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Ninjas or Witches
Chapter 17
Death of Neji

"Don't look so gloomy, Yue Ting," Guang Zhao tried to cheer her friend up as they left the hospital.

"I'm sorry, Guang Zhao," Yue Ting sighed. "I couldn't do it right."

"Don't worry, we'll just find a way to go get Tsunade-sama here. Bushy-brows can wait until after the Chuunin exams are over, it's not like he's in it anymore," Guang Zhao encouraged.

"You're right, let's go back to the arena. There should be another battle going on now, and we need to be there in case someone else gets hurt."

Guang Zhao smiled as the two walked through the village, the cheerful girl spinning around in circles rapidly.

"Whoa, I'm dizzy!" she exclaimed as she stopped spinning.

"Baka!" Yue ting giggled as the two entered the arena to see that the preliminary matche sin the third stage of the Chunnin exams had ended.

"Hokage-sama!" the girls chirped energetically, "is there anything you'd like us to do?"

The Hokage nodded. "Yes, actually, there is. Hyuga Hinata was badly injured in her match with Hyuuga Neji. Go see if you can help the other medic ninjas; they're in the medic tent."

"Hai!" Guang Zhao and Yue Ting agreed before they walked across the stadium and through a plain wooden door with a sign saying "Medic Tent" hanging on a nail.

Guang Zhao gasped in shock as the two gazed at the other girl laying on a small cot in the center of th eroom. Her clothes ahd been reduced to tatters, and she had hundreds of bleeding wounds on her body.

"Hinata-sama!" Guang Zhao whispered sadly. "What happened to you?"

"HYUUGA NEJI!! YOU'RE DEAD!" Yue Ting interrupted her friend in rage.

"Yue Ting?" Guang Zhao blinked as she turned to find her best friend gone. "Where'd she go?"

The medic nins in the tent shrugged their shoulders.

"Well, that won't do, I'm useless if Yue Ting ain't around," Guang Zhao sighed.

"Go find her, Hinata-san needs your medical help as soon as possible."

"Kay," Guang Zhao sighed. "Yue Ting, where are you?" she called out as she walked back towards the testing zone.

"Yue Ting, have you gone mad?" Gai's voice asked from within the room.

"Yue Ting?" Guang Zhao blinked as she walked in to find Yue Ting steaming up the room as she broke through the barrier of adults in front of Hyuuga Neji.

"Yes, I am mad!" Yue Ting declared. "How could you do that to poor Shy-chan?"

Within a few seconds, Neji had Yue Ting on her knees, out of breath, defeated. Tears fell from her eyes as she tried to act brave and strong.

"How the hell did that happen?" Sakura blinked in shock.

"Isn't she an ANBU?" Ino agreed.

Guang Zhao ignored the two kunoichis' questions as she ran to her friend's side. "Yue Ting? Yue Ting? Are you ok?" she cried.

The girl shook her head fiercly as her tears continued to fall, staining th eground in front of her. Guang Zhao turned to Neji in anger.

"I hate you!" she screamed. "How could you be so cruel? First Hinata-sama, and now Yue Ting! How could you hurt them for no reason?"

Neji scowled. "No reason? How could it be no reason? They were attacking me."

"Yeah, sure. Hinata-sama had to, it was a tournament! And Yue Ting was just defending her friend! I hate you, Neji, I hope you die!"