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"Kiss me."

Daniel looked up from the book lying in front of him, shocked.


Vala stared him hard in the eyes. "Kiss me," she repeated.

"Why?" Daniel asked incredulously.

"Because you want to," Vala replied. Daniel's jaw dropped slightly. How did she…? Then he realized she was playing with him.

"What makes you think I want to kiss you, Vala?" he asked, turning back to his book, trying to make it seem her answer hadn't affected him the way it had. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Vala grinning like a little girl on her birthday and groaned inwardly. Suddenly a slim body covered his book and he looked up to Vala, an eyebrow raised.

"You're sitting on my book, Vala," he informed her. Her grin didn't waver.

"I've sat on worse, Danny," she assured him. "Your glasses, for example."

Daniel grunted his agreement as he tried to pull the book from under Vala, carefully making sure he didn't give her the pleasure of touching her butt. Vala shifted, securing the book and a couple of Daniel's fingers beneath her. He glared at her.

"Ow," he commented, annoyed.

"Kiss me and I'll get off," she promised. Daniel rolled his eyes exasperatedly, tugging slightly at his fingers.

"Vala, I'm not going to kiss you just so you'll get off my fingers," he said desperately as Vala inched her top half of her body towards him. "Now, please. My fingers are going numb."

All of a sudden, Vala jumped at him. Daniel fell backwards to the floor with a yell and Vala followed, viciously attacking his face with her lips. For the first few seconds, Daniel tried half-heartedly to shove her off him but, his defenses having slipped more and more after losing her temporarily to the Trust, he soon attacked her back, even more viciously than she. Vala moaned softly in surprised pleasure and settled herself more comfortably on Daniel's body. Daniel's hand raked her back, pulling her in closer, savoring her contact. After a blissful moment, Vala drew back to catch her breath and glared at him.

"Your fingers were going numb?" she whispered. "I'm not that fat!"

Daniel stared at her, uncomprehending for a moment, before he smiled and rolled his eyes, pulling her back down.

"You're a rotten scoundrel, you know that?" he whispered, lips brushing her forehead tenderly. Vala grinned widely.

"It's my purpose in life, darling," she replied. "Now kiss me."

And Daniel happily obliged.

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