End of Shift


Pairing(s): Rude x Cloud

Summary: CHALLENGE FIC. Keyword: Break.


"That's it for tonight, Rude. Go get some rest."

Those were the most holiest words Rude had ever heard come out of those chapped, endless frowning lips of one Tseng of Wutai and leader of the Turks. Though, those words were spoken every day, at the same time every night, which ended his shift of morning-to-night duty, which would be passed onto Reno, who loved prowling around in the night. Not that it made much of a difference, being in Midgar with no sun shining down upon them, no matter what hour of the day or night.

But he degrees... Now was not the time to be thinking about the hidden sky or Midgar's plate. And his mind should be far away from work or any other members of the Turks. He was running late as it was, and he didn't need to waste more time just standing outside of the Turks Headquarters thinking about pointless crap.

Rushing to his destination, Rude ignored some of the odd stares from the Slum citizens. He knew he looked out of place there. Dressed in the regular dark Turks suit, having no time to change into something more... comfortable, or suitable for the activities soon to come, Rude was far from what one would call "normal." Even the way he rushed, body stiff and standing up straight, long feet thudding loudly as they rose and fell onto the dirt-covered path as quickly as a human who ran like a block of wood could run.

But Rude didn't care about those people. No, only one mattered at the moment, at this point in time. Turning the corner to enter the old, forgotten play ground in Sector 6, stood the one he was suppose to meet forty-five minutes and thirty-two seconds ago... The small form was leaning back against the silly teddy bear-head shaped jungle gym, looking up at the plate covered sky almost longingly with those huge child-like blue orbs.

Said orbs turned away from the dark plate, moving over to where Rude now stood, panting slightly from running straight from the ShinRa building where the Turks Hideout was hidden, all the way to Sector 6 of the Slums. A smile curled those pink lips, eyes sparkling with warmth as Rude made his way over to the smaller, still as stiff as a board. Laughing lightly at this, the little blonde finally greeted, "Finally got a break, huh? Took you long enough."

"It was a busy day..." Rude stated simply, stopping once he was leaning up against the same teddy bear-head shaped jungle gym. His elbow brushed up against the blonde's shoulder, showing just how small the other really was compared to the bald, sunglass-wearing Turk. But even despite the height difference, the blue eyed blonde was still able to overpower him just enough to pull him in for a short kiss on the lips, slender arms wrapping around the tall male's neck.

"Don't worry about it," was his only reassurance that he hadn't upset the little one. A light hearted smile was replaced by the seemingly endless beaming one, a light breath of air passing those pink lips as they announced, "I'm just glad you're here at all."

"...So am I, Cloud," Rude got out, breaking his wooden state by raising an arm and wrapping it around a slender waist, pulling the small blonde close to place a gentle kiss on perfect, soft skin on the boy's forehead. "So am I."