That all there is to see

You'll never the real me

She smiles though a thousand tears

and harbors a less of fears

she dreams all

that she can never be

she waits in insecurity

and hides her self inside of me

Don't think she takes it all for granted

I'm well aware of all I have

Don't think that I am descanted

Please understand

It seems as though I always

Been somebody outside looking in

Well here I am

For the man the plead

But they can't take my heart from me

And they can't bring me to knees

They'll never know the real me

As Jude finished the last note Kwest looked at her in shock he had never heard her so sad before. Now sure she had been writing sad and depressing songs but this you could just feel the pain radiating out of the song it made your heart break you could feel her pain as if it was her own. He thought 'Tommy you better come back soon before she does something desperate she is getting worse not better'.

Kwest: Wow Jude that was... Wow I think we finally have a Hit

Jude teary eyes with fresh tears running down her face: Really? you th...think so

Kwest: yea definitely why don't rest a minute and I'll go and get Daruis

Jude: ok

Jude went over and sat on the couch and got immediately lost in thought after singing that song: Well this is not how I pictured myself coming on 18 I hopefully thought that Tommy would be here with me starting my third album and we would be joking around and then he would tell me ' Jude I love you and then I would say it back and everything would turn out great but thanks to him I'm a wreck. Jude then shot out load to no one

Jude: What am suppose to do with out you here to care for me

: I don't know I wasn't here

Jude: That's right you wer...wait that voice

Jude quickly turned around and dared not believe what she had just heard for if she did and it was not him then she would be disappointed once again. She could not take another disappointment it would be too much

Jude: TOMMY?

Tommy: yeah girl it's me

Jude then put the back of her hand to face and passed out cold.