Precious Experiment


Pairing(s): light Hojo x Cloud

Summary: CHALLENGE FIC. Keyword: Clone.


Specimen were the greatest thing to play with as a scientist. Specimen had no choice but to do as I command, or be killed or dubbed a complete and utter failure. I have spliced cells. Forced different breeds of mako fueled monsters and create stronger, better breasts. I had even created the greatest being in the whole Planet! But even my greatest creations can fail miserably...

The greatest creation of all, my proudest specimen had been defeated by a mere speck of a being. A little blonde, one that tried to make it to SOLDIER, but didn't have what it did to cut it. He was a failure from the start, and yet... And yet, he defeated my precious creation!

Maybe Sephiroth wasn't my precious specimen after all... Maybe this boy, this little blonde child was the one who would finally make me proud? Heh... Hard to believe.

The boy had been near death, along with another First Class SOLDIER, by the time my men and I came to view the destructive scene Sephiroth had caused. The child couldn't even be dubbed a boy. He was far too slender, not even a speck of muscle showing on that delicate, pale flesh. He would of made a better scientist then a SOLDIER, that was for sure... The child had the most perfect fingers, slender and long, perfect for picking up test tubes of chemicals that sat far too close to one another.

But he, hard to believe, defeated Sephiroth. Sephiroth. I had no other choice, but to work my 'magic' on this child, and create him to be my new Sephiroth. My new precious specimen. This child, Cloud Strife, was no longer a free little blonde. He was now Specimen C. MY Specimen C.

He will be my precious experiment!