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In yet another motel room…

17-year-old Sam and 21-year-old Dean were settled onto beds opposite from each other. Their father had gone out to pick up supplies for their next hunt, and he had ordered the boys to memorize a difficult passage in Latin while he was out.

"Dude this banishing ritual sucks!" Dean griped to his brother as he shifted his position on the bed a bit. When the hell are we gonna use this crap anyway!

Sam was sitting with one leg tucked under him on his adjacent bed. He didn't lift his head from the manuscript as he replied. " Well we might need it on the hunt tonight since Dad isn't exactly sure what it is."

Dean sighed loudly just to make sure the world knew exactly how boring this was. He began to recite out loud, hoping to annoy Sam. Instead, Dean ended up being the one annoyed as Sam looked up and spoke. "You didn't pronounce that last phrase right."

"Says who?" Dean said, meeting the break in the monotony with enthusiasm.
"Says me." Sam answered and read the line that Dean has just read, enunciating each syllable carefully.

Dean grinned inwardly as he geared up to his favorite pastime-bugging the hell out of Sam. "That wasn't right Sammy"

Sam shot him a pointed glare. "It's Sam. And of course it's right. You know as well as I do that when it comes to Latin, I'm always right." Something seemed to occur to him and he smiled slightly. "Actually when it comes to everything, I'm always right."

Whoa. Bold move there Sammy. Time to use my time honored classic. "Sorry Sammy, but I believe that's my line…I am the older brother remember? Okay, there was a funny look on Sam's face. A kind of Cheshire cat grinning, I've-got-something-on-Dean type of look.

"Actually Dean, I believe that from now on, that's my line. I just remembered. I'm taller than you." Sam had a good 1 or 2 inches on Dean now, growing 2 inches in the last month.

Okay, sudden turnaround there. "What the hell does that have to do with it?"

"Oh, just everything." He grinned at me. "After all you did promise that when I was taller than you I would be right all the time."

Huh. When the hell did I say that? Oh. Shit. Dean had a sudden flashback of this dinky indignant Sammy arguing with him about peanut butter.

"Well too bad Sammy boy I'm still older."

Sam merely grinned that irritating Cheshire cat smile again and stood and stretched, displaying his lanky 6'3 form. Dean pretended not to see and returned to reading his Latin out loud. Mistake.

"You pronounced that wrong Dean."

"Shut up."