Chapter 20:

Mimi finished changing Angela's diaper and washed her hands. The only sound was Angela giggling and cooing. Mark was close to finishing his film and had locked himself in his room in order to finish it. Both Roger and Collins were at work, so Mimi was basically home alone with Angela. When someone began to knock on the door, Mimi picked up Angela and answered it.

"Hey Benny," she said when she saw who it was.

"Hey yourself," Benny replied. "I'm here for the rent." Mimi stepped aside, allowing her old friend in.

"One second." The dancer balanced Angela in one arm and began to dig around the kitchen for the checkbook.

"So, this is your baby?" asked Benny. Mimi nodded as she pulled out her checkbook.

"Yeah, Angela Cameron Davis." Mimi filled out the check and handed it to Benny. "There you go." Benny pocketed the check and looked at Angela.

"She's adorable, but looks like Davis." Benny's cell phone began to ring. The African American groaned. "I'll see you later." Benny smiled and left. Mimi couldn't figure out why that conversation had been awkward. Maybe their friendship had become too complicated or something.

Mimi put Angela down for her nap and then curled up the couch for some rest. Soon, she too was fast asleep. She didn't hear Mark come out of his room, cover her up with a blanket and set up his projector. When Roger and Collins got home from work, the rocker decided to wake his wife even though he knew that she needed the sleep. Angela was only three and a half months old and didn't really know the concept of sleeping in. Mimi smiled when she saw Roger.

"Morning babe," she said as she sat up. Roger sat where Mimi's head had been and pulled the dancer onto his lap. Mimi nuzzled his neck and closed her eyes.

"Yo lovebirds, what kind of pizza do you want?" Collins asked from the kitchen. He had a pizza place's menu out and was looking through it.

"Pepperoni," Mimi replied. Collins picked up the phone and began to dial.

"Mark finally finished that damn secret movie of his, so the girls are coming over to see it," Roger said to Mimi. Mimi nodded. She was about to doze off when Angela began to cry. Groaning, the dancer got up to take care of her daughter.

By the time Maureen and Joanne arrived at the loft, the pizza had already arrived. Maureen immediately bounced over to Mimi and Angela and began to coo over the infant. Joanne grabbed her and Maureen some pizza and beers and sat down on the couch next to Mark.

"So, you finally finished you film," the lawyer said to her friend. Blushing, Mark nodded.

"Yeah, I did a final viewing and it's done." Joanne could tell that Mark was trying to be humble, but was very proud of his latest movie.

Once everyone was done eating, Mark decided to show everyone his film. He turned off the light and turned on his projector. The Cure flashed across the sheet that served as a screen. Various images from the past year and a half flashed across the screen. Roger and Mimi asleep together after a treatment session, the trio getting their results, Maureen thanking Mark at the Life, Collins taking his last AZT, Mimi and Roger after they found out about Angela, Collins smoking a joint out on the fire escape, Maureen and Roger talking after Roger found out about Angela, Mimi giving the members at Life Support the money, and finally Joanne holding Angela.

The Bohemians all clapped when the screen went blank. Mark turned several shades of red. Mimi got up and hugged the filmmaker.

"That was amazing Mark," she said. It was clear that she was about to cry.

"Are you glad you waited?" Mark asked. Biting her bottom lip, Mimi settled back down on the floor between Roger's legs.

"Yeah, I guess so." Mark was thrilled with his friends' responses to his latest film. He had created another masterpiece. Joanne and Maureen stayed until well after midnight talking and celebrating "the cure."

Mimi gently laid Angela down in her basinet and curled up in bed next to Roger. She rested her head on his bare chest and he wrapped his arms around her. both fell asleep in an instant. An hour later, Angela began to whimper. Before she could wake her parents, a shadowy figure appeared above her basinet and stroked her chubby cheek. Right away, Angela stopped and began to giggle happily.

"It's okay chica," the figure said. Angela continued to giggle and coo.

Mimi sat up and asked sleepily, "What are you giggling about baby girl?" the figure blew away with a gust of cold air.

"Ella es muy bonita," She's very pretty. Angel said as she left.

The End

A/N: Thought someone was going to take Angela or something…didn't you? I'm going to do a sequel, but I need more ideas. It'll be called The Truth, and if you have any ideas, let me know! I have a HUGE idea, and it'll cause the TOTAL revision of this a later date of course. You'll have to wait and see what I mean. It's weird, this story has been a HUGE part of my life (like I have any other life). Also, this story is dedicated to two people. First, Thropp First Descending for letting me use the part with Angel (she uses it in her story, so CHECK IT OUT!!). Also, GoldenZippy for giving me the idea about Mark leaving. Thanks to you both!! Much love!!