Reluctant Emotions

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You were always the praised one. The one everyone looked up to. Girls flocked everywhere you went, men thought you were the best of the best. But I, I hated you ever since we were created.

I am a Hikari. I am the creator of all the powerful artworks. But lo, even the artwork we were created from was named after you. Black Wings; the key to unlocking and locking our entities.

How I loathe you. You have everything; a loving family, fame, and an enjoyable life.

What do I have? Nothing. I'm the one that everyone says is cold and heartless. I have no feelings, no heart. I am a nobody. The only thing I had was my talent, the talent to create powerful artworks, which was torn away by you, the Phantom Thief of the Night, cunning master of the century.

I had a chance to live my life, but my Tamer was different than yours. We are both alike in many ways, but also highly different. I must destroy both you and your Tamer, for the the two of you have harmed my Tamer and me. You always get in the way, but that will change.

You have destroyed me. That anger, envy, and hurt that I have tried so hard to succumb has overpowered me. I wish nothing more than to seek revenge. I won't rest until you are gone. You have made a big mistake and will meet your death.

I swear… I will kill you, Dark Mousy.

"Hello?" The impatient thief waved his hand in front of the blonde angel currently tied up by Dark's restraining feathers to "Black Wings."

Krad gave a loud growl. "What!"

"Uhh yeah… I'm suppose to seal you away with me again for the millionth time or so and I just wanted to give you a chance to say anything… you know… any last words? It seems like the right traditional bad villain type of thing to do. So… yeah, any last words, Krad?"

"I….. HATE….. YOU….." Krad's piercing eyes seem to have gotten even more dangerous, if at all possible. His pupils narrowed to thin slits.

Dark let out a nonchalant sigh. "You say that every time I seal you with the same expression and tone. You'd think a bad guy with brains could actually learn to be sealed off with a cool conclusion line…"

"Shut the hell up!" Krad spat out chillingly. Neither his eyes nor his body refused to back down.

"You know…" Dark continued on, paying Krad no mind. "You could always try a different tactic to kill me. I mean, you have the ambition, but your strategies seem to lack something…" He tried to further annoy the blonde until he was satisfied. By now, he could see a vein building up on the other angel's neck that seems ready to burst out any moment.

The dark angel seemed to be taking his time, savoring the moment, even though he had been doing this for the last three hundred or so years.

"Say Krad…" He put a finger on his chin in deep thought. "You never really told me why you've always been trying to kill me. I mean, it's been like three hundred years and we just do a routine wild murder chase. Why DO you hate me so much?"

Krad was secretly jealous of everything Dark was and had, but he could obviously never come to admit it.

"Hmm? Why are you so hateful towards me, Krad? I never did anything to you!" He continued on when the blond refused to answer. "Oh, I know. It's because you're jealous of my hotness, huh? It's because you were created to be some kind of fem-boy and you wished you looked as good as me!" He stuck his tongue out to further emphasize his taunting.

Krad still bared his teeth in fury and added some cursing here and there, but he did not answer Dark's question directly.

"Not a joke person, eh? Alright then…" Dark stood there, still pondering more reasons why his other half would want to kill him so badly.

"What the hell are you waiting for? Hurry up and seal me already! " Krad spat out impatiently.

"Why are you so eager to be sealed?" A smirk spread across his face as he approached Krad. "Are you that excited to be together again, Krad-kun." He cupped Krad's chin and rubbed his pale cheeks slightly. "Maybe… you secretly love me. Is that it, Krad?" Krad spun his head to avoid Dark's gaze and grasp. "Aw… my first fem-boy fan. I'm so deeply touched." The violet-haired teen chuckled with enthusiasm.

"Just shut it! I've had enough of you!" The golden angel's eyes flashed dangerously. "You've stolen everything away from me! I'm not going to let you get away with it!"

Dark let out a sigh. "Really? I've stolen everything away from you? Look, being the 'Infamous Phantom Thief' isn't always that fun. Because of all your stupid artworks, I HAVE to go all out of my way to steal them and seal the magic. Why don't you just do us both a favor and stop making things!" He cried out vehemently.

"The reason," Krad emphasized, "why I created the artworks in the first place was because of you! The almighty Kokuyoku was apparently too powerful to handle was overbalancing the nature of good and bad."

"So… you're saying that I'm the bad guy here?" The dark angel pointed to himself and then scratched his head. "How come I didn't know of this?"

"Because you're an idiot." Krad bluntly stated.

"Oh, that's just cold."

"Well that's my nature, Mousy. I'm a cold, heartless homicide." Krad turned his head and dazedly stared at the feathers wrapped around his forearms. Dark's facial expression softened. He almost pitied the pale angel. Krad was always stereotyped that way. Maybe he does have feelings. Or maybe he's using reverse psychology? What the hell is that anyways? God, why can't you confuse a person the normal way?

"Well… maybe if you didn't act so coldish, you might enjoy 'life' better." The thief scratched his head again.

"Life! You call this life? Being reborn every forty years, having a resistant Tamer, and having to be sealed away every time! You call that life, Mousy! I don't know what you're trying to propose, but if my facts are correct, you gave me this so-called life.

"What! I- You're saying it's my fault you're a homicide killing thousands upon thousands of innocents and trying to take over the world!" Dark yelled flabbergasted.

"I'm not Sephiroth, you moron. And yes, it is your fault that I am who I am. I would have been fine if it weren't for you. I wouldn't have to be the 'evil' character and I could just relax and enjoy my life!" Krad retorted back.

"Fine. You want a life? You want to be in my shoes, Krad? Well then…" A small click was heard and the restraining feathers that were previously tying Krad to Kokuyoku were released.

"Starting today, you'll get to experience the life of Dark Mousy."

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