Seaman Kori, Rated Able

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Garfield Logan-- ship's boy, age 13 years

Victor-- ship's cook, age 33 years

Richard Grayson-- lieutenant, First Mate, age 17 years

Kori "Ryan" Anders-- common seaman, rated able, in gun division 2, age 15 years

Slade Wilson-- captain of the royal gunner ship 'Titannia', age 35 years

Raven Roth-- Daughter of First Lord Charles Roth, on the boat to be delivered to her father who captains the flagship, age 13 years

Kori Anders sat dismally on her bed, picking at loose strings on the quilt and listening to the conversation in the room next to hers. Her sister, Koma Miggs, the new bride of Cedric Miggs, President of London's Royal Bank, was discussing Kori's fate with her husband.

"She will have to be sent to that Swedish boarding school, there is no other way to tame her," Koma's high pitched voice easily pierces the walls.

Cedric's voice is a coughing, grumbling bass that is far to low for Kori's ears and sounds like, "well uh mersnoff graggle mersnoff."

"Why on earth did I ever let Ryan teach her to sail? It put ideas into her head."

"Umph rumph mumble."

"She's been running around with silly dreams of sailing the world and she will never marry off properly the way she behaves now."


Kori sighed in frustration and put a pillow over her head blocking out the rest of her sister's ranting. Swedish boarding school? It sounded like a horrible fate to her.

Kori had never been an ordinary girl. Where most girls her age would be stitching delicate embroideries and wearing the latest fashions, she would be down at the docks in her least bothersome dress, watching the rigs come in and out.

Her brother, Ryan, had taught her to sail when she was ten, right before he left as an apprentice for a merchant ship off to Indonesia. It was three years later that Kori had received word from the company that Ryan's ship had been attacked by pirates and sunk. Ryan was dead.

As Kori's parents had died when she was a child, she had to live with her sister and her husband, where she was clearly not welcomed. However, as an underage girl in early 19th century London, Kori was not allowed to live on her own, nor was allowed much right by way of owning property, choosing a profession, or anything else that might constitute her as a free human being.

The voices next door had quieted and now held more simpering and lustful qualities. Yuck. Kori looked out the window opposite her bed. It was dark out, she'd guess around ten o' clock. Her dear sister would be quite busy till morning, giving Kori plenty of time to carry out her plan. She flopped over on her stomach and reached under the bed. Under it she had stashed her pack, an old seabag she had picked up at the dock. It held several pairs of trousers and several shirts, stockings, drawers, and other necessities, as well as a bit of money she had saved.

Slipping out of her dress, Kori donned one of the pants, marveling at their comfort and practicality, then carefully wound a strip of cloth around her chest, concealing anything she had up there. That done, she pulled on the shirt and a sailor's jacket for good measure.

Then she took up the knife she had found in the kitchen and cut off the long red locks of her hair as close to her scalp as she dared. Holding her breath, she looked in the mirror that hung on the back of her door.

The reflection showed a skinny lad, with green eyes and short red hair. Her skin was already tanned from long hours by the sea and dubbed as unsightly by Koma. Too complete her appearance, Kori shoved her feet into a pair of her brother's old boots. Hmmm, a little big in the toe, but she would grow into them. She was a bit tall for her age of fifteen, around 5'5", so at the moment she looked perfectly like a bean pole of a boy waiting for that awkward growing stage to pass. Hopefully others would think so too.

Sneaking out of the house was easy enough, and Kori made sure to stick a few pillows under her quilt to keep her sister satisfied for a few extra hours. Heading towards the dock, Kori practiced on keeping her voice a pitch slightly below what she normally did, and worked at it till she could do it without really trying. As she was doing that, she made sure to walk as a boy would, adding just a bit of swagger, careful to keep her hips from swaying as they would in a dress.

Finally she made it to a bar just above the dock. It was in full swing tonight, and it looked like a ship had just come in. Sailors, overjoyed to be on liberty, sang songs and jigged and played what instruments they could, be it a pennywhistle or a fiddle. The barmaid, pleased with business, was happy to get Kori a room for the night, and went on about how handsome a lad she was. Kori just managed to keep from laughing out loud at this, and with a cocky wiggle of her eyebrows, managed to send the woman back to her bar, chuckling about boys and their flirtations.

It was late, but Kori had enough time before dawn so she could catch a few hours of sleep. Flopping fully clothed onto her bed, she fell asleep, dreaming of the open seas.

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