Somewhere in the United States, there sat an array of receivers.

Somewhere within that array, sat a human. He was one of those who listen to sounds from space, wondering whether other intelligent life exists within the universe.

One day, he got a message. He wasn't the only one.

Somewhere else in the United States, there was a house.

Somewhere within that house, sat a girl. Next to her was a radio.

One day, she heard a message.

Myra sat in her living room. On the table in front of her was a laptop, and next to it was a notebook and a pen. Currently, the pen was in Myra's hand, moving rapidly back and forth across a page of the notebook.

Myra finished her notes. She liked to record everything that happened during her Creatures 3 and DS wolfing runs, but found it too slow to type. Her eyes turned back to the screen. A new norn had hatched, and the autonamer called him Fluffy. She jotted the hatching down.

After a while, Myra grew bored. So she turned on the radio.

The music went on for quite a time. Just as she was finishing writing down a death, static interrupted one of Beethoven's symphonies (Myra could never remember which one was which.)

The game was paused.

Sure that those were voices in the static, Myra listened very closely. Suddenly, a voice came through, clear as glass.

"This is the Shee Ark 2, arriving from Albia. If this message is heard by intelligent beings, please respond by the time of one planet rotation." The music resumed. Myra stared dumbly at her norns for a moment, before leaping up and dashing for the phone.

"Was that some kind of joke?" she demanded, finally having gotten the station's number.

"I'm sorry, miss, but - "

"Was it a joke or not?"

"No, I'm afraid - "

"Thank you, thank you!" The phone clicked, and Myra gave a scream of joy. The Shee might be real!

Meanwhile, the man sat stunned.

He'd finally gotten his message.