A/N: Okay here is an update to the story not a long one but I got something up after a long nothing

A/N:Okay here is an update to the story not a long one but I got something up after a long nothing. Sorry again for the delay. But just as a warning I can not promise when the next up date after this one will be due to the wedding planning but I will not forget about this story till I conclude it. (REVIEW OR NO MORE UPDATES:)

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Once we were in the car and speeding faster then normal toward home I went to ask Edward who was here again but when I looked at him to ask I decided quickly to just let it be. He was staring straight ahead with a look of pure evil that it scared me a little; I wasn't scared of him but what his answer would be.
"Alice can you take Bella up stairs." Edward said more then asked once he had parked the car. Alice nodded as she pulled me along side her.
"What are you three doing back so soon?" Emmett asked as we pushed through the front door.
"Not now, where is everyone?" Was the last thing I heard Edward say as I was dragged up the steps.
"Alice please tell me what is going on?"
"Don't worry about Bella; Edward is taking care of it. So right now I want to show you something the family has been working on." I could tell the smile she was showing me was forced and fake.
"I guess, but I will want to know later."
"That is up to Edward, but for now let us not worry about it." She then pulled me down the hall pass mine and Edward's room to the room in the left corner of the hall. This was one of the rooms that I haven't been in yet. There were not many places that I had not seen but everyone made sure that I never entered this room. "Alright close your eyes!"
"It's a surprise!"
"Alice you know I hate surprises!" I whined.
"I promise you will like this one!" She then gave me a puppy dog face and with a huff I listened. Even though my eyes were really closed I felt Alice place her hands over them and then open a door. "Okay now don't trip but I am going to lead you into the room." She giggled.
"Very funny, I will so my best not to." Then walking very slow, even slow for me she lead me into what I believe to be the middle of the room. "Can I look now?"
"Go ahead!" Alice then took her hand off my eyes and I slowly opened them and gasped. "So do you like it?" I couldn't speak so I nodded instead, all around me was walls full of books, it was as if they took the walls out and replaced them with massive book shelves, even the back of the door had shelving on it and in the middle of the room was the most elegant red chase lounge with an wood carved floor lamp next to it. "Edward said that you love this. You know we all took part in this." She giggled remembering something. "As you look through the books you will see all different types, seeing as we all picked out are top fifty books."
"You all didn't have to go to all this trouble for me, but thank you." Smiled as I gave Alice the biggest hug I could.
"You're welcome Bella. You know we all have special places that we go to when we need to think or be alone and this could be your retreat area."
"I will definitely spend a lot of time here." I was on the urge of tearing up when I felt cool arms wrap around me.
"So does she like her new room?"
"I love it, thank you Edward!" Then he turned me around and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek.
"Well I hate to pull you away from it, but Esme would like to talk to you." He smiled sweetly but I could still see the anger in his eyes from before. "I am going to trust that you wont hurt yourself on the way down to the back porch, because I need to have a few words with Alice."
"I will try." I tried to sound hurt but it didn't work. "But I still…"
"I will talk to you later Bella, but right now it's a need to know bases."
"Alright, but later."
"Later." He smiled and then I walked out the room and toward the steps. Once I arrived to the steps I could see someone walking up the front steps through the front windows. Wondering to who it might be, seeing besides me and Jacob no one else knew where the Cullen's lived so I walked down the steps and up to the door, which was a huge mistake! Once I opened the door I was grabbed and felt something in the back of my head. I tired to get a look at who just struck me but the unconscious world found me first.