Demons' Gate

Chapter 1: Loki's Trick

It had been a few months since Vlad attempted to be the match-maker between Juniper Lee (i.e. the Te Xuan Ze) and Danny Phantom along with freeing the Troll king from his chambers. Vlad had received a note of instructions from Loki, and of course it lead deep into the ghost zone along with Vlad's associates-the Fright Knight, Technus and Skulcker following him behind.

"So how do we even know that note from this legendary Loki is authentic or not?" asked the Fright Knight to Vlad as he was floating next to him.

"Well" replied Vlad as he showed the end of the note, "it has his signature on it, and I have the money to verify it."

"So where are we heading exactly?" asked Technus.

"Loki states that there is a large gate that holds much of his power there" replied Vlad, "he told me that previous Te Xuan Zes have placed his power within that gate."

"But we don't have the Skeleton Key anymore" replied Skulcker.

"No matter" replied Vlad as he got a key out of his pocket, "Loki was kind enough to send us one."

"So if Loki is such a powerful god" said the Fright Knight, "why does he need us to help him?"

"Well" replied Vlad as he and his associates finally made it to the large gate, "we'll soon find out why."

As Vlad was about to place the key in its hole a strange figure of some sort came out of nowhere right in front of Vlad and his associates.

"Okay" said the Fright Knight, "who the heck are you?"

As the figure revealed itself, it turned out to be the ghost of a space marine with its helmet and marine suit along with some sort of plasma rifle readied.

"I warn you, do not open this gate" said the ghost marine.

"And who just might you be?" asked Skulcker as he readied his own weapons.

"I am the guardian of this gate" replied the ghost marine, "there are ghost demons and other assorted hellish creatures behind this gate. So get lost if you know what's good for you."

"I got another idea" replied Vlad as he created three clones of himself, "how about we get down and dirty?"

"Then you leave me no choice" replied the ghost marine as he readied his plasma rifle.

The ghost marine then began to fire his weapon at Vlad and his clones along against Skulcker. Skulcker then fired back with his rockets at the ghost marine whom quickly dodged each of the rockets and fired his plasma rifle knocking the various attached weapons off of Skulcker's suit and firing a plasma ray at Skulcker sending him crashing down to the ground. Technus and the Fright Knight joined in the battle.

"You three" said Vlad to his associates, "keep him busy."

"Does it look like we have a choice?" asked the Fright Knight as he was using his shield to block the plasma rays that were coming at him.

As the ghost marine was quite busy fighting off Technus, Skulcker and the Fright Knight, Vlad and his clones were heading straight for the large gate. Vlad then placed the key Loki had sent him right into the hole and turned it to open the gate. As the gate's large door began to open, the two doors began to open quite wide.

"No!" cried the ghost marine to Vlad, "What have you done!"

"Why I just helped the god Loki in retrieving his powers" replied Vlad.

"Look at the note he gave you" said the ghost marine to Vlad.

As Vlad looked at the note from Loki, the instructions changed their words and it read "Sorry suckers, you fell for my trick."

"Well what could be so bad that is behind that gate?" asked Technus.

Suddenly a strange spiked brown-like monster emerged from the gate.

"It's just one little pest" said Skulcker as he readied his weapon against it.

Suddenly ghosts soldiers along with pig-like goat demons began to emerge from the gate along with a large cyborg-like demon.

"Then again" said Skulcker as he readied his jetpack, "this looks like it's too much for even a advert hunter like me."

"Uh, I got to go to" said Technus.

"Yea, me to" said the Fright Knight as he got on his horse and sped off along with the other two.

"This looks pretty bad" said Vlad to the ghost marine and the marine nods as a reply.

"Well, well, well" said a hellish voice as the various monsters, demons and ghost soldiers began to separate in a formation, "it's so nice to see you once again. I would like to thank the useless idiot whom freed all of us."

"Uh, who is that?" asked Vlad in a scared voice to the ghost marine.

"That's the head demon" replied the ghost marine, "and of course he is more powerful than you."

The ground below them then began to shake and suddenly a large cyberdemon emerged. This cyberdemon was larger than the other cyberdemons present and of course a strange large spider of some sort came right out of the large gates along with several mini-spiders.

"This looks pretty bad" said Vlad to the ghost marine.

"And it's about to get quite worse for you" bellowed the large cyberdemon as he began to step toward Vlad Plasmius, "so you must be the useless idiot whom freed all of us demons from our prison?"

"But I thought I was helping Loki" replied Vlad as sweat began to run down his forehead.

"Helping!" laughed all of the demons, monsters and the various ghost soldiers.

"You weren't going to retrieve the piece of the pie" said the large cyberdemon as he lowered himself to Vlad, "Loki was simply using you to free me. I was one of his top generals during his reign. And since then much of my men have modified themselves with the latest technology."

"Well" said Vlad as he was trying to leave the scene along with the ghost marine, "I better get going."

"I don't think you'll be going anywhere" said the large cyberdemon, "get him!"

Vlad and the ghost marine then began to fly through the ghost zone as fast as they could. Vlad wanted to take the nearest door he could find along with the ghost marine, so Vlad finally found a door way. He then opened it and went straight through just in time before the horde of demons and monsters caught up to him. Vlad finally stumbled out of the ghost zone along with the ghost marine whom ducked right into some nearby bushes as Danny and his two friends were walking by and Danny noticed a worried Vlad Plasmius.

"Okay Vlad" said Danny as he changed himself into his ghost mode ready for battle, "what's up with you?"

"Daniel" replied Vlad as he sighed with relief, "I'm so glad I found you."

"What do you mean by that?" asked Sam.

"Well" replied Vlad as sweat began to go down his forehead, "I sort of had some sort of trouble in the ghost zone."

"What kind of trouble?" asked Danny.

"I believe I can answer that" replied the ghost marine whom emerged from the bushes.

"And who might you be?" asked Tucker.

"I was the guardian of the Demon Gate to which Vlad Plasmius opened" replied the ghost marine.

"Well you did it again Vlad" sighed Danny as he folded his arms, "looks like I am going to have to clean up your mess for you again."

"This won't be easy" said the ghost marine, "do you know any protectors of both the human and magical realms whom would be quite powerful to help us?"

"Well" replied Danny, "I do know the current Te Xuan Ze and so does Vlad."

"Of course" said Vlad, "you and her can clean up this mess and give a one two to Loki for tricking me."

While Vlad was trying to make plans to head to Orchid Bay, in Orchid Bay, June's watch was going off like crazy when she got up she went to Ah-Mah's since it seemed like there was something quite wrong.

"What the heck is going on with my watch?" asked June as she showed it to Ah-Mah, "I asked some monsters around and they don't seem to need my help."

"It's something much worse I fear" replied Ah-Mah.

"How can you tell?" asked June.

"I believe I can fell that information for you" replied Clockwork as he entered the scene.