Reluctant Emotions

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"You're not going anywhere, Krad-chan." The sly thief slowly started to creep towards the shaky blonde.

"Wh-What are you doing?" Before Krad could even manage to decipher what was going on, he was forcefully shoved onto the bottom bunk bed.

A familiar playful, but mischievous grin appeared on Dark's face which glimmered brightly in the darkness, kind of like the Chester cat. But anyhow, it did not matter what Dark's face looked like, the only fact was that is was scary. And it gave Krad a frightening chill.

"Looks like I'll be on top and you'll be on the bottom." He softly whispered into Krad's ear. The odd sense of warmth that escaped the thief's lips made Krad's breathing stopped. He could feel his heart travel up his throat, blocking his air way. What was Dark planning to do to him? Rape him? I thought he was a womanizer. He's straight, isn't he?

Krad's eyes widened as he remembered something that Dark had told him before.

'You really do look like a girl. I'd probably hit on you if I saw you walking in the street with that kimono on.' And with that statement, he received a wink. Not just any kind of wink from anyone. The kind of wink that you could only get… from The Dark Mousy.

"Oh God…" Krad immediately shoved Dark off of him and on to the floor. He roughly placed his foot on Dark's chest. "I don't care if I have this stupid collar on me, but you are not going to act like some perverted ass!"

"Wh-What?!" Dark groaned as Krad's added more pressure on to his chest. He can be really strong when he wanted to be.

"Take off this collar, Mousy." Dark chuckled as he observed Krad from the bottom up. If someone were to walk in on them right now, it would be very questionable as to what they were up to. Krad's leg extended elegantly from his kimono and Dark slightly tilted his head to get a better view.

"What are you staring at?" Krad lifted up his foot, and pummeled down again on to Dark's chest. "Are you- Are you looking up my kimono?!" A smirk. "Argh!"

Krad removed his foot from Dark and instead, hovered above him with a good grasp of his neck. "I swear to God I'll choke you until you turn the same color as your hair!"

The thief winced at the lack of oxygen. "A-Alright. I-I'm sorry." He tried to loosen up Krad grip, but the blonde had no intention of letting go. "Why…. are you… doing this?" Dark shut his eyes and started feeling light-headed.

"Are you stupid or something? You don't even know when you're acting perverted? I'm not letting you take advantage of me just because I have a collar on-" His sentence was cut off by volts of electricity being sent throughout his body. Krad had no choice but to let go of Dark's throat and hold onto his own.

Both Dark and Krad keeled over and coughed, gasping for air.

"Krad…" He took a moment to catch his breath before continuing. "I wasn't trying to take advantage of you…" Another cough.

"Liar." Beads of sweat rolled down Krad's face as he glared threateningly at Dark. "You were about to rape me or something you jerk. Like hell would I let you." Krad gulped and also paused to regain his breath.

"What?! Rape you?" The thief furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, trying to figure out how Krad would receive such a mixed message. True, Dark did purposely try to make fun of Krad by implying hints, but Dark was straight. He would never go that far with Krad. Why would Krad think-

'Looks like I'll be on top and you'll be on the bottom.'

Krad must have thought-

A loud and boisterous laugh came from the dark-haired teen lips. "Y-You thought… Ah ha ha… You actually thought I was going to rape you?!"

His laughter continued as Krad frowned in discontent. "Why are you laughing?"

"When I said I was going to be on the top and you'll be on the bottom, I meant the bunk beds." Dark laid on his stomach, bursting out in laughter while pounding his fist on the floor.

Krad sat on the floor, dumbfounded at his stupidity. "Th-The beds?"

Dark sat up and nodded, wiping the tears from his eyes. "C'mon, Krad. If I wanted to freak you out that badly, I could have done it a hundred different ways. And Dark Mousy doesn't swing that way. I'm a womanizer. Women are my specialty. Although, I do have some fan boys…." Dark muttered the last part.

Krad looked down at the floor, in embarrassment. Not only did he just humiliate himself by making a stupid mistake, now Dark would think weird things and make fun of him.

"But if you want me to, Krad, I could sleep with you." A smirk appeared.

'Yeah… weird things like that.' Krad thought irritatingly. "Hmph. No thanks. I'm fine." The blonde grumbled, not looking directly at Dark.

The sneaky little thief scooted closer to the blonde and cocked his head to one side. Right now, Krad looked like a bashful, pouting princess. He chuckled. A princess with a feisty attitude. To tell you the truth, that's what he looked for in a girl and Dark was a little disappointed that his other half had to be male. But… love wasn't about gender, right?

Dark shook his head. Why was he thinking about this? It's stupid. Krad hated him and he also hated Krad. But… why did he hate him again? This was all getting confusing. He needed some sleep.

"So, Krad-chan," Krad's eye gave a twitch. "Ready for bed? It's getting late and I know a princess needs her beauty sleep." The tousled-haired teen got up and held out his hand. But Krad, being Krad, got up himself and gave a glare and what sounded like a 'humph.'

Pulling his kimono up slightly, he walked to his bunk bed and laid there with his back turned towards Dark. He was both pissed and still embarrassed.

"Alright then… Good night, Krad-chan." Dark quickly crept over to Krad, gave a slight kiss on the cheeks, and climbed up the small stair case before Krad could punch him.

And so.… the both of them said nothing and fell asleep. And the night passed ever so quiet fully..

Right… Like Dark Mousy would just let Krad peacefully sleep like that. Nope. He had something on his mind… a crafty little scheme that he would put into action.


Krad covered his ears with his pillow, attempting to muffle the sound of Dark's loud snoring.

"Dammit shut up!" The blonde punched the bottom part of Dark's bunk bed, which just made the loud thief roll over and continue snoring.

Krad gave an agitated groan and shut his eyes tighter. He thought that by now his Tamer would have woken up and demanded his body back, but no, Satoshi was already sound asleep in the corner of Krad's mind. 'God… I envy Satoshi-sama right now… At least Daisuke is nice to him, unlike my Tamer…' The blonde looked up and narrowed his eyes at the slight lump hovering over him.

He heard the aloof teen give a snort and some squeaking noises from above. And before he knew it, Dark had rolled over so far that he fell from his bunk to the ground, making a loud THUMP.

Unfortunately for Krad, Dark had fallen about six feet and landed on his stomach, which meant he accidentally triggered the shocker. Krad closed his eyes and bit his lip to avoid shouting in pain. His body felt excruciatingly hot and like he was being burnt.

He grabbed onto the collar, trying to pull at it to make the pain relieve for he could feel warm liquid starting to drip onto his hands. He opened one eye and glanced at Dark's clump of body, but saw that he was still snoring and still asleep.

"Dark!" He gave a yell in anguish, but the volts of electricity did not stop. Krad had no choice but to quickly crawl over towards Dark's body and roll him over, ceasing the dreadful pain.

The blonde collapsed right beside Dark, coughing out what was left of his air. He groaned in pain. Every time he touched his neck, it burned with extreme heat and stuck like acid burning his flesh. 'Damn Dark and his damn collar… I'm going to kill him when I get the chance.'

Krad could not take it anymore. Every time he got shocked, it felt far worse than anything he had ever felt. Being electrocuted by hundreds of volts and still live afterwards was torture. He knew Dark loved seeing Krad in pain… and that's why he decided to get the utmost painful revenge on Dark. But for now, he had to get the remote control, so that Dark would not be able to shock him again. 'That'll buy me some time…'

After Krad recovered from his coughing fits, he hovered over Dark's sleeping figure in search of the remote. 'Where did he put it again?' He quickly rifled through Dark's shirt and pants to see if any of his pockets held the damned shocker. 'Shit… How did he even shock me if it's not-'

The location finally struck Krad. 'That stupid Dark put it in his pants, didn't he?! He knew that I would never reach in there and take it. Dammit dammit dammit!' The frustrated blond looked around while tugging on his choke chain. What could he do? Should he really try and attempt to steal the remote from Dark's pants? He ruffled his hair in angry contemplation.

"He really knows how to be a perverted ass." Krad finally decided that he was going for it. Now or never. He'd rather just slip his hand in and out and finally get rid of the electrifying pain. Thank goodness he still had his white gloves with him, but after this, he'd problem have to burn them and bury the ashes.

Slipping the gloves on, he carefully checked to see if Dark was asleep for real. Seeing that the thief was indeed snoring away, mumbling such and such about hot women, Krad decided it was go time.

He guided a shaky hand towards the waistband of Dark's pants and tugged at it slightly. 'Damn… they're leather pants…What kind of guy always wears leather?! Even when sleeping… Ugh…' Krad hung his head and gave another sigh. He knew Dark was making it every way possible to keep the poor blonde from getting free.

Krad just bit his lip, held his breath, and let it out slowly. He was going to attempt stealing the remote control anyway.

Taking time to make sure Dark was asleep again, he inched his hand toward the snoozing thief's pants. Krad lurched forward to get a better leverage and slipped his hand inside. 'Oh God, just kill me now.' He shut his eyes tightly and groped for the remote, only depending on his sense of touch.

The phantom thief ceased his snoring and shuffled a bit in his sleep. A smile crept on his face. His plan was working.

The blonde gulped as he reached in further, slowly feeling around for a hard metal bulge. 'Where the hell is that remote?!' He froze when he heard a loud moan coming from Dark's mouth. He prayed to a higher being that Dark would not wake up right when he had his hand down the teen's pants.

"Oh Krad… lower…" Another moan.

The white angel's eyes bulged as he gazed at the purple-haired teen on the ground and cupped his free hand over his mouth to refrain from making gagging noises. This was the worst moment of his life. He would smash his own hand right now if it weren't for his desperation.

'I need to find it fast. God. How deep did he shove it in?!' Krad shut his eyes tightly groping hurriedly for the remote but it was nowhere to be… felt.

The blonde was about to give up in irritation when he felt a warm hand cup over his own. Krad immediately froze in place, praying that he was not caught until he heard a soft voice call out in the darkness.

"Looking for this?"

And as Krad might have guessed, there it was, glimmering in the moon's radiant light, the ebony object he was looking for.

Dark gave a mocking chuckle. "I really didn't think you'd go this far, but I'm glad you did. Your fingers are so delicate and nimble… It feels really good."

Krad jolted his fingers out of Dark's pants and loudly groaned in utter disgust. "You asshole." The blonde was about to thrash himself upon Dark to strangle him when Dark motioned to the remote.

"Ah ah ah. Shocker, remember? I'll shock you again and again until you-" The thief stopped mid-sentence when he noticed the crimson liquid dripping from the angel's neck. "You're bleeding."

"No really, Mousy? It's all your fault. You and your stupid remote." Krad glared daggers at the other, trying to keep his blood pressure down.

Dark frowned in guilt. "Sorry. I didn't think it was going to make you bleed." He lurched forward to release the clasp around Krad's neck when the blonde's hand grabbed his wrist.

"I don't need your pity." Krad's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Krad, c'mon. Don't try to act tough. Just let me wipe it up with some peroxide." Dark once again reached over, but Krad stopped him yet again.

Dark gave an exasperated sigh. "Alright. I guess I'm going to have to do it the hard way."

In a flash, the phantom thief had Krad pinned down with him straddling the angel's waist.

"Get off of me dammit!" He struggled under Dark's weight.

"Not until I get you cleaned up. Now promise me you won't try to escape when I take off you choke collar."

"Get off!"

"Krad! Stop moving!" Dark persisted on stabilizing Krad, but it was no use. Krad threw a fit like no other and refused to let the thief treat him.

'Dammit. I have no choice. He's going to bleed to death.' Dark firmly took hold of Krad's wrists and hesitated.

Dark shut his eyes and let his lips collide with the blonde's.

Krad's golden eyes widened in shock as he laid there frozen.

Dark Mousy had just stolen his rival's first kiss.

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