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"Everyone is crazy around here." – Inuyasha

Summer Heat

By: Meirou Kitsune

Part XI

Miroku reacted as quickly as he could, but couldn't catch her before she lost her balance and fell over the edge. And without so much as a second thought, he jumped off right after her.

Wind rushed in Miroku's hair as he plummeted down the cliff, the water getting eerily closer with each precious second. He arranged his body as straight as possible so that he could reach Sango before she hit the water.

Right before they hit the surface, Miroku reached Sango and held her close to him, making their bodies straight as they collided with the water, cutting through it smoothly until they hit the bottom and Miroku used his legs to spring up.

They both gasped for air before swimming over to the shore. When they arrived, they panted for breath at their little daredevil act that made their hearts beat so fast it felt like they was going to burst out.

As they gasped for breath, Miroku looked around and saw Inuyasha and Kagome not far off.

- Rewind a little… -

Inuyasha's eyes shot open just as his lips were going to meet Kagome's and jerked back, making Kagome open her eyes, a deeply hurt expression on her race.

But he didn't notice as his eyes darted to the pond. Kagome's eyes followed his and she gasped when she saw Miroku and Sango pop up from under the surface. She looked at Inuyasha who had a slightly worried face on, but when he saw them begin to swim to shore, he visibly relaxed.

Kagome blushed as she looked at their position, her body almost completely pressed against his own. Inuyasha noticed in a few seconds and blushed too.

Kagome nervously laughed before leaning back a little so she was sitting in his lap, both of them blushing greatly.

"So…um…how's it going?" Kagome asked nervously as she twiddled her thumbs, her face bright red from her blush at the thought that had almost happened.

'A little pissed since I couldn't kiss you.' He thought to himself, making him blush Kagome's shade of vibrant red.

"Come on, lets see if they're ok." He grumbled as he stood up and offered her his hand, helping her up too.

They quickly walked over to where Miroku and Sango were almost at the shore. When they were about to reach them, they saw Miroku looking in their direction.

He quickly stood up and waved his arms frantically, as if urging them to stay away and hide. Inuyasha looked at him curiously before he continued walking, but Kagome caught his wrist, pulling him away.

"Come on, I think he wants us to go away." Kagome urged as she pulled him into the edge of the thick forest.

"I still want to see if they're alright." Inuyasha grunted as he continued through the forest to his friends. Kagome rolled her eyes before following them.


Miroku had slightly panicked when he'd seen Kagome and Inuyasha coming their way. Because he needed to talk to Sango and knew that that would never happen if anyone else was nearby.

So he did what any other man would do, freak out. He practically yelled in relief when he saw Kagome drag Inuyasha into the forest, at least she had caught his drift.

"Miroku, you ok?" Sango asked tentivly as he continued to wave his arms around.

"Uh…hehehehe…yeah, better then ever…hehe…" he laughed nervously, hoping for her to believe him.

"Come on, we need to talk." He sighed, now serious, before smiling up at Sango who suddenly found the dirt between her toes very interesting.

He grabbed her hand and lead her into the forest, coming to a grassy clearing illuminated from the orange rays of the setting sun.

"Look, I'm sorry if I…" he drifted off, trying to think of the right word "offended you or anything." He ended, trying to sound sincere.

"Miroku…" she sighed, dreading this part "I don't know what to say to you."

"Then why did you overreact and almost get us killed?! If I hadn't caught you and if you'd landed wrong, you could've died!" he exclaimed, a lump forming in his throat from the dreadful idea.

"It's just…" she couldn't finish. She hugged herself before sighing and continuing "What if I'm like all the rest?"

"Wha-? What do you mean?" Miroku asked, obviously baffled

"What if I'm just another girl to you?" she said, her voice rising


"What if after you've had your fun with me you just leave me? HUH? What if you finally get you child and that's all you want?!" she finished, yelling at the last part.

Miroku looked at her shocked before blushing, thinking of the wonder of getting to third base with her. "Sango, I could never do that to you." He stated sobering up, his eyes starring down into her own angry and hurt ones.

They starred at each other for a few seconds before she looked away, tears starting to prickle her eyes again.

"You don't understand." She hiccupped, fighting down a sob. She was a demon hunter and was NOT going to break down all for a stupid perverted man. And like HELL she'd admit she was overreacting, which, inside of her, she already knew.

"Maybe not, but I'm going to try." He whispered, a hopeful, almost shy look on his face. "I mean, I know I'm not really good with the whole romantic thing, you know how bad my pickup line is." He laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment.

Sango lightly smiled despite the turmoil in her self, he reminded her of a shy young boy at the moment.

"But you could give me a chance to make it work." He continued, a longing look now in his eyes as he tried to crack a smile.

Sango's smile enlarged with his before walking over to him and giving him a hug, hoping that he was telling the truth. Miroku wrapped his arms around her thin frame, holding her tightly against himself, making her blush reappear yet again.

'I'm really going to try…' Miroku concluded, breathing in her intoxicating scent.


"Someone's being dramatic…" whispered Inuyasha rudely after he'd seen and heard Miroku and Sango's episode.

"Oh, shut up, she's just insecure around him, that's all. It'll eventually clear up if he's good enough." Kagome growled, punching his arm playfully in anger.

"Feh, he's still an idiot. He's gonna screw up sometime."

"Sango will forgive him." She snapped back, scrunching her nose up.

Inuyasha turned away to hide his smirk, he knew a hint of a smile was in it from seeing Kagome so angry, and so, cute in his mind.

"Whatever. Look, lets just go do something and leave them alone." She jerked a thumb to Miroku and Sango who were now lying down in the long grass, barely visible to them.

"Hop on." Inuyasha grunted as he crouched down, allowing Kagome to piggyback on him yet again.

A few minutes later…

"WOW! It's beautiful up here!" Kagome squealed as she looked down at he now setting sun, clearly visible from the height they were now at. Inuyasha, surprisingly, had brought them to the top of the waterfall where Miroku and Sango had recently fallen off.

Kagome was surprised by the romantic setting, but even more surprised that Inuyasha was the one that had brought her there. But before she could think much more about it, she was roughly taken of her feet by the same half demon she was just thinking about. She suppressed a gasp when he walked to the edge of the cliff and sat down in Indian style with her in his lap, his arms encircling her.

Kagome couldn't help but blush scarlet from his acts as he continued to hold her closely to him.

There was a peaceful silence as they watched the sunset together, Miroku and Sango doing the same not very far off.


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