Sum-Vampires have needs. Too bad for Sakura that she's one of those needs. And vampires don't give up easily. When Sakura moves to a new town, she must start a new life as well. The town she now lives in is rumored to have vampires wander the streets at night. Sakura hardly believes in tall tales, but when she moves there, she learns to believe the hard way…especially when she's in love with one.

a/n: i got the idea to write this from the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (a total must read) i love that book so much (and am looking for the 2nd book!) and so some of it might come off of the book, like moving there and etc. but really i got my own ideas...

disclaimer:Don't own Naruto or twilight...



"Why are we doing this again?" asked a very mad pink haired girl. Her arms crossed and her face in a scowl.

Her mother sighed, "Because, your grandma is all alone up here and you living with her would be good."

The girl rolled her perfect emerald eyes. "Don't see why I have to move in with her."

Her mother glanced over to her daughter. Her dark emerald eyes matching hers. "Sakura, you know I basically travel around the world for my job. I can't have you kept changing schools, so grandma agreed to take you in. You know a woman of her age can't move all around with us, it's bad for her health." She furrowed her brow, "Sakura, please, ever since granddad passed away, she's been lonely…do this for her."

Sakura sighed, "Okay." she answered, finding no other way to win. She pulled her I-pod from her suitcase at her feet. She put the earphones on and put the music full blast in order to drown out her thoughts.

She inclined her car seat, "Wake me when we get there." she told her mom and with that she closed her eyes.

Her mother tucked a strand of her light pink hair behind her ear as she looked at her daughter. She sighed and looked back at the road.


Sakura's eyes fluttered open. Her vision shaky then clear. "Hn…? Wha-?" she muttered. She sat up right, pulling the ear phones out, her music long gone thanks to her low battery.

"Where here sweetie." answered her mother.

Sakura finally noticed that they were parked in front of a house. Sakura sighed as she realized that it was grandma's house. She grabbed her suitcase and opened the car door. As Sakura stood up, her knees gave out underneath her. As a reflex she grabbed the car, letting go of her suitcase as it clattered to the cement. Her mother rushed to her side.

"Are you okay?" she asked, her motherly instincts kicking in.

Sakura nodded, "Yeah…" she straightened up, "My legs are just numb, I told you we should have taken a plane!" she growled with bitterness.

Her mother sighed and picked up the suitcase from the ground. She turned and walked towards the house. Sakura looked around. This towns surroundings were definitely different than the last couple of years in Mist. Konoha was still the same to Sakura, the same streets, the same buildings, the same landscape. The only thing that had changed was probably they added two or three more homes. Sakura remembered when she came here to visit. But once her father died, her mother had to change jobs and that's when the visits stopped. The sky that loomed over Konoha was getting darker. Sakura shivered before a breeze hit her body.

"Hn…what was that feeling?" she thought. Her eyes wondered over to the group of trees a couple ways down. She squinted her eyes, as if trying to make a picture come into focus.


The pink haired girl snapped from her thoughts and looked over her shoulder. She noticed her mother standing on the porch. Sakura shook her legs, once feeling confident about them, she took off.

"Yeah?" she asked as she met her on the porch.

"Are you okay?" asked her mother. Sakura opened her mouth to answer but was interrupted.

"Sakura? Sakura! Come in!"

Before Sakura could react, she was pulled forcefully into the house by a wrinkled old hand. Sakura nearly tripped over the door as she entered.

"H-hey gram…missed you too." answered Sakura as the smaller grey haired women shut the door behind them.

The old woman didn't bother wasting time in locking the three individual locks on the door. She quickly made her way towards the windows, snapping them in place and shutting the curtains. Sakura raised an eyebrow, she had never seen her grandma act this way. She looked over at her mom.

Sakura's mom placed her hands on grandma's shoulders, "Mom, is everything alright?" she asked.

Sakura's grandma smiled as she turned to face both of them, "Why yes-yes." she answered. "It's just the vampires are due to be out at night, taking young girls."

Sakura held the urge to burst out laughing for two reasons. One she didn't want to make her grandma to feel bad for believing a ridiculous story as that and two the warning glare she received from her own mother.

"Mom…what are you talking about?" she asked.

The grey haired woman smiled, "It's a new law here in Konoha. When night falls, all young girls and men are to be kept inside." she walked over to Sakura and ruffled her hair, "I don't want my precious granddaughter to be sucked dry by a vampire."

Sakura smiled weakly, "Hehe, thanks grandma." she laughed weakly. "Vampires! Is the loneliness getting to her?" she thought.

"Law?" questioned Sakura's mother.

Grandma nodded, "Yes. Young girls have been recently kidnapped during the night. So in order to protect the girls of Konoha they made a curfew law."

Sakura groaned lightly, "Great…" she mumbled. "This town is going to be SO much fun." she thought.

Sakura's mother glanced over at Sakura, "That sounds logical, but vampires?" questioned Sakura's mother again.

Sakura's grandma nodded and walked over to seat her self on the couch. "Blood sucking demons of the night. The suns' their worst enemy and they take the young for their prey."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Gram, I hardly believe in stuff like that." she faked yawn, "Well I'm beat. I'm going to bed." Sakura reached for her suitcase and she kissed her mother and then her grandma.

"Night." whispered Sakura's mother. Sakura waved as she made her way up stairs.

Surprisingly she remembered her own room when they used to visit. It was the room two doors down from the bathroom. She entered her long forgotten room, switching on the light as she closed the door behind her. Just the same, a bit too much the same. Her walls covered with little kids things, nothing like a room should look like for a teenager.

Good thing her bed was pretty big for her kid days and now. She threw her suitcase on the carpeted floor then threw her body on her bed. Her 'new-for-the-rest-of-your-life' bed. She glanced around her room. Already tomorrow she had to go to school. She sat up and noticed the balcony door she had.

She opened the large windows and stepped out onto the balcony. The wind blowing her pink hair around as her emerald eyes searched the night sky. Her eyes roomed around the dark town.

"Vampires. Ha!" she muttered, "All I see is a superstitious town trying to hide the truth behind myths." Sakura used her elbows as she leaned against the railing. Her eyes noticed a quick glint in the forest not too far. She squinted her eyes.


Sakura's started to feel shaky. Her eyes never leaving the now soft glowing.

"Come…" She heard again.

It was like a second thought ringing in head. Her body began to inch closer to the edge, Sakura didn't notice that her body had swung over the edge of the railing and she was now sitting on the balcony, feet dangling over the edge. Her mind didn't notice or hear that someone had entered her room. Her eyes were beginning to droop as she continued to stare at the glowing. Soon she began feeling light headed.


The pink haired girl shook her head as her grandma rushed over to where she was. Quickly she grabbed her waist and pulled her off the balcony and back into her room. Sakura staggered into her room and her grandma quickly closed the door, locking them in place. Sakura snapped from her daze and turned to her grandma.

"Gram! Please knock before entering!" Sakura sat on her bed, her face in a scowl.

Her grandma sighed, "I did. You didn't hear me. But please," her grandma turned, "I have rules too."

Sakura nodded. Her grandma smiled, "Good. Now sleep, tomorrow is your first day of school and your mother is leaving tomorrow as well."

Sakura groaned mentally, she had hoped she would have at least a week before starting school. Then again, just recently her mother had decided to make her move in with grandma.

"What about my school things?" asked Sakura.

Her grandma nodded with another smile, "Already bought them for you." With that she gave a kiss to her forehead and left. Turning off the lights behind her.

Sakura sighed. Her 'new life' was going to start tomorrow. She just hoped and mentally prayed that her grandma got her all the right things and none that were believed to be 'cool' or from her 'time' either. She giggled lightly as she began to imagine her grandma getting her an abacus instead of a calculator.

Sakura groaned as she woke up for the third time that night. Her room was smoldering hot and her thick bed sheets weren't helping at all. She held the sudden urge to burst open the balcony doors and let the flowing breeze kick in.

Sakura angrily wiped the sweat with the back of her hand. She muttered under her breathe and glanced over towards the digital clock. It blinked 4:00 A.M.

She inwardly groaned. "Damn…only 3 hours more…"

During the first time she woke up, she took off her long pajama shirt and put on a tang top. During the second time, she took off her pajama pants and replaced them with shorts.

And now she was still heated and she refused to sleep naked, god forbid that any one saw her like that. So she kicked off the sheets and found mini sanctuary towards the cold bare mattress beneath her. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Sakura then shot up in her bed when she heard a noise.

"W-was that a…chuckle?" she thought.

She got off her bed and walked towards the door to the balcony. She pulled aside the curtain to be faced with darkness. She furrowed her brow, suddenly a wind came in and shook the doors slightly, creating a low noise.

"Guess it was just the wind…" she thought. She turned and walked back to her bed. She yawned and threw herself on the bed.

She did a small pity laugh, "Heh…guess the heat was getting to my head. It's not like a vampire was laughing at me, ha! That'd make him a blood sucking demon and a pervert."

She yawned again. "Hmm…a perverted vampire…I'd like to see that." she whispered, her eye lids drooped and she drifted off to sleep.

Sakura woke up again, but not due to heat, but due to her mother.

Sakura yawned, "Just when I finally get to sleep." she muttered.

She felt her hair that clung to her face due to the late night heat. She realized she was still feeling hot. She grabbed a towel from her suit case and headed towards the bathroom. She made her foot steps loud so as she made her way to the bathroom. Telling them downstairs that she was up and not to go to the bathroom.

Lazily she stripped and entered the shower, turning on the hot water. She almost immediately woke up, letting the water drizzle over her heated body. She stepped out and ran back to her heated room. She stepped in and shivered.

"Was it always this cold?" she muttered as her arms held her shoulders, violently rubbing them in order to warm up.

Ignoring the sudden change in temperature, Sakura walked over to her suitcase and picked out her clothes. She put on a white long sleeved shirt with a red skirt that had two V slits on the side of her thighs and reached a bit past her knees. She wore black foot less leggings that reached a bit above the knee.

Once she put her socks on, she reached for her mini blow drier, quickly finding an outlet and began drying her hair off. When it was dry, she put a red headband on, her pink bangs curving around her face as her pink hair flowed to mid back.

She walked down the stairs, "Hey, mom. Gram." she greeted as she entered the kitchen.

"Hey sweetie. Did you sleep well?" asked her mother with a smile.

Sakura mentally screamed her thoughts on her weird temperature changing room, but kept calm as she lied casually.

"Heh, yeah." she answered with a weak smile.

None seemed to see her through her lie so she grabbed a piece of toast, quickly eating it and drank a cup of orange juice in two gulps.

She placed the dishes in the sink and turned to her grandma, "Hey gram, where's my things?" she asked looking around the kitchen for a sign of a backpack.

"In the car, I put it in there so you wouldn't be in a rush." she answered with a smile.

Sakura nodded with a small smile, "Thanks." she told her. "Wish she told me that earlier, I could have enjoyed my break feast." screamed her inner thoughts sarcastically.

Her mother than stood up and gave a kiss and hug to Sakura's grandma. "Bye mom." she whispered. Sakura knew that her mother always got sentimental when it came to 'good byes.'

"Call me for anything!" she informed her, "Take good care of Sakura." she smiled and glanced over to Sakura.

The three of them walked her out on the porch. Sakura frowned, it was raining, not hard but enough. Sakura's mother turned to Sakura.

"Sakura now be good for grandma. You'll make new friends, don't worry."

Sakura nodded, "Yes I know."

Sakura's mother smiled and Sakura could see the tears that were threatening to fall down her mother's face. Sakura's mother placed her hand on her head and stroked her forehead.

"I love you sweetie." she whispered, trying to sound brave and adult like.

Sakura smiled, "Love ya too." she whispered back. Sakura's mother sighed and embraced her. Squeezing her and not wanting to let go.

"Sakura! I'll miss you!" she whispered.

Sakura hugged her mom back, "It's going to be okay. I'll call, you'll call. Don't worry." she told her.

Sakura's mother nodded, "Right." she said wiping away the tears that escaped.

She kissed Sakura on the forehead and hugged her before hugging her mother again. With a small wave to them both she walked out into the rain and into her car.

"Bye!" she yelled before entering her car.

Sakura waved back and watched as the car roared to life and out of the driveway. Sakura's grandma spoke up when she was gone.

"You'd better go to school now hun." She handed Sakura keys. Sakura glanced down at the keys and smirked.

"No way! She's actually letting me drive!" screamed her inner Sakura happily.

Her mother never let her even though she passed her driver's test with a great score. She was 17, she needed a ride for herself, having your mother drive you everywhere wasn't exactly great. She kissed her grandma.

"Thanks. See you." She turned and sprinted to the only car in the driveway before her grandma realized that her mother forbids her from driving ever.

"Be home by 9:00 p.m.!" she yelled.

Sakura rolled her eyes knowing that whole 'vampires getting girls' myth. She sighed, "I bet she's the only one who thinks that…" her inner thought told her.

"Yeah!" she shouted back.

She entered the car and put the key in. "Cuz I wouldn't want to get bite by any mean old nasty vampire…" she muttered as she turned on the car.

The school it self wasn't hard to find, it was right where she had remembered it being. Almost in the heart of the town. She sighed when the rain hadn't let up even a little. In face, it had gotten harder and in her excitement of finally driving, she forgot her umbrella at home, unpacked, in her room. She cursed lightly under her breath.

She parked near some other cars and searched the back for her things. Successfully, she found her 'new' school bag. It was pink and had black decorating it. She sighed.

"So she guesses that my favorite color is pink…" thought her inner self. "At least it's not hot pink, I don't need any unwanted attention." she whispered to herself.

She pulled her back pack and opened the door. Quickly sprinting towards the closest doors her eyes could make out. She pushed on the door but it wouldn't budge open. She moved her bangs from her face to see.

"What the-?" she huffed and ran out into the rain again. Her pink hair now drenched and clung to her, including her clothes.

"Damn…nice day to wear a white shirt Sakura. Smart." she mumbled angrily. She looked around and sighed when she saw no one to ask for help. She turned back and leaned against the wall, her back facing the parking lot as she stared at the ground. The rain pouring greatly upon her.

"Ugh! How the hell am I suppose to get inside if they lock the stupid doors shut!" she muttered through clenched teeth.

Sakura then couldn't feel the rain anymore. She blinked, was she going numb now? She noticed someone else's shoes near hers. Her head shot up and made contact with a lone grey eye. She blinked again and noticed the sliver haired guy standing next to her held an umbrella over her head.

He eyed her, "Your new here aren't you?" he asked a spark of amusement in his only visible eye.

She only stared. He wore a green polo shirt with navy pants. His sliver unruly hair covering his left eye well, giving him a mysterious look. She was taken back by his beauty.

"Oh my gosh…he's sooo…hott!" yelled her inner Sakura loudly.

Slowly she realized she was still gawking at him, like a child drooling over wanted candy. He smirked.

"I asked you a question." he told her again.

"Say something stupid!" yelled her inner voice.

"Uh…oh!" Sakura finally remembered what he asked her.

With a blush of embarrassment she answered, "Yeah, I'm new here…is it noticeable?" she asked.

He eyed her again and nodded. "Follow me." he handed her the umbrella and lead her around a corner.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"The student entrance." he answered looking over his shoulder.

"Student entrance?" she asked.

He nodded, "Unless you're a teacher and have a key for that entrance I suggest you don't go in there anymore." he informed her.

Sakura blushed, "Oh." she answered. "Great. Already you screw up Sakura!" yelled her inner Sakura.

He opened the door and Sakura handed him the umbrella. She sighed happily when she noticed other students. She turned to face the guy who helped her.

"Hey thank-" she stopped when she saw no one standing there. She furrowed her brow and looked around for any signs of him.

"That was fast…" she whispered.

She shrugged. Maybe she could thank him later, that is if she ever saw him again.

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