b Vinyl Mono here this is another one of my Sesshomaru and Rin stories it's going to be a light yet slightly dark tale of love. Hope you enjoy its a short chapter but longer ones to come! Peace/b

i Raised in a small broken up family in the state of North Carolina was anything but easy. Especially when you're insane and forced to go see a psychitrist three times a week. But all you want to do is masturbate and smoke with your friends while telling stories along the railroad tracks giving no two shits 'bout anyone but yourself. When I was fourteen I thought I knew everything... /i

"Now what might this be?"

A heavy sigh sounded throughout the quiet office.

"I told you I don't see anything..."

"Sesshomaru you must see something. This test is to allow you to-"

"Look, I know" he replied sharply.

Dr. Creed frowned putting the ink blot card down and listened to what his patient had to say.

"I' m suppose to emphasize perception and apperception. But you see I just can't. This test is crap, it's never worked for me" Sesshomaru answered holding his head with his hand, his fingers running through his hair.

"And why do you think that so? Maybe you're just not thinking hard enough...or are you even trying...hmm?" Dr. Creed conversed rubbing his chin.

"Are you implying something?" Sesshomaru snapped his head back toward his therapist.

"No, I'm just saying that..." Dr. Creed stood up with his hands behind his back. "Sometimes you don't want to cooperate" Dr. Creed turned to him. Sesshomaru eyed him fiercely.

"Like you're holding something back. And what is it Sesshomaru? We can talk you know. About anything. We aren't so different, but you still won't reach out unless you learn to trust" Dr. Creed leaned against his desk.

Sesshomaru never averted his eyes in those seconds of staring into Creed's pathetic ones. His hands bulged into fists, white knuckled, with his nails tearing the leather chair's skin open. His senses increased taking in every scent, sound, his tongue tasting his upper gums dryly. His breathing hypervenalited as his heart rate increased.

"You know you're right" he swallowed in.

"...And frankly I want to keep it that way! Because hell! What the fuck has it done for me anyway!"

"Sesshomaru!" Dr. Creed scolded as Sesshomaru violently jumped up from the chair making it to the door.

"And one more thing... Don't you b dare /b compare yourself to me! You may know my history but don't you ever say anything to me that incrediably stupid. You never had to go through the crap I have! And if you did! You still wouldn't know me!" he furiously barked.

"Sess-!" Dr. Creed sighed he was too late. Sesshomaru slammed that door shut and was gone. He doubted the young boy would come back.

"Dammit.." he silently cursed and dropped down in his chair. Sesshomaru was one of his toughest patients to crack. He opened up the record file that was lying ontop his desk and began reading.

b Sesshomaru Tashio


Very high IQ with a history of arson and staying in a juvenile detention facility.

Mental Illness: He suffers from pyschosis in which he has a bipolar disorder and some cases of paranoia. He must take his medication every day and night. /b

"Must be taken every afternoon and every night huh...Well...screw that!" Sesshomaru backhandingly threw his medication bottle into a trash can behind him.

b I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

There was something so pleasant about that place.

Even your emotions had an echo

In so much space /b

Sesshomaru places his hands in his pockets as he struts down the street.

b And when you're out there

Without care,

Yeah, I was out of touch /b

His eyes scan at the people on the road driving past him. But a sceneary melts in his mind as the cars drive upward taking on a flow of striking colors, the sky is black with violet, blue, and yellow stars. Birds in the sky take on the form of puppets strings propeling their wings. The sparkling gas from the car's exhaustion sprinkle the grass on the sidewalk beside Sesshomaru. Tall stems sprout from the ground long and thin as petals emerge breaking open. A huge orange monarch appears from the tallest blooming flower spreading it's giant transparent wings out.

b But it wasn't because I didn't know enough

I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy/b

Sesshomaru sighs and blinks. The monarch is actually miniture balancing on the bridge of his nose, but he makes a pulse and the butterfly flutters off. He looks out, everything has returned back to normal.

b Probably... /b

He turns around and sees he's reached his destination -MG's Records, Cd's, and Tapes.

"Okay! Found Metallica..now where the hell is it?" a wolf demon boy popped up from the shelf and began shuffling through a row of cds. His hair was ebony, long, and tied back into a ponytail. His signature brown headband accompanied his forehead.

The bell above the door to the music store jingled but he paid no mind to it as he searched furiously.

"If someone already bought it I'm gonna- Aha!" his blue eyes glimmered in success. "Yes! Found it!" he held up his coveted cd.

"Master of Puppets. Good choice."

The wolf demon gasped swerving around, his ponytail whipped behind him.

"Shit! Sesshomaru you gota stop sneaking up on me like that!" the wolf demon spat as he handed the clerk his pay. The clerk gave him back his change and a bag with his cd in it.

"Sorry. You look so hot when your determined Koga..." Sesshomaru replied as they walked out and headed down the street.

"Shut the fuck up fag..." Koga grinned knowing he was just joking and reached into his pocket for a lighter. He lite the cigarette popping from his fangs.

"Hey give me one of those."

"Sorry...last one" Koga grinned wider as he shut his lighter and placed it back into his pocket.

"Great now what the hell I'm I gonna smoke...?" Sesshomaru groaned.

"Hey don't get pissed with me. Kevin's probably got a bag of hash waiting for us anyway...Besides what happen to the pack of cig's you had with you yesterday?" Koga turned to him releasing a drag.

"My cousin came over..." Sesshomaru said walking ahead like it was nothing.

Koga blinked catching up with him.

"And?" he grinned wanting more details.

"We smoked it."

Koga's jaw dropped. "The whole thing?"

"Na just half of it. He later stole the rest of it. Klepto-bitch..."

Koga started to laugh as Sesshomaru grinned starting to laugh himself.