Hi guys! Welcome to my newest chapter story! What it's about you ask? Well, since it's been super hot in Hawaii, even though it's fall and supose to be cold, I thought I'd do one with the Inu group. But it's in Summer, not to confuse anyone. lol

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Summer Heat

By: Meirou Kitsune

Part I

"Is it always this hot, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked while lying in the Goshinki's (sp?) shade.

"Feh." Was all Inuyasha said as he sat on one of the branches

It was a hot day, around the hundreds. And even worse was it was humid hot.

Kagome was currently only wearing very short boxer shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt.

She suddenly sat up in a cross legged position.

"I have an idea!" she said in a sing-song voice to herself.

But Inuyasha had heard, and so jumped down from his branch to Kagome, only about two feet away from her.

"For what?" he asked.

Kagome blushed and looked away. At the moment Inuyasha wasn't wearing a shirt and was bare chested, showing off his nicely toned muscles.

"Are you all right, Kagome? You look a little red." He commented while sitting down in a cross legged position also.

"It's nothing. I just though of a way to cool off." She said, happy again

"How?" He asked curiously. He wasn't going to admit this, but the heat was getting to him.

"You'll see. I'll be right back." She said while standing up and started walking towards the well.

Inuyasha weighed his options, let Kagome go and cool off or stop her and continue having a heat stroke…

He watched her figure till it disappeared completely and decided to let her go for the moment, but only cause he wanted to cool down, not out of niceness, her reassured himself.

He then laid on his back and stretched out his arms and legs, trying to let as much skin breath as possible.

"Hurry up Kagome…"


"Perfect! Thanks a lot Mom!" Kagome yelled as she opened the sliding doors to get out of her house.

She then walked to the well and jumped in, wondering how many times she'd already done this.

As she emerged, she threw over her small bag, a change from her usual huge yellow one, and climbed up the vines.

When she got out she grabbed the bag and started walking to the tree, it stood out since it was taller than all the other trees by far.

When she got to the tree, she found Inuyasha.

He was panting lightly and he had his tounge handing out of the side of his mouth.

She suppressed a giggle and walked closer to him.

She leaned down and said his name a couple of times, but he didn't respond.

Her patience spent up, she yelled right in his white fuzzy ear "INUYASHA!"

He jumped up quickly and awkwardly, falling on top of Kagome, his face squished into her chest.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" asked a masculine voice a few yards away from Kagome and Inuyasha.

Inuyasha quickly jumped up and turned away, trying to hide his very heavy blush.

Kagome got up quickly too and tried to calm her flustered body and mind.

"What're you doing Miroku!" Kagome hissed at him.

"Well, excuse me for interrupting" both Inuyasha and Kagome blushed more, if possible "but we were wondering what happened to you two."

He then gave his signature perverted smile "I never thought I'd see the day when Inuyasha would do something so bold as that."

Shippo, who was sitting on Miroku's shoulder, quietly giggled to himself.

Inuyasha was so embarrassed, he just stood stunned there with his mouth opening and closing like a fish.

Kagome on the other hand, was angry beyond belief.

"Urgh!" she yelled in frustration before she began stomping back to the village.


Kagome continued walking/stomping briskly until she came into the village. She then walked around, looking for Sango, all of the townspeople moving aside to let her through. I mean, they didn't have a death wish.

Kagome found Sango quickly sitting under a tall oak just outside the village wearing a green halter top and boxer shorts similar to Kagome's.

"There you are Sango!" Kagome said happily.

"Kagome." She said plainly while opening her eyes. They then fell on Kagome's small bag.

"What's that?" she asked while pointing at the bag.

Kagome grinned and plopped herself next to Sango.

"Our way to cool off."

At the mention of that, Sango visibly brightened and grabbed the bag, pulling out an item.

"What's this?" she asked curiously "And how the heck do you put it on!"

Kagome suppressed a giggle and leaned over, taking the item away.

"Here, I'll show you."


"Come on Inuyasha, tell me what happened." Asked Miroku while he and Inuyasha walked back to the village

"And don't leave any juicy details out." He said pervertedly

"Shut up, damnit!" yelled Inuyasha as he turned and started beating the stuffing out of him.

"Um…did I miss something…?" asked a feminine voice.

Both of the guys snapped their heads up to see Sango and Kagome in small bikinis (two piece swimsuites). Sango had a light green top on with a pink flower and her bottom was the same light pink as the top flower. Kagome was wearing a light teal top with white strings and a white bottom with teal strings.

At the sight of them, both the guy's jaws practically hit the ground.

"Urgh, come on Kagome." Said Sango as she grabbed Kagome's arm and they continued walking towards the river.

"Wait up!" yelled Miroku as he ran to catch up, both he and Inuyasha having spaced out for about three minutes.

"Damn it all…" muttered Inuyasha to himself as he walked after his perverted friend.

Well, i hope everyone enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing it!