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SmellerbeexLongshot. Just because.
Spoiler Warning: Post "City of Walls and Secrets".

No sign of him.

Smellerbee sighed, slouching against the wall. It'd been half of the day now, and they hadn't found him. Longshot kept her from going near the tea shop; Jet wouldn't be there. He'd checked.

"Where do you think he is?"

Longshot told her in his way--deep eyes full of expression.

It wasn't that he didn't talk; he couldn't. She'd learned that the first time they had met. Jet had been irritated when the boy would not respond to his questions, until the boy turned and really looked at Jet.

And the leader had understood.

But Jet wasn't there now. They were in the bottom-most ring of Ba Sing Se, and really didn't have much of anything to do. This was the refugee ring, she'd learned. This was where the poor lived. Early in the week, she'd seen a cart come by; a touring cart, someone had spat. She couldn't see inside, but she could only imagine the thoughts of the occupants.

Longshot tapped on Smellerbee's shoulder. She jumped slightly, and glared at Longshot. He shrugged an apology towards her, and she forgave him.

Longshot began to walk forward, long strides putting him farther from her. She jogged to catch up.

"Where are we going?"

She didn't get a response.

But then she saw the tea shop.

The 'firebenders'. Longshot gave Smellerbee a look, as if to say, "It wasn't their fault."

And Smellerbee understood.

Longshot began to walk forward again, but this time, Smellerbee reached out to stop him. He looked back, and saw the look in her eyes. She was confused, and didn't know what to do. He walked back and held her shoulders close. She sighed deeply and leaned into Longshot; the comforting smell of the silent archer soothing her. Her arms wrapped around his waist, prompting a swift blush.

But neither moved for a moment. They weren't scared, weren't leaderless for a moment.

And then the moment passed, and they headed back to what served as their home; the boy's warm hand wrapped around the girl's cool arm, to protect each other from the theives that littered the lower ring.