Pairing: AkuRoku

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Roxas and Axel do not belong to me sadly.


Axel walked into Roxas' room, quietly to make sure he didn't wake the boy. He carefully sat down at the foot of the bed, then..that was it. He didn't really understand what made him do this each night, but it was a rewarding feeling, being close to Roxas.

No, that was silly. He couldn't feel..right?

Roxas turned over in his sleep, his feet nudging Axel's thy.

The red head smiled. He figured Roxas was probably having a dream. He wondered what went on in the mind of the younger nobody. Did his dreams involve magical creatures? Or did they just involve everyday situations? Maybe he didn't really dream at all..


Axel stiffened as he heard his name spoken by his blonde friend, and ran his hand through his hair.

"Oh, see..I was just-" He stopped as he noticed Roxas' eyes were still shut, and he still had that look of innocence on his face that one got when sleeping.

The pyro smiled to himself. Roxas was dreaming..of him. Out of everything in the world, out of everyone in the world, out of all the names he could have spoken, it was his.

For that moment in time, Axel could have swore he felt his heart race.

No, that was silly. He didn't have a heart..right?