Author's note:

I have decided to discontinue this story after numerous failed attempts at continuing the story in a way that I felt was worthy. This story no longer lives up to my expectations and I feel that if I continue the story, I will only be disappointing the readers and my lovely reviewers. It has become a story that if written by another writer I would immediately stop reading. I apologise to all those who enjoyed reading this story however I cannot continue. I hope to write another story that exceeds my expectations and that will capture the hearts and minds of the readers. Please understand the predicament I am in.

This is by no means a goodbye for I will continue to write. I don't intend to stop here. I failed but I will try again. I hope that you will wait patiently for me to find a story that I feel really shows my potential. If anyone wishes to continue the story by all means message me and I will gladly pass it on to anyone who feels that they can make it what I couldn't.

Parting is such sweet sorrow,