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Chapter 30: Epilogue

11 months later after Jude gave birth to her precious baby boy Michael.

The two sat in the back field of a villa in the south of France under a cran-apple tree with

their son who was currently chasing a butterfly and giggling happily as his parent watched.

"Jude?" Tommy Said while looking her way. "Hmm?" Jude responded while her eyes

never left her wonderful child. She then picked him up so he didn't wonder off into the

grass to far. "I don't think I've ever been this happy…..ever. Well except for when we

got married and when Jacob was born. Maybe" Jude laughed at his last comment that he

felt he just had to add. "Alright" she said with a smirk "that tells me how your feel about

us we'll just go in and leave you to your solitude mister peaceful. I think I hear your

mother calling anyway." She got and turned to leave with a satisfied smile on her face.

Tommy who decided to play her game got up and grabbed him family back to sit with

him " ok so I was just as happy then too ok and I love you both so much that I would give

you anything you asked of me." He whispered to her as he pulled her and Michael closer

to him. Jude smiled with the win of her tiny victory. " Seriously I think we should go

inside your mother wanted to talk to me about something and I want to get him inside

anyway he's getting dirty" she handed Michael to Tommy and started to pick the cloth

and the left over dishes in the basket , then they head inside the back door of his mothers

villa. As they went in Tommy thought ' I know that ever we have to face we will always

be together I can make it through anything as long as I have my family. "Hey Tommy

bear come on your mother is beaconing you and so am I so hurry up slowpoke." Tommy

laughed at his wife's antics as he went inside and shut the door.

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