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oOoO Inner Beauty of Destruction oOoO

oOo Epilogue oOo

It's been about three months since the war ended and things had been pretty well so far. There were massive body counts that still needed to be accounted for and a massive list of missing people that everyone was trying desperately to solve. Each nation was doing their best in trying to find who each of them were.

The buildings and land are in the middle of construction as of now, almost immediately after the government of all nations were restored. Most of the major buildings like the hospital, church and housings for the homeless were almost completed. Almost everyone in the cities had a place stay. The Princess' and Lords even lent there mansion and other housings they could offer for anyone who had no where to stay.

Food and first aid had been a problem but was quickly resolved since the people are the top priority before anything else and each nation quickly made a deal and things were back how they were used to.

The Earth Alliance's scientific base up in the hidden forest was explored thoroughly and all the bodies that were inside was taken out and buried respectively. Most were identified with the charts and computer information that was left behind, but some still needed to be named. The whole place was hollowed out and dismantled.

Meer Campbell had a proper funeral by all who knew her back in her homeland of PLANTS. She with many others who lost their lives was buried in a respective and beautiful place in one of the hourglass places that specializes in cemeteries.

It took about two weeks before the Archangel and Minerva were able to return back to Earth. When they finally did, they were greeted with a cheer and were immediately escorted to the mansion for discussion. The government had to be restored immediately before any more chaos results.

The captains and soldiers were in immediate discussions for the situation and because they had such young, skilled soldiers who are gifted with knowledge in about anything, all the government had been restored within three days since their return. PLANTS, EARTH ALLIANCE and ORB had apologized to each other for their actions in the war and, as of now, are in talks of a treaty.

Immediately after that, the mansion and all immediate places where aristocrats lived were swarmed by the people demanding for answers. It was time for the Princess of the country to make her speech. Not to the country, but to the entire universe since her best friends were with her.

As nervous and scared as she was, she was able to do her speech and explain everything with the help of her friends and of course, her dashing fiancé.

The Princess explained the situation she was in during her forced marriage to the Seiren family, doing what she thought her people wanted, how she was doubtful, scared and runned by the old farts because she was only a mere child and that she was secretly dating a Coordinator who was not only her under cover bodyguard, but the son of the late former Chairman Patrick Zala which Athrun proudly stood beside his fiancée with an arm around her waist.

Cagalli even spoke about Stellar. Their friends thought that Stellar looks like Cagalli and stated a possibility that Stellar maybe her cousin. After many deep further investigations on Stellar's past, she is apparently Kira and Cagalli's blood relative cousin. Their father had a sister who died in the Bloody Valentine. They found out her birth date and place. Her father worked for Kira and Cagalli's parents and thus therefore Stellar is a Coordinator. But she decided to take on the Natural status since she grew up with it. She's the same age as Shinn. Everything else was destroyed from the war. Stellar didn't care as long as she had her adoptive siblings and Shinn with her.

When the war ended, Kira found out that it was Stellar who was inside the Impulse. He was really upset with her and punished her with his silent treatment. Stellar couldn't last two days and she begged for forgiveness from Kira. Of course Kira forgave her and let her off with a warning that if she does something that he didn't want her to do, he'll make the silent treatment even worst and it won't just be that that he'll inflict.

The people were in complete shock. She continued her speech on how she met a certain Coordinator who is her biological brother and how she met her now fiancé. Adding with that, what her late father had left for her and how she wanted to honor his wishes until she knew the truth, her involvement with the wars and recently, how she was brainwashed and experimented on and was used as a deadly weapon.

At that point, her best friend Lacus stood beside her to explain about her whereabouts and what she had been doing since the first war ended till now. Her angelic voice reached out to everyone and the people didn't know why, but they were somehow soothed by her voice and felt like they were being spoken to by an angel. Lacus explained how that while she was away and planning her move, an imposter by the name of Meer Campbell took over as Lacus Clyne.

The people were in complete shock about that information, especially the PLANTS. They didn't know until now that they were listening and following an imposter all that time. But before their minds start to wonder, Lacus continued her speech.

Lacus explained how Meer thought she was doing the right thing and only listened to the Chairman because she believed he was right and that he helped her to where she was until she realized her wrong doings and her untimely death. Lacus pleaded for everyone not to hate her. She explained that she was lonely and had no where else to go since she lost everyone she ever loved. She asked, mainly from the people of PLANTS, to forgive her since she only did what she believed Lacus would do and that she deeply cared for her people.

The people up at PLANTS had to think about it since they felt like they were used. But most of them understood and forgave her. Some thanked her since she did do her best to make the soldiers get over the idea that they might die the next day with a free concert of hers.

Lacus motioned for Cagalli to continue her speech. Where she left off, she began to speak about what the doctors on the Archangel had discovered about her DNA when they were trying to save her from the deadly effects of the experiment.

She took a huge deep breath and spoke out to the already tensed crowd. "I'm a Coordinator."

The crowed went instantly silent and you could hear the loud gasps. Even the people in PLANTS were in shock. All that time, they were being runned by a Coordinator and they didn't even know it. The crowds were too speechless and didn't even say a word. What could they say?!

"But…" Their attention was immediately grabbed again. "…I'm also a Natural." This time, everyone had a question mark on their heads.

Cagalli began her long story on how they discovered she was half of each kind. She goes on about how they separated her and her brother by doing experiments making them the Ultimate Coordinator. Over all, she and her brother were practically guinea pigs for everything and it was a miracle that they survived and is the same as every other human being out there.

The people began to doubt her until she grabbed their attention again. She explains that she too felt ashamed to come back and regain her position because of the discovery of who she was and what she did in the war. But because of her brother Kira, she was able to come back. Why they all questioned? It was because she was a part of both sides and Orb is a neutral country. From that point, everyone began to do the math and you could see in their eyes that they understood now.

"I hope you all forgive me and I thank you for everything." Cagalli looked away as she let out quiet tears.

She was about to leap off the stand until Miriallia began shouting.


Cagalli looked to where she was pointing and in the same time heard chanting cheers. She turned fully around and saw that her people were cheering aloud for her.


Cagalli didn't understand why. She didn't understand why her people were forgiving her for everything she had done. Suddenly, Kisaka took the stand with the other councilors.

"Princess, we understand that you are probably wondering why your people are cheering for you. It is because that even when your DNA consists of both Coordinator and Natural genes, you were still you and still did what you believed in. Ultimate Coordinator experimental product or not, you are still the same as everyone else and that you are not to blame for your DNA. Also, as what your brother has said previously, you harbor both genes and therefore neutral."

"Not only that," an older man from the councilor took the stand, "but you are an example of how everyone can live together. To have two different genes, you could've gone on a superiority spree but you didn't. You showed the world that anyone can live together in peace regardless of who they were. And most importantly, you showed the world that everyone is the same kind. Coordinator or Natural, they are all the same thing to every last detail."

Cagalli didn't know what to say. Her eyes began to water and she smiled at them and then to her people as the tears flowed from her eyes. Some of the people and even up in space had tears of happiness. They were seeing someone who harbored a different DNA from all of them and being only of eighteen years old, had the charisma of winning the people's hearts and a natural born loving leader. Not only that, but showing that a young person like herself can be better and smarter than an adult.

Cagalli walked to the podium and gripped it. She had her head down in an attempt to stop herself from crying but it proved to be futile. She lifted her head to the cheering crowd and with the brightest smile an angel could ever give and with a crackling voice, she whispered, "Thank you…. All of you for believing in me." And the crowd cheered louder.

"I promise I will do the best I can! With the help from my dear friends and especially, from the help of all of you. Thank you."

As she stepped down and began to walk her way towards the building behind her, someone took the stand.

"Uhhh… Cagalli, I believe that there is something else that you may want to let everyone out there know…"

Cagalli and her friends gave Kira a 'what the hell?' look. She looked at him with a little hint of fire in her eyes and whispered with her teeth clenched, "Kira, what the hell are you doing?!"

"Come on out here! You too, Athrun!" Athrun pointed at himself dumbly and in the same time scared of what Kira's doing. He understood that Kira is acting on revenge against him for hurting his sister, but the thought of what Kira's agenda are was scaring him deeply. "Yes you!... Everyone, this is Athrun Zala. The late Chairman Patrick Zala's son or what PLANT calls him, 'the Prince of ZAFT!' and my best friend since we were kids." Kira grabbed Athrun when he was close enough and gripped him hard in a head lock. "My buddy here and my sister have something they want to announce."

Athrun, while trying to breathe from Kira's grip, managed to choke out, "We…do?"

"Of course you do! Ladies and gentleman I proudly present that my sister and my best friend are engaged!"

"KIRA!" they both screamed.

"Come now, tell everyone the great news!"

"Kira… I.."

"It's okay…" Kira gave them a reassuring smile. "… It's going to be alright. Trust me."

The couple nodded and took a deep breath before speaking to the already mumbling shocked crowd.

Cagalli began first. "As from what my brother says… yes… it's true. Athrun and I are engaged."

The whispers went even wilder.

"Oh my god! So it is true!"

"I thought they were just dating? Not engaged."

"So that was the guy who kept accompanying her all that time."

"There was a tiny rumor that the Princess was seeing someone outside. And a Coordinator at that! The Prince of ZAFT!"

Cagalli tried to ignore the whispers and was about to speak again, but felt an arm on her shoulder and heard someone else's voice.

"That is correct. Cagalli and I are indeed engaged. I proposed to her just before I left for the PLANTS so many months ago. Not only did I do that because I love her so much, but because I wanted her to feel that I'm right there with her even though I was far away and to keep her away from that Seiren."

"AWWW! That's sooo romantic and noble!"

"I fell in love with her at first sight when we met at that island that she told you about. Well… kind of like gunpoint at first sight and then it turned to love at first sight. It didn't occur to me that I was falling for her until after the first war. Then it accumulated into something more and deep. I realized after being with her for only a few months after the first war that I was deeply in love with her. I didn't have the nerves to tell her and when the second war began, I knew that I had to let her know."

The people were in complete silent. Many were enjoying the speech because it was like a romantic story telling.

"Cagalli is like an angel. Everything about her draws me to her and I didn't fight it not one bit. I know that all of you are wondering about my engagement with Lacus Clyne, but that was just an arrangement and it was cancelled. Lacus and I only share a deep friendship bond and only love each other like brothers and sisters. Back to the story, I felt completely heart broken that I had left Cagalli all alone when she needed me the most. What's worst was that I hurted her. Luckily Kira was there to be by her side when I couldn't. I couldn't forgive myself and I still can't. I owe everything to those two. Even after everything, they were still there for me and I was happy."

Cagalli and Kira looked at Athrun with loving eyes. Meanwhile behind them, a conversation was going about.

"Oh wow! That's sooo romantic! It's like a novel!"

"Indeed it is. Oh man! I should write a book about their life from how they met to where they are now! I'd make big bucks and be famous!... OWW! OWW!"

Miriallia pulled Dearka's ear and whispered in a threatening tone. "Don't you dare Elsman or I'll have your head! Besides, you're already loaded."

Even with the pain he's receiving, he still managed a joke. "Is that a threat or a promise? Hehe…OWW!!"

Yzak and Shiho looked at the two and shook their heads. "Kids!"

Back at the speech, Athrun was just about to conclude and Cagalli was ready to say her piece when Athrun continued again, only this time, it was something completely and totally not what her, Kira or anyone expected.

"Just before I finish, I like to say one more thing." He turned to Cagalli and looked lovingly and deeply into her amber eyes which was making Cagalli blush. He gathered up her hands in his, "I know that I'm usually a quiet, shy and analyzing-the-situation type of person, but right now, I'm just going to stand out of my comfort zone…I know I didn't do it right in the first shot sooo this is my time to make it right."

Their friends in the back had their mouths open and eyes wide. "No way! He's not doing what I think he is! In front of the entire universe!"

Athrun went on one knee kissed her hand that had the ring Athrun gave her as Cagalli was starting to redden like an extremely hot tomato. "Cagalli… will you do me the honor and become my wife? Will you marry me?"

The crowd went wild as they all let out the cry of cheer that they held in suspense when he went on one knee. In space, the people of PLANTS went wild as well as they too couldn't believe what had just happened. The Prince of Zaft had proposed to the Princess of Orb not only to the entire world but to the entire universe! Their speech was broadcasted to the entire surface area of space and wherever their signal waves could reach. Many women fainted in awe as they couldn't believe that Athrun had proposed to his one and only to the entire universe. Not many had ever done that and to think about it, Athrun was the first person to ever do that. It's by far the most romantic thing a man could ever do for his lady.

Cagalli watched the crowd before her and turned to her friends. They all smiled at her and Lacus commented, "Cagalli, I think everyone wants to know your answer."

The crowd suddenly went quiet as everyone was clenching their fists eager to find out her answer even though they already knew, but the feeling they had was completely anticipating.

Cagalli looked at Athrun's intoxicating emerald eyes and could see that he was not only nervous but his eyes was filled with love, care and everything else that could describe the feeling that he has for her. She loved his eyes. That's one of the things that made her fall in love with him.

Cagalli caressed his face and whispered loud enough for the mic to pick up her voice and enough for everyone to hear, "…yes."

And the people went insane.

Athrun rose from his kneeled position and swept her off the floor in the same time as they both laughed in happiness as he spun her around. He placed a kiss upon her lips which made the people scream even louder. All their friends and even themselves were sure that they would be deaf for a long time.

They finally ended their passionate kiss as they needed air and Cagalli whispered something into Athrun's ear. He smiled at her and nodded. He placed her back on her feet and she grabbed the people's attention once again. They all were wondering what else the couple had in store for them. They were getting sooo excited and couldn't stop trembling.

"Athrun and I have something else to tell you." Their friends came closer to the couple just in case they needed their support. Kira and Lacus were beside them. "I'm not sure if any of you have noticed but…" Cagalli walked from the podium and showed her full self from head to toe to the people. "… I'm pregnant."

It took a while for everyone to register what she said to their heads and then it finally clicked in. All eyes were wide eyed as they eyed Cagalli's four months and a half bulge of her tummy. And just like before, the crowd went wild.




Cagalli shed tears on the people's reaction. She didn't expect them to be like this at all. Athrun comforted her and she hugged him. Kira signaled Cagalli to finish up as they all got more work to do.

She walked to the podium once again and made her last statement before turning in. "I…I didn't think you would all react like that…"


She smiled at their comment. "…Thank you… Thank you all once again. Bur right now, we all have work to do, right?" The people cheered. "Then let's all lend a helping hand and restore the land to its beautiful image! We can all make it work as long as we help each other!" The people cheered loudly and she nodded her head with a smile as she began to head back to her duties with her friends beside her just in case she faints again after all that tension was lifted. Just then, the people all asked the same thing.


Cagalli smiled at them and placed her index finger to her lips telling them that it's a secret. The people awed but let it slide as they had a celebration and work to do.

five months later …

In only the five month gap time frame, the restoration of ORB and PLANTS had been doing very well. Even the Earth Alliance had been doing well with only a few of the former Blue Comos lending a helping hand also. Their apparent new leader seemed to have the same views as ORB and PLANTS and was also young as well. Although the leader still had some conflicts with the people, all in all they're doing great and working together. The people were soon beginning to realize that their selfish thoughts are nothing more but the past and are now slowly adapting and accepting the new ways. Peace was almost obtained.

It didn't take long to reach Sunset Cove but they all got there on the days of their break. Well, it was the only day that they had a break from everything and what's better than meeting up with old friends and comrades?

"There they are! OI!! Over here!" Dearka waved to the approaching figures. "Long time no see!"

"It's only been five months. Not really that long."

"It was long for me! Oww..!"

Yzak smacked him as he sneered, "Oh shut up… All you did was whine and whine."

"It's great to see you too Yzak. How are things up at PLANTS?"

"Well, since Lacus didn't want to go back yet till you guys have the baby and the wedding, she put me in charge of everything. And I tell you, it was hell. I'm starting to think she did it on purpose." Yzak gave Lacus the eye as she smiled toothily at him. "But… It's been great. The important matter is, how have you been doing?"

Cagalli smiled as she rubbed her extremely bulged out tummy. "It's been great. Although I don't think Athrun had enjoyed it."

"What? Yes I did! I enjoyed every second of it."

"Uh huh… claims the person who complained that he was tired of going out on my constant demands and acting all like a mother hen."

"Even so, I still enjoyed every moment of it." Athrun kissed her forehead as she smiled at him. The gang looked at the smiling couple and couldn't help but awe at them. They were just perfect for each other and it was destiny and fate for them to be together.

Luna and Meyrin went to Cagalli and asked at the same time like eager little girls, "When's it due?!"

Cagalli smiled at the question as she rubbed her tummy as Athrun hugged her from behind as they massaged her tummy together. "Soon…. Very soon."

Meyrin completely gave up on Athrun and realized that it was only a little girly teen crush. She was with Vino now and she only saw Athrun as a brother. "When soon? I'm dying to know!"

Cagalli giggled at her eagerness. "Soon like this week."

"No way! Oh my god! I'm sooo excited!" Everyone laughed and began asking questions to the couple.

Miriallia was taking pictures of the sunset and the unknowing gang. She was going to make a scrap book. She then placed her camera down as she went up to Cagalli and gave her a hug. "Soooo…. When's the big day you walk the aisle? And by the way, you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress."

Cagalli blushed at the thought even though she was engaged to Athrun, she still couldn't help but feel girly. She's still young ya' know. The comment about her wearing a dress made her blush redder. It was a simple maternity dress that was soft green with some style in it. Since she found out she was pregnant, she's been doing and wearing a lot of girly stuff. The hormones were all making her that way. "Well, Athrun and I decided that we would wait until our little one is born. We didn't want to do it early because the people are still recovering from the war and I didn't want them to think that we didn't care and just go on with the wedding."

Athrun added, "And… cause you said you were too fa-" Athrun didn't finish his sentence as Cagalli pinched Athrun's arm really hard as she still smiled as he winced in pain. The gang knew what the other reason was and took note to not mess with Cagalli when she's in her mood swings.

Kira broke the tension as he motioned for the gang to the stone in front of them. "Anyway, we're all here to pay our respect to all of those who lost their lives in the war. Everyone let us pray silently to them." Lacus placed a bunch of flowers on the stone slab as Kira held her hand as they all silently prayed.

Shinn was the only with his eyes still opened as the rest were praying silently. He felt a hand on his and smiled at Stellar as he held her hands completely in his as he then prayed to the stone slab.

"I miss you. Mother, father and Mayu I hope you rest peacefully, wherever you are. I love you."

Tears slipped out of Shinn's eyes as he opened them to look out to the sky. A faint image of his family was smiling at him as his sister waved at him. Shinn smiled at the image as it slowly began fading away.

Everyone was looking out to the sea and then to the sky as they all saw an image of their loved ones smiling and reassuring them that everything is okay. Cagalli told them about her dream right when the war ended and they were at her mansion for rest. Everyone couldn't help but cry with a mixture of emotions. They didn't understand what it meant that they were the key to stop the war, but they slowly began to understand. It was the power of their friendship, trust, and their will of working together that brought peace.

Miriallia took a group photo with the sunset backdrop as a memory and made sure that everyone would get one. The picture was just incredibly beautiful. It was like a giant family. She was going through the frames and couldn't help but laugh at some of them. There was one where Yzak was chasing Dearka with fury as Shiho was trying to stop Yzak from killing him. Shinn on his knees begging as Neo pointed down at him while Murrue, Talia and Stellar laughed at them. Kira and Athrun holding each other's collar with the eyes of a murderer over a silly dispute on technology. Lacus and Cagalli making flower crowns as they shone with the sun as if they were angels. Luna and Meyrin being referees as Rey and Vino duked it out over arm wrestling and one with whose hair was better. There was another photo where Rey was begging and chasing Neo around for his medicine pills back.

On a side note of the medicine Rey has to take, the scientists are still in research after they received the information from the disc that Dullandal gave Rey. They still haven't found a cure for it, but it'll soon get there. Rey still has to keep taking them daily in order to be sustained.

The gang chatted and had fun at Sunset for a while before the sun began to retire and the sky was getting dark. Cagalli offered them to stay at her mansion and they didn't refuse. Knowing if they did, the Princess would blow up with fury. But they were going to anyway since it was the closest and they all wanted to hang out. It'll be like a slumber party only that they're older with Murrue, Talia, Andrew and Neo as their chaperones. They are still teens.

the Attha Mansion…

"Wow! This is probably the best party ever!" screamed Dearka.

Miriallia grabbed his ear as he winced in pain. "Shut up! You're going to wake up everyone!"

"Like who? It's a huge estate! There's no neighbors- Oww! Oww!"

"Say what?"

Dearka squeaked, "…nothing."

At the end of the war, Miriallia decided to give Dearka another chance and threatened him not to blow it. She told him about her plan about their breakup that it was a test for him, and he was in complete shock and was depressed for a whole week. Miriallia felt bad and tried to make him smile again and when she pecked him on the lips as an apology, Dearka bursted out laughing and told her that he was testing her. She threw an anger tantrum and Dearka ended up being bruised all over. Also, she just couldn't help loving his personality and his idiotic mind and especially his hair. There's just something about Dearka's new hairdo in the second war that made her attracted to him more. She still loves her late boyfriend Tolle and he'll always have a place in her heart, but it's in the past now. As of now, she couldn't be happier with Dearka.

The gang partied till past midnight when they all decided to retire for the night. Also for Cagalli since she needed a lot of rest and was exhausted for entertaining her guests. Right now, everyone had their own coupled rooms since they suggested it. Kira and Lacus were right beside Athrun and Cagalli's room just in case they ever needed anything. Besides, Kira didn't like the idea of being too far away from his sister. He still didn't forgive Athrun and was glad when Lacus wanted to stay till the baby came to the world before taking her place as Chairwoman of PLANTS.

Cagalli and Athrun's bedroom…

Athrun was tucking Cagalli in carefully as she was really fragile to him. Cagalli only rolled her eyes as she thought that Athrun was just overreacting on everything.

"Athrun… I'm fine. Just come to bed already and relax."

Approving his work, Athrun finally went to bed and Cagalli snuggled up against Athrun as he wrapped her in his embrace. He inhaled her sweet scent and kissed her forehead. "I love you soooo much."

Cagalli smiled against his chest. "I know. I love you too," she whispered as she snuggled in more. Athrun had his other free hand on her tummy as he rubbed it. She smiled at him as she watched him. She couldn't believe that the life form inside her is a product of her and Athrun. She blushed at how it was made and shook her thoughts about it away. She was just soooo happy. First she was scared about being a mother since she never had the experience with one, but Kira and her friends and especially Athrun was there for her and helped her every step of the way.

"I can't believe I'm going to be a father," Athrun whispered.

"You're going to be great. I know you are."

"I know. And I have a soon to be mother to help me with that." Cagalli blushed as Athrun chuckled. "Awww… you're soooo cute when you do that."

"No I'm not. Go away."

Athrun chuckled at her childishness. He kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly but not to tight. "Yes you are and not only that, but you're mine. All mine alone."

Cagalli sighed as she placed a hand on his cheek. "I'm yours and only yours. Forever. No one else can take me away and if they tried, they're dead."

Athrun smiled at her. "I know. I just like to tell you that. I love you soooo much."

"Me too… Now let's get to bed. You have a big day tomorrow."

"I do?... Oh yeah, being a slave for you."

Cagalli chuckled. "Yep! You got that right. And no rewards!"

"But why not? I did soooo many things for you. I endured your torture and lived to tell about it. Can't I have one reward?"


"Rain check?"

"You used it all."

"I did? When? I don't recall I did."

"Yes you did. When we came back, did the speech and ….yeah."

"Oh yeah…. But those don't count! You seduced me to do it!"

"Did I? You're the one who fell for it."

"But it still doesn't count cause you weren't you. Your hormones were all up and crazy."

"Hmmm….true… but still… you took advantage of me and when I'm pregnant!" Cagalli acting all shocked.

"It was only the first three months! We could still do it at that time! The doctor said so!"

Cagalli couldn't stop laughing at Athrun. It was his turn to act all childish. She loved it when he does that. And she just loves to tease him. "Oh… so you're admitting that you did take advantage of me?"

"Wha… what?!"

Cagalli giggled. She held his face and kissed him on the lips. "I'll think about it."

Athrun pouted but accepted it. "Oh…okay… By the way-"

"Nope, you're still going to suffer my revenge and Kira's. You're not off the hook for that one." Athrun didn't say a word after that. Cagalli yawned and playfully slapped Athrun's cheek. "I'm tired. Let's go to sleep." Athrun agreed and kissed her before they both fell into dream world.

3:30 a.m. …

Cagalli awoke in pain and looked over at her clock. It was only three-thirty in the morning which meant she only had about two and a half hours of sleep. The sharp pain came again and she let out a yelp. Athrun, with his super sensitive ears to her voice only, opened his eyes and looked at the time. Then he felt his significant other moving all around and let out cries of pain. It alerted him immediately and he instantly held onto her.

"Cagalli! What's wrong?!"

"Athrun…" she began only to wince at the pain again as she held her stomach and began to breathe heavily.

"Cagalli! Tell me!"

Cagalli held onto Athrun as she gripped his shirt and winced again. "Athrun… I think … it's time." She winced in pain again as she cried.

"What?! Oh my god! I'll go call the Doctor!"


Athrun flew from the bed to the phone and made a quick dial and then he flew to the door and banged at Kira's door. He was met with an angry and annoyed Kira but he had no time to deal with it.

"Cagalli's having the baby!"

Kira's eyes widened in panic as he went to wake Lacus and they all dressed up really fast and helped Cagalli to the car. Kira was driving to the hospital at full speed and it was a miracle and lucky that no one was on the rode and that he managed to dodge everything at every sharp turn he did.

Lacus and Athrun was trying to comfort Cagalli who was still in her gown and still groaning in pain. She was gripping both their hands and was surprised that Lacus had quite a grip.

They finally made it to the hospital where everyone was ready for the Princess and they immediately took her to a room. The Doctor that they trusted from the Archangel went to examine Cagalli.

"She's not completely dilated yet. We're going to have to wait."


"It's fine. The pains are normal when you're going through labor. We're just going to have to wait till you're ready. Call me when you get a sudden and worst pain than the previous ones, okay?" The doctor and the nurses took their leave.

"Cagalli… are you okay?" Athrun asked while trying to soothe her.

"What do you think?!" She winced in pain again as she gripped onto Athrun's hand. "I hate pain!"

Lacus and Kira couldn't help but feel bad for her. And by the look on Athrun's face, Cagalli must be breaking his hand by now.

Just then, a sound of scurrying was heard through the door causing Kira and Athrun to put their guard up. It could be either of these two things: one is the paparazzi and two is the assassins. Getting ready with their hand inside their jackets and gripping their gun while Lacus and Cagalli was being shield by the two. Then the door bursted open.

"HEY HEY!" sounded Dearka's up beat voice. The four in the room sighed in relief and let go of their gun. Dearka and the gang looked at them with one eye brow up. "Wow… did you really have to think that far?"

"Hey man, you never know!"

"That's true… Anyway! So….. How's our little Princess doing? Hmm?" Dearka asked as he was beside her bed now while the rest of the gang closed the door behind them when they were inside. Just as he asked the question, a hand flew out and grabbed him from his pajama collar.

"How do you think I'm doing?! Hmm?!"

"Oww! Oww! Okay… Okay!" Cagalli let go of him as another shot of pain came. Dearka breathed hard while everyone else shook their heads at him. "Man!... My god! Did that hurt! You make Yzak look like a Saint!"

"You want to relive that huh? Elsman?" Yzak threatened while Dearka squeaked a 'no.'

Cagalli whined in pain again as everyone just watched and every man in the room made a mental note to themselves. "Man! Athrun looks like he's dying from Cagalil's grip. Note to self, do not get your girl pregnant."

Even when watching his friend like that, he just can't help but open his big mouth. "Oh come on! It's not that bad. I mean like, you survived gun shot wounds, explosions, the after effects from the experiment and you're telling me that you can't stand this pain?"

Everyone shot Dearka with wide-opened eyes. They couldn't believe what he just said to Cagalli. Especially when she's going through labor and mood swings in the same time. Boy is he a dead man. Cagalli's eyes were darkened and covered with her bangs. Because Dearka was still close enough to the bed, Cagalli managed to grab him again and began choking him with one hand while the other was punching his gut with Dearka waving his arms for mercy while the gang just watched.

"This is what I'm feeling! And for your information jackass, this pain is completely different to the ones I've had. And now I'm demonstrating what kind of pain that is."

"H..e..lll….p!" The gang gave it a few seconds for him to suffer before finally jumping in and trying to pry Cagalli's incredible strength off from Dearka. When they finally did, Dearka was at the corner while Miriallia was checking if he was okay.

"You deserved it you know?" Yzak said lazily as he yawned.

Athrun finally calmed Cagalli down and comforted her head on his chest while she was still holding his hand but not gripping it as hard like before. She was soooo tired and wanted to sleep but she didn't want to miss out any second from her pregnancy and so she forced herself awake.

Finally realizing that the whole gang was in her room, she asked, "By the way, why are all of you guys here?"

"I can explain that!" said Stellar cheerfully while Shinn was half asleep on the chair where Stellar sat on his lap. "We heard Nii-san shouting after hearing a bang on the door and we all wondered what was wrong, because all of us heard a crying pain and people rushing in the hallways. Then we saw you going into the car. Then Miri said that you are having a baby. Then we all wanted to come and support you. I woke everyone up! We were all sooo excited!"

"No kidding… I wanted to sleep," said Yzak only to be elbowed by Shiho.

Cagalli smiled at them. They didn't have to come all this way to support her but they came anyway. Not because Stellar woke them up but because they wanted too. "…thank you."

They barely heard it when she whispered as she was soooo tired and they didn't like seeing her like that. It pained them to see that the feisty hot-headed friend of theirs is suffering a pain that no man could ever suffer except woman.

"We're here for you. Be strong, okay?" said Shiho as Cagalli nodded at her. They met after the war ended and they became fast good friends as they both somewhat think alike and acted the same. The thought of those two joining up could mean chaos to their friends. One Cagalli is enough to handle, but two? No freaking way!

Suddenly Cagalli screamed in pain as the one she just experienced was worst than the rest of the ones she had. She held on to Athrun and whispered, "Go get the Doctor. I think this one is it!" Kira went to find the Doctor and they came into the room and the Doctor checked her again.

"Alright, all of you get out. This is it." The nurses shoved everyone out and slammed the door at them.

Outside the room, everyone sat on the bench waiting while some of them were falling asleep.

"I hope they're okay."

Kira wrapped his hands around Lacus as he reassured her that they were going to be fine. "If only I could be in there and see Athrun's face cringe in agony as his hand is being crushed."

"Don't worry about that. I got a hidden camera centered on them in there," winked Miriallia.

"Good job!" Kira gave a thumbs up as they laughed.

Back inside the room, the Doctor and the nurse got all their stuff ready and they were ready to deliver the baby.

"Okay Cagalli, I want you to push when I tell you, okay? Athrun, I want you to comfort her from behind. Cagalli, when I tell you when, you're going to push back against Athrun and use him as a pillow as you push as hard as you can. Understand?" Cagalli nodded as she held on to Athrun for comfort. By the look on Athrun's face, he was too excited to even notice the pain that he was enduring, but was conscious enough to support her as she pushed against him. "Alright…. Push!" Cagalli pushed really hard as she screamed in pain. "Okay… I can see the head. Push again!" Again she pushed as much as she could.

"I'm soooo tired," Cagalli breathlessly said.

Athrun kissed her forehead. "Come on, you can do this! I'm right here. Be strong!" Cagalli looked at her fiancé's sweet face and she nodded. The Doctor told her that one more should do it and to give everything she got. She nodded in response and she gathered what ever strength she had left and gave everything to this one final push as she screamed.

Then a sound was heard that filled the room. A sound of a baby crying. The sound was soothing and it filled the room and its voice reached through the door to the occupants outside waiting for them.

After the nurses cleaned the baby up, they wrapped it in a blue blanket and handed it to Cagalli.

The baby lessen its cries and fell asleep as it snuggled up against it's mother's chest and listened to her heart beat, memorizing it to identify it as his mother. Cagalli rocked the baby and lightly outlined her baby's face as she kissed it. Athrun hugged Cagalli and kissed her as they both admired the little prince before them.

"He's an angel," Cagalli said exhausted as she rested against Athrun's chest and sighed in relief of all the heavy weight that she had for the past nine months.

"He is. Just like someone I know," Athrun said as the nurses around was cleaning Cagalli and refreshing her up. Athrun didn't move from his spot as he didn't want to leave the warmth that he was currently intoxicated in.

Then the door opened to reveal their friends. The girls rushed to Cagalli's side and wanted to see the baby while the guys stood back from their squealing girlfriends.

Athrun looked up to see Kira in front of him and he got up to shake Kira's hand and then shared a brotherly hug. "It's a boy." All the guys then went to Athrun to congratulate him with a hand shake and a hug.

The baby then stretched out and cooed as it then snuggled back into Cagalli's chest. All the girls awed loudly and so did the guys except it was inside their head.

"It looks just like Athrun," said Lacus as she touched his little nose.

Cagalli smiled, "He does doesn't he?"

The baby had little blue hair just like his father and his face was strikingly the same as Athrun's with his creamy skin. They don't know the eye color yet as the baby didn't open his eyes.

"It looks just like Athrun when he was a baby!" Everyone raised an eyebrow at Lacus. "I saw pictures of him when I use to go to his house. His mother showed me an album of him. He was soooo cute!"

Athrun blushed in embarrassment as the guys playfully awed at him. "Anyways!..." He sat back on the bed with Cagalli. "…how are you doing?"

"I'm okay. Just really tired."

It worried Athrun but Cagalli rolled her eyes at him as he was overreacting. She handed Athrun their son so he could have a chance to cradle it. The baby snuggled up against his father and made another cooed sound causing the girls to go nuts. Athrun placed his index finger in his son's open hand and to his surprise, the little hand enclosed his hand on his finger and gripped on to him lightly in his sleep. Athrun couldn't help but awe at it. It was soooo cute! "Hey there little guy. I'm your daddy and that's your mommy. And that's your Uncle Kira, Aunt Lacus…"

Everyone watched Athrun as he was talking with his son. This was probably the first time they saw Athrun completely smile with joy with no hint of worry, sadness and all the other emotions that he usually showed since the death of his mother and father. The gang was happy for him.

The baby let out a tiny baby cry and the girls in the room squealed again. Then they turned to their boyfriends and out of the blue, "I WANT ONE TOO!"

The guys face was plastered with fear as they heard their girlfriends demand. The Doctor suddenly came in and told them that Cagalli needed her rest now and they have to check the baby. The men in the room sighed with relief as they got out of that situation. They understood and the Doctor waited for their friends to exit as they were heading back to the mansion. Only Lacus and Kira stayed behind.

Athrun kissed his son's forehead and handed it to Cagalli so she could place a kiss on him too. Then they gave it to the Doctor and they all left to do the check up.

Athrun laid on the bed with Cagalli and comforted her on his chest as they were both exhausted for the night. Lacus and Kira were on the couch as they watched their best friends getting cozy.

Kira suddenly asked, "What are you going to name him?"

Cagalli and Athrun exchanged glances and thought for a while. Then they both said in the same time, "…Alex." They looked at each other when they said the name and smiled. They think alike and that is why they were meant for each other.

Kira and Lacus smiled at their choice of name. Kira then whispered to Lacus, "We'll have our own one day." Lacus blushed at his words and then smiled at him as she pecked his cheek.

The night was getting late and so they all went to sleep in the room while everyone else was back in the mansion, probably sleeping as well. This night was a night to remember for every one of them and unknowing to them, Miriallia's hidden video camera was still recording, capturing every moment.

five months later…

After the birth of their son, the media swarmed the couple in only a day and it was an endless headache for everyone. For the next couple of days, the media and the world were pounding on the couple to see their new baby. But with the help of their friends and loyal subjects, they managed to conceal the identity of their baby's face. With questions why. Their response was that they didn't want their child to be involved or exposed in any of the political or celebrity type life until their child is old enough to know what's going on and to decide for himself what kind of life he wants.

Everyone understood but still they wanted to see the baby. Many have even offered a huge amount of cash for just one picture, but still they declined. It had nothing to do with money. Their response to the whole thing was that they will show their baby when they're ready.

The people of the universe were left on suspense on wondering what their child looked like and many have started rumors about it. And that is why the couple didn't want the child to be exposed to any of that kind of life at such a young and innocent start of life. Already the world has started a rumor on a child that is still so innocent.

After three months of torture to the people, the couple had finally decided to let one photographer show the first pictures of their young baby. Even though this photographer already has many photos of the baby when it was born, she still yearns for more. And this person was none other than their most trusted friend Miriallia.

The people wondered where, when and how she got it, but it was her own secret.

The moment the pictures where shown, the universe went wild. Everyone commented how the baby looked like it was a gift from the gods. A perfect beautiful angel that is the child of two angels themselves. It was just to die for. Everyone wanted a picture of the child and the magazine stands were always empty the first few minutes they were out. Their baby was indeed, the symbol of peace and that everyone can coexist with anyone. It is proof that no one is different from one another and that we are all equal.

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Fast forwarding to this day now, two months after the first set of pictures baby Alex Ryuzaki Zala (A/N: Thank you to "chargcagalli for the middle name!), the world all seemed to be focused on this one special day, but is still consumed by the awes and cuteness of the baby.

"I can't believe this is happening."

"Neither could we! Oh my god! We're soooo excited! Here! Let me do your hair!" Lacus grabbed a brush and began to comb Cagalli's hair.

Miriallia, Stellar, Murrue and Shiho were busy helping each other fix their dresses, apply make-up and do their hair. Cagalli's baby was in the room with them but was sound asleep as the girls were rushing and running around with the maids and even Lacus' haros were helping them do their tasks. Well, more like getting in the way and keep repeating, "Cagalli! Athrun! Wedding!"

Suddenly, a knock on the door came and a green mechanical bird flew in.

"Knock! Knock!"

"Kira!" Lacus ran to him and gave him a hug. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see how you guys were doing and of course I came to see you." Lacus blushed. Kira chuckled at her. "You look gorgeous."

Lacus spun around to show Kira which this time made him blush. "Really?"

Lacus was the maid of honor and she was dressed in her favorite color. Powder Pink. It was simply stylish and a little poofy as it descends from her waist down with layers. It had a reflective cherry blossom flower imprint pattern merging with the color with a row of pink rose shaped flowers across the chest lining of the dress. It was strapless and complete with the outfit, was powder pink gloves that went to her elbows. Her hair was up and had a flower on one side with a touch of baby sprouts and wore a simple necklace with a ring looped in it.

"Yes. And speaking of gorgeous…" Kira and Lacus walked to where Cagalli was sitting in front of her dresser mirror, "... You look beautiful, little sis."

Kira addressing Cagalli as 'little sister' didn't really bother her anymore. Apparently, the documents that the late Uzumi gave them had everything about their birth. It determined that Kira was born first and Cagalli two minutes later. Cagalli learned to accept the information and deep down, knew that Kira was more the oldest. She may have been stronger in the first war and Kira was weak. But the second war proved that Kira was stronger even when he was going through his mid-life crisis. But of course Cagalli is stronger in some things that Kira isn't. Especially when it comes to the topic of Lacus Clyne.

Cagalli smiled at her brother. "Thank you… Aren't you supposed to be with Athrun?"

Kira scratched his head as he gave an awkward smile. "Eh.. hehehe… yeah… I'm supposed to, but…"


"Well… he was really annoying me by walking back and forth and mumbling things to himself. He sat down then got up then sat down again. Then he went to the mirror, fixed his suit which by the way is detailed and Prince like if ya know what I mean. Then he fixed his hair then messed it up again then fixed again to what it was before. After all that resulting to an angry and annoyed Yzak with Dearka trying to rip Yzak off Athrun while he's choking him by the neck."

"And you're here to avoid being involved in all that?"

Kira nodded his head like a proud child. "Yup!"

"Some best friend you are." Suddenly Alex began to cry and Cagalli immediately got up to tend to it. She cradled it in her arms and rocked it. "Awww… what's wrong my little guy? Did you have a bad dream? It's okay. Mommy's here."

Kira awed at his sister. He went to her and his crying nephew. "Here. I'll try to calm it down while you get ready." Cagalli handed it to Kira and he patted his back lightly and the baby stopped his crying.

"I guess you're good with children. You'll be a great father one day," said Lacus as Kira blushed.

Suddenly Mana came rushing in all out of breath. "You better get back into the other room. They're killing each other!"

Kira caved his lips in into a smirking line as his cheeks rose from trying to hold in his laughter as his eyes lit up. Cagalli gave Kira 'the eyes' which signaled him to get moving or else.

Kira gave the baby to Lacus and walked to the door with the maid. "Alright… alright… I'll go see what I can do. I'll use my 'glares.'"

"Not what you can do. It's what you will do."

"Uh huh… see you at the alter!"

Mana and Kira left leaving the rest back to their rushing duties. Cagalli went back to her chair and looked at herself in the mirror. It was someone she didn't recognize, well… at least someone she didn't really acknowledged. She didn't need a lot of make-up either. Her skin is completely flawless and she had a little touch of light colored lip gloss on.

"Too girly for you?" Miriallia teased.

"You could say that."

"Hehehe… Well, I think it's time that you take notice and advantage of your beauty. Drop the tomboy thing. Just to let you know, you can wipe the men off the face of this planet just by looking at them."

Cagalli threw a flower at her. "Oh! You're just exaggerating!"

The girls in the room chuckled. Lacus came over with the baby. "Well, it is true you know."

"No…. it's not. I'll tell you who'll wipe out human kind. It's that man that I'm about to marry. He's a threat to all of them."

Everyone in the room laughed. "That is soooo true! He does harbor the gorgeous look of man and a woman and to think that you're marrying him! You're soooo lucky!"

Cagalli smiled at that. "Yeah…. I am very lucky." Cagalli was filled with happiness as she thought about her and Athrun. The girls and maids in the room all smiled at her and awed at her beauty.

Lacus put Alex in his sleeping crib and then clapped her hands together to grab their attention. "Alright everyone! It's time! Get to your places and remember, this is Cagalli and Athrun's day! Make sure to make it as splendid as possible!"


Lacus went up to Cagalli and helped her up while fixing her dress. She gave some last minute touches to her hair and face and put a simple yet elegant veil on both sides of her tied hair.

"Alright! You're all set! Now how about we throw the men to their knees huh?" Cagalli smiled at Lacus as she nodded.

the wedding begins…

"Hey Athrun… ya scared?" snickered Dearka.

"What do you think?! The whole universe is watching!"

"Oh hush up and be a man! Besides, it's for the sake of peace and we're signing the treaty today too. Also, we can't let the girls beat us in this beauty contest!"

"We're holding a contest? Since when?" asked Shinn who was also one of the groomsmen including Neo who was, for some reason, having some coffee shot standoff with Andrew on the bench. Andrew was supposed to be a groomsman as well, but his coffee invention was more important.

"You might not notice and no one had mentioned it, but there's a contest going on. We gotta look our best and not only that, we gotta show the woman who's clan is better. It's the battle of the sexes!"

Kira raised an eyebrow at him as he stood beside Athrun. "Sorry to break it to you Dearka, but I think the girls are gonna win at this contest."

"Yeah? How do you know?"

"Trust me. They won from a loooong shot. And I'm talking about gorgeous."

"That hot ehh? Damn! I can't wait!... Hey Athrun, you know you can use your specialty to make everyone faint so they won't have to be awake and you won't have to feel all nervous with their eyes looking at you."

"My specialty?"

"You're telling me you don't know?!" Dearka acting shocked. "Buddy, you're a threat to all humans!"

"What's that suppose to mean?!"

"You know… You look both like a girl and a boy. You can wipe them off with that! Come to think of it, why didn't we use that to stop the war? That would've been sooo much easier."

Yzak's right eye twitched as he tried really hard not to blow up. Especially on his friends wedding day. "Elsman, how about you shut the hell up and maybe we could get this over with."

"Awww…. You're just excited to see how Shiho looks in a dress. You dog, you!"

Yzak was just about to strangle him but Reverend Malchio told them to hush up as the wedding was about to begin. When it started, all the men had their jaws dropped to the ground.

Athrun and Cagalli's wedding was being viewed live from all over the world and up at PLANTS. Everyone was invited! This was the wedding of the century and no one wanted to miss out on it. Just then, the music began to play and everyone's eyes were focusing on their sighted target. The cameras and videos were getting ready and the show was about to begin!

Outside of the giant doors of the biggest church in ORB, Cagalli stood waiting nervously as she was loosening herself up and taking deep breaths. She just saw Lacus take off, following Stellar, Miriallia, Shiho and Murrue.

"I'm finally getting married… I'm sooo nervous. Not only is it live, but the crowd is bigger than what I had with that purple moron. Not only that, but everyone went even more wild as the day came. Oh my god! What if I trip? What if I made a mistake? I'll ruin the whole wedding!"

Cagalli was beginning to panic, but she felt a hand on her shoulder. It was Kisaka.

"Don't worry. Everything's alright," he smiled sincerely at her. Cagalli looked at her bodyguard and felt completely at ease when she saw his smiling face. "You know, I can't believe you're finally getting married. I've watched you grown up and even thought of you as my own daughter. It feels sooo hard to let you go now. That little fire feisty girl that I know is finally grown into a beautiful woman."

Cagalli smiled at Kisaka. She placed a hand on his and hugged him. "Thank you. You were the greatest and best bodyguard I've ever had. And my best friend I relied on when I needed someone. Thank you for everything, Kisaka."

"No problem, Princess," said Kisaka just for kicks knowing that she hated being called that. She made a face at him only to have him chuckle at her. "Oh! You hear that? The music's starting. May I?" Kisaka extended his arm for Cagalli to hold.

Kisaka was going to walk Cagalli down the aisle in replacement for the late Uzumi. Kira was supposed to do it, but he wanted Kisaka to do it since he had been there and watched Cagalli grow ever since.

Cagalli linked her arm with his and smiled brightly. "Let's do it!"

The doors flew open.

Everyone in the church stood up and watched as the Princess walked down the aisle with Kisaka in arms. They awed at her beauty and the cameras went wild and so did the people, but they kept quiet as it was a church.

The flower girls from the Orphanage sprinkled flowers in front of Cagalli as she made her way up the aisle. All the guys were drooling and ogling at her which Cagalli tried hard not to laugh while in the same time, hiding her blush as she felt all eyes were on her.

Dearka made a faint whistle at Athrun. "You damn lucky bastard." Athrun didn't respond as his eyes were glued wide open at the woman walking towards him with his mouth opened. He couldn't believe how even more beautiful she was. Since she got pregnant, she had been very girly and her tomboy phase was completely gone, except for the attitude. Everything she did was girly and Athrun didn't think there was anything more to make Cagalli even girlier. But the sight before him proved him wrong. Sure he'd seen her in countless types of dresses already, but this one is different. She didn't even look like she was pregnant at all either. After she gave birth, her daily routine and regular simple exercises made her body back to what it used to be as if she was never pregnant.

The woman before him was just gorgeous. No, beyond gorgeous. Beyond anything in the world that was gorgeous. She was an angel. The true Goddess of Beauty.

Cagalli could see Athrun ogling at her and she blushed. "I'm not that pretty am I?"

She wore a long simple yet beautiful pastel green dress that defined her curves. The strapless dress has an open 'V' like rim fanned across her chest with a slit in the middle and a darker shade of green behind the slit across. The back of the dress was elongated than from the front and made a not too large or too long of a train that flowed behind her. She wore white gloves with a feathery type style at the opening of the gloves. Completing her outfit were green pointy toe heels.

Her hair was held back the usual way from her face with light yellow peonies and the two ends that hang from both side of her face were tied with a green ribbon and a simple veil with some stringed white clear beads that look like rain drops on glass complete with a gold necklace with a ruby jewel in the middle. She had the same type of flowers tied on to both her arms with a veil also with some clear beads stringed on. Her bouquet was the same type of light yellow peonies like the one used on her hair and with a tinged of baby sprouts all tied together with blue ribbons.

(A/N: It's the dress from the wedding picture where Athrun carries Cagalli with Lacus, Kira, Miriallia and Dearka in the background.)

White is usually the preferred color for every wedding as a sign of purity. But for this wedding, they dressed in the way they wanted. Besides, who says you have to be in white? Traditions are meant to change and are only suggestions and not a guide line to follow. In any case, these two weren't pure anymore anyway. If ya know what I'm saying.

Cagalli tried not to blush too hard as she looked at Athrun in his eyes. They were locked on each other and didn't once blink or look away. Kira wasn't lying after all when he said that Athrun's suit was very detailed and much, but it looked sooo hot and good on him.

His whole outfit was that of Victorian knight in royal blue. He had a gold trim from his front lining coat that reached his knees with a cloudy blue scarf wrapped around his neck and tucked in his shirt but puffs out. He wore a dark blue vest inside. His pants were royal blue with a gold stripe going down on both sides of the leg and complete with black dress shoes.

(A/N: It's the suit from the wedding picture where Athrun carries Cagalli with Lacus, Kira, Miriallia and Dearka in the background. Athrun's suit… imagine it like the uniform in Code Geass. That kind of style. You know what I mean. )

Cagalli finally made it to the alter. Kisaka gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead before handing her to Athrun who was elbowed and pushed by Kira since he was frozen on his spot. Athrun offered his arm to her and she took it. They walked the remaining way to Reverend Malchio and thus the ceremony began.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today in the sight of God, and in the presence of these witnesses, to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony. We gather to acknowledge and to bless a marriage that has arisen. We come together to celebrate a discovery and to record in the minds and hearts of all present the ripe event of a love that has bloomed. Not only will these two be married, but this day is also the day where the PLANTS, ORB, and the EARTH ALLLIANCE will sign a peace treaty. This day was chosen for that because we have two powerful individuals who are not only a symbol of peace, but they have created with the love for each other a product of peace. "

Reverend Malchio went about his speech as the audience watched on. During it, Cagalli looked around and thought she saw something. She blinked again and it was as she thought it was. There in the crowd was a faint spiritual mirage of her and her friends' parents and all the friends she lost in the war. They smiled at her and waved. Cagalli's eyes were going to water but she held it in. She smiled back at them and nodded. It seemed like forever but finally it was almost the time for it.

"Now, you two please recite your vows. Athrun, you go first."

Athrun nodded is head. He held on to Cagalli's hands with so much love and looked deep into her eyes. "Cagalli, my angel, I know you already know how I feel about you, but I just can't help but say it again. You and I were meant to meet on that island. You showed me a lot of things that I never thought I could see. You helped me through everything and even when you were in your own up and downs, you still held up a strong image and still smiled and did what you could to make me feel better. I fell in love with you the moment I set eyes on you. I knew it was meant to be for you and me to be together. Not only that but you and I have created the most beautiful thing in the world, our son. I will be the best father in the world to our child and our future children. I will never treat our children strictly just because I'm in the military. I would give the world and all the love I have to him and to you. I will be proud on whatever choices they make, within reason of course. Cagalli, the love I have for you continues to grow and it will keep growing and nothing not even death could stop my love for you. Just seeing you, even once a day, is enough for me to smile all day. Cagalli, I love you soooo much and I will do anything for you and do anything to be by your side forever. I'll protect you and our family no matter what. I love you."

The world awed at his vows and he blushed deep red making Cagalli smirk.

"Cagalli, it is your turn now."

She nodded her head and looked deep into Athrun's eyes. "Athrun, I too fell in love with you the moment we met. And yes, it is true that I am more 'man of the house' than you are." The crowd laughed. "But I would have to say that you are more 'man' in stuff that I probably can't do. We've created the most beautiful child in the world that is full of our love. And I will do exactly what you will do for our child and future children. I'll give the world to them. I thought about it millions of times if you and I were just war comrades, but it wasn't that. We were fated to meet and be soul mates for each other. You've been my pillow for countless times when I needed someone. Of course Kira was there for that too, but I wanted you more to comfort me in times when I needed it. You're my life and I wouldn't be able to live without you. You always reassured me everything would be alright and even though there are times that it won't be, you still tried to help and comfort me in any way you could. The sight of you is enough to make me smile for the whole day and makes me more anxious to be with you and breathe the same air as you do. I know there is no one in this world that I could ever be with except you. It's you and only you. Athrun, I love soooo much and I will continue to love you even after death. I'll protect you and our family too, no matter what. I love you."

The crowd awed at Cagalli and her cheeks only slightly went pink. Reverend Malchio nodded at both of them with a smile and was about to finish up when a cry of a baby cooing was heard. Everyone looked to the left and saw that Lacus was rocking a carriage where baby Alex was awake this whole time. He locked his eyes with his parents and started waving his little arms, smiling and laughing.

The crowd went wild the moment the baby made a noise. It was soooo cute! They all awed at baby Alex and Athrun and Cagalli smiled lovingly at him as they waved back.

Kira went over to Lacus and held Alex up and waved his little hand at his parents. "Look Alex! It's mommy and daddy! Say 'hi!'" Alex laughed and cameras started flashing like crazy. "Okay Alex, we have to be quiet for a little more. Mommy and Daddy are getting married. Can you do that for Uncle Kira and Aunt Lacus? Yeah? Alright!" Kira gave them the thumbs up.

Reverend Malchio began his speech again. "As I was saying, Athrun the ring." Athrun signaled one of the boys from the Orphanage to come up with the ring and he presented him a white gold band with their names inscribed inside and their wedding date. "Okay Athrun, slip it into Cagalli's finger." Athrun placed the ring in her fourth finger on her left hand on top of the ring that he gave her previously. "Now Cagalli, it's your turn." Cagalli signaled one of the girls from the Orphanage and she presented her a matching white gold band. "Okay, you do the same to Athrun." She placed it on his fourth finger on the left hand. They then both held each other's hand. "If there are anyone out there that believes that these two cannot be together, in which I extremely doubt and I don't think anyone would dare to stir, speak now or forever hold your peace. No one? Alright! I now pronounce you husband and wife." He looked at Athrun. "You may now kiss the bride."

"Finally!" He gathered Cagalli into his arms and kissed her deeply and passionately as the cameras went wild and so did the world. People up at PLANTS were jumping for joy, shook hands and hugged each other. Some had tears of happiness in their eyes. This was what everyone was waiting for. The symbol of peace has finally been sealed.

They finally unlocked their lips for air and looked into each other's eyes as their foreheads touched. They then looked at the cheering crowd and began to walk down the aisle, but stopped as Athrun lifted Cagalli bridal style and carried her the rest of the way to their awaiting limousine. The groomsmen and bridesmaid were following after that with baby Alex being carried and taken cared of by Andrew and Talia.

In the distance, the ghostly images of whom Cagalli saw watched as they went into the limo and they all smiled at them. They watched until the limo was out of sight and then they disappeared in mid air.

the dinner party…

"Oh man! That was such an awesome wedding! Don't cha think?"

"Dearka, for once can you shut that loud mouth of yours."

"Yeesh! Someone got off the wrong side of the bed. I mean like I didn't snore that loud."


"Hehe! Just kidding…Anyways, guess what I-"

"You wrote a book chronicling Athrun and Cagalli's life from when they met to this day on. Am I right? Oh, and Miriallia doesn't know about it and don't tell her, right?"

Dearka threw a hand to his chest acting all shocked. "How did you know?!"

"I know everything that goes on in that head of yours. You're an open book."

"Ha! And you're not? Look! Shiho is getting fancy with some guy over there!"

"What?!" Yzak looked to where Dearka was pointing at but no Shiho. "Elsman! You liar!"

"Hehe! Psyche!" Dearka took off as Yzak chased after him like little boys playing cops and robbers.


"Hmm? Stellar, aren't you suppose to help Cagalli get changed?"

Stellar shook her head. "Lacus is helping her. She said to go entertain the guests and have them seated in ten minutes."

"Oh okay! You want me to help?"

"Really?! Yeah!!"

The music was beginning to cease and everyone was seated at their place. Lacus and Kira just came in with Lacus in a different attire and took their seats as well as everyone else. The groomsmen and bridesmaid sat with the wedded couple while their close friends like Andrew, Talia, her son, Luna, Rey, Meyrin, and everyone else sat in front of them on the bottom level of the rowed tables.


The doors flew open and in walked the two hand in hand in different clothes.

Athrun changed into a more comfortable color of his. He wore an untucked white collared shirt with frills in the middle that goes down to his mid thigh with a purple wrap tie around his neck making his collar stick up. His pants were velvet red and his jacket, the same color as his pants, was long just above his knees.

Cagalli was a totally different story.

Her hair was held back the usual way from her face with a different kind of light orange flowers (looks like a type of poppy) with a green branched leaves on one side and the two ends that hang from both side of her face were tied with a green vine and complete with a green vine necklace. Her bouquet was the same type of light orange flowers like the one used on her hair with green fern like leaves tied with pink ribbons and a vine of pink pedal leaves with a veil tide with it. Her dress was the same but the length was cut just above her knees and her pointy shoe heels were replaced with a white feathery type style at the insertion of the boot from her shins. She had no gloves on this time and wore gold bracelets and completing the whole outfit is her dazzling white gold band and jeweled ring.

(A/N: Athrun kneeling on the ground as he reaches out to caress Cagalli's face. And Cagalli's is from the pic where Kira, Lacus, Athrun, Cagalli and Fllay were wearing fancy clothes.)

They took their seats and so did everyone.

The dinner went well and everyone was having a great time! Many of them were acting like little children chasing each other around. There was almost a food fight when Dearka flicked a piece of his food at Yzak. Shiho managed to hold Yzak down while Miriallia gave the most deathly glares at Dearka and threatened him with their relationship. She also found out about his little side project and threatened him even more. Even though a book chronicling her friend's life does sound good, she didn't want to do anything that would harm their friendship. Cagalli probably wouldn't mind anyways, but still. Instead, Dearka only will make copies for their closest friends. And it will stay that way, no matter how much the public wants to know about their life.

Stellar wanted to dance since she loved dancing a lot and Shinn gladly took her to the dance floor. Everyone else joined them and they danced the night way. Shinn got a gift for Stellar when they went to take a break. He gave her a pet fish and it was swimming around elegantly in its little tube tank. Stellar loved it a lot. Shinn heard from Neo that she loved fish.

Lacus and Kira were in their own little world out on the balcony and Kira proposed to Lacus. She was soooo happy that she even cried. They danced under the stars and it would be, in a few months, for their turn to walk the aisle.

Kira understood that the thing he had with Fllay was all just a soldier in distress thing that all soldiers do before they die. He realized that he did at some tiny point love her and still cares for her, but she is now in the past and the future and present is what's important now. His future is with the love of his life and that is no other than the Chairwoman of PLANTS.

The rest of the gang was partying the night away and some even tried a little alcohol even though they were under aged. They were met with an angry Andrew. As punishment, they had to be guinea pigs for his newly made coffee. It turned out that it was some what kind of an easer for alcohol and is highly addictive. Andrew spent the night running away from them. Neo, Murrue and Talia were trying to help him fend off the caffeine high teenagers.

In a distant more quiet area, Athrun and Cagalli were tending to their son. Cagalli had just finished feeding him and Athrun was patting his son's back waiting for him to burp. And when he did, Alex wrapped his little hands around his father and fell asleep snuggly in his arms, against his chest as Athrun rocked it to sleep. When he completely succumbed to dream land, Athrun slowly and carefully placed him back in his baby crib. They were born to be great parents. They read some books on parenting, but somehow, they were just great at their job. Maybe it's a natural instincts for your own flesh and blood. Mana soon came in and told them to enjoy the rest of the night as she would be watching over Alex.

Before returning to their party, Athrun stopped Cagalli by hugging her from behind.

"Let's stay for a while."

Cagalli gave a suspicious look at Athrun but then smirked at him. "Athrun, we have guests waiting for us. Behave yourself."

"Just one kiss?"

Cagalli smiled at him and went up against his chest and placed a simple kiss on his lips. She was just about to turn away but Athrun held her head in place and deepened the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and added more fire into their kiss. Just when it was going to get more heated, Cagalli managed to break away from the kiss and playfully slapped Athrun's chest.

"You got some nerve don't you?"

"Not my fault that your soooo delicious."

"Hmmm… true." Cagalli chuckled. "Let's get back to the party and I promise that I'll make our honeymoon the best days of your life."

Athrun's eyes sparkled with excitement. "Really?!"

Cagalli laughed at his reaction. "Yes. Really. Now let's go!"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

"More than ORB?"

Cagalli turned around and they were faced to face with each other. Athrun had a serious look on his face and so did Cagalli. Cagalli went closer to his face and planted a deep and passionate kiss on his lips. Athrun, at first, was surprised but returned the kiss with an equal amount of passion.

Cagalli finally unlocked her lips from his and leaned her forehead on his. "Don't tell anyone," she whispered as she then nodded her head.

Athrun's eyes widen with happiness as Cagalli smirked at him as she made her way down the hall. He quickly caught up to her and wrapped his arms around her as she did the same and he planted another kiss upon her lips.

Cagalli could tell that it was a kiss of happiness and she smiled against his lips.

When they parted, Athrun whispered, "It'll be both our secret."

Cagalli giggled as Athrun began planting butterfly kisses on her neck. "Of course… Athrun! Can't you wait till later?"

"What? Afraid I might leave a mark." Cagalli made a face. "Okay… okay... Not that I won't though." He grinned at her and Cagalli rolled her eyes at him.

They made their way down the hall and to the stairs. Athrun had his arm wrapped around her waist. He kissed the side of her head and whispered in her ears. "So… when are we gonna have another baby?"

Cagalli gave him a face and raised her eyebrow at him. "Not for a while. But we can still have fun. We're still young y'know."

Athrun chuckled, "Of course. I'll enjoy every second of our lives together."

Cagalli giggled. "You better."

They returned to their party and chatted with their friends, danced to their first dance as husband and wife which they were soon joined by their friends, then they kissed and kissed and kissed some more. There were many games all set up by Lacus and Miriallia. A dance competition that resulted in Stellar and Shinn winning. There was even a drinking competition. Of course some of the guys didn't drink too much as some were still underage, but it was their party and they could do what they want. Most of the time, was Dearka screaming, "Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!" between every guy going one on one with each other. Mostly between Kira and Athrun, but they just kept going and it amazed everyone that they were able to hold their liquor. Both not willing to lose against each other. There was a girls versus boys competition and whoever the winner is gets to have the losing team be their slave for three months. And of course the girls won. The men's ego was hit hard but at least it was done by their girls and they didn't mind being a slave for them since they are one anyways. You can never say 'no' to your special one.

Cagalli had another change of clothes while Athrun wore the same velvet outfit.

She wore a completely different kind of dress and the style was almost matching Athrun's. She wore a mint green long dress that fans out as it flows from her hips to the ground. There's a cut space at the front of her dress with a white fanned inside fabric. Above the start of her cut, is a layer piece of the mint fabric with creamy white frills that lines the end, spreading from the front to around the back. On her chest is a creamy white two-layer scrunch frill with a ruby crest jewel in the middle. She had on white gloves, gold bracelets and a gold V-line necklace. The sides of her hair were tied with a green ribbon and a 5-petal orange in the outside and yellow in the inside with an orange middle point flower. Looks like a sakura but orange in color. Probably a Clivia miniata five-petal orange lily. Her pointy-toe shoes were mint green.

(A/N: Go to my info page for the links of the dress pictures. This one is from my SEED CLUB book.)

The night was getting late and most of the guests had already left. The only ones that were still there, aside from the maids, were the crew of the Minerva and the Archangel. They all offered to help clean up. They told Athrun and Cagalli to go retire but they refused. They all helped each other clean up and in the same time had a little more fun throwing things at each other. More like Dearka who started it.

When things were finally cleaned up, everyone went to retire to their designated rooms. Before they did, they shook hands and hugged the newly wedded couple and congratulated them once again. It was a long and happy day and they were all drained. It was the best day of their lives. An unforgettable day in history.

Lacus and Kira were the last to retire to their rooms. They weren't far from the couple's room as they were right beside each other. Again they reminded them that if they needed anything to call on them whenever.

In two months, Lacus would be returning back to the PLANTS to take her place as Chairwoman. It was originally for Athrun, but he wanted to stay with Cagalli and gave it to Lacus instead. Kira would be staying at PLANTS as well to be with Lacus and support her in everything just like Athrun to Cagalli. You could say they both switched places.

Dearka and Yzak would be by their side obviously and is also in charge of the military. Kira and Athrun were in charge of the military too and in the same time, has the duty to protect and run the nation along side with Cagalli and Lacus. Two leaders running per country is better than one. With these two leaders and their second in command companion, peace is absolute between those two nations.

In a recent case, there is still a dispute between the councilors and the two Representatives in ORB. Apparently, Athrun wants to change the uniform into something different and less, in his opinion… embarrassing? Something that the outfit doesn't fit his looks. Some of the councilors agreed and some didn't. Cagalli didn't know what to think. The uniform is what her father had and she wanted to honor him, but in the same time, she remembered that her father would want her to do what she wanted to do. Athrun in the other hand, refused to wear that uniform. So they decided that he can wear whatever uniform he wants, since he's also the Representative, as long as it's appropriate. Obviously Athrun took that deal and immediately had a designer design one for him. When he presented it, the councilors and even Cagalli thought that it was a real nice style. But… the dispute still goes on. Athrun didn't care what they thought and wore it knowing that eventually, the councilors would do the same. Cagalli found it really sexy and hot on him which of course made Athrun smiling proud and happy.

During their stay at ORB, Lacus found a will addressed to Athrun from his father when she went through the former Chairman Zala's files in the computer while she was preparing to take her position. Athrun had inherited all the things his father left behind for him. The Zala mansion, a huge amount of cash, cars, family albums, his personal stuff and everything else. He even gave him the Chairman of PLANTS job. Athrun didn't really want to take any of it, but Cagalli reminded him that his father cares for him and would want Athrun to have it. Athrun understood and took his inheritance. He barely uses it though and would only visit the house when they went up there or if Cagalli just wanted to be there. Usually Cagalli would always suggest going there because she wanted to see and feel the history Athrun's family had. She thought everything was just beautiful and because of that, Cagalli made sure that they live in that mansion every time they go up to PLANTS and to rebuild the warmth it once had. The job for running the PLANTS he gave to Lacus of course.

Miriallia decided that she would work at both PLANTS and ORB as a CIC officer and do her alter ego side job as a photographer. She would sometimes, with Shiho, play pranks on Dearka and Yzak. Those two are their source of entertainment.

Stellar would be going back and forth as well to be with Shinn and visit Cagalli. She got over her phobia of the "D" word and now accompanies Shinn in his work. She is an excellent soldier and a really good dancer. Shinn and Neo happened to preserve the site that Sting had made for her and it is now protected from anything.

Lunamaria and Meyrin helps Stellar in her work and when they have time, they have themselves a little girly dance slumber party. They became really fast friends. Luna and Meyrin felt like big sisters for Stellar, but knew that Stellar is sooo much stronger than they are. Rey stays by Luna's side and assists with Shinn on their work.

Neo, Murrue, Andrew and Talia will be working with the military as they usually do. They had little side projects of their own. Andrew, of course has been experimenting his invention of different coffees. The other three would be his victims in a taste test. Some of Andrew's coffees were a huge hit to the people. The four adults always hung about and they were always cheering away. They acted as the teenagers parents as they saw them as their own children.

Athrun and Cagalli's Bedroom…

Athrun was watching his son sleep in the crib in their room while he waited for Cagalli to change and get all cleaned up. He was already done with his shower and was already in his jammies. Well, in his boxers.

He watched his son's sleeping baby face as his little chest moved up and down. He wiggled his little nose when Athrun touched it and then yawned as his eyes opened to reveal those matching bold emerald eyes just like his father's. He was a mirror image of Athrun.

Alex stared at his father for a second and a grin was plastered on his face as he began to reach out to him. Athrun smiled at his son and couldn't believe how cheery he is all the time. He picked him up and Alex was playing with Athrun's Haumea necklace. He then heard the door behind him close and turned around to see Cagalli in her night gown as she walked towards where he was. Following behind her and rolling around on the floor was an amber haro.

Athrun had made the haro for her as part of a gift. But for real, it was actually a security haro that would indicate her whereabouts and was actually equipped with some kind of defense mechanisms if there were any chances that Cagalli would be attacked when Athrun's not there. Even though everyone knows that Athrun will be there with her for twenty-four seven anyways. All of this inside the one ball of this haro. Of course Cagalli didn't like it, but in the end, she grew to love the company of the haro. Now she knew why Lacus loves haros so much.

"Did Alex wake up with a bad dream?"

"Oh no, I woke him up."

"Athrun! It's past his bed time and you woke him up?!"

"Don't worry. He's a good boy. Oh! I think he wants mommy." Athrun handed him to Cagalli and she cradled him in her arms. She rubbed his back and placed a kiss on his little nose as Alex listened to his mother's relaxing heart beat and his eyelids were slowly beginning to fall. "See? He's falling asleep already."

Cagalli smiled lovingly at Alex as she placed a kiss on his forehead. Alex snuggled deep into his mother's chest and soon fell back to sleep.

"He's such a cutie. He could wipe out mankind without even knowing it."

Athrun raised an eyebrow. "How does that work?"

"Oh you know! He's got the looks of a girl and boy. Just like his father."

"Hmmm… funny. Dearka said the same thing."

Cagalli chuckled. "So did us girls when we were changing." Athrun made a face and Cagalli laughed more at him. "Awww…. Don't worry. You should be glad. Anyway, today was a long day." Cagalli went to place the sleeping Alex back into his crib and placed a blanket on him as she kissed his forehead. "I love you, my adorable Alex."

Athrun hugged Cagalli from behind and they sat on the bed as she was sitting on him with her head against his chest.

"Today was the best day of my life."

"Me too. By the way, you were soooo beautiful today. I swear you're gonna be the death of me."

Cagalli playfully slapped him on the chest. "Of course! I'm the only one who could do that. With the exception of Kira and Lacus. And may I add that you looked dashing today." Athrun smiled and placed his head beside her, cheek to cheek, as he inhaled her sweet smell. "Ne… did you hear about Lacus and Kira?"

"Yeah I did. I'm sooo happy for them and finally for Kira."

"Yeah, I can't wait for their turn! Oh! I'm getting sooo excited now!"

"Hehe… sigh…. I can't believe we made it this far. I still can't believe I married the love of my life."

Cagalli looked into his emerald eyes. "I can't believe it myself. We went through sooo much and in the end, we're as happier as ever. We even have little Alex that we created."

"Yeah, I guess it was a test for us. A test of how much love and trust we have for each other. I think we passed in flying colors."

"I think so too… -yawn- … I'm exhausted. Today was crazy. Everyone had a great time."

"Indeed it was. I think Dearka was the one who made it crazily fun. What would we do without him?"

"Hehe… indeed. We even have it all on camera and video. We're gonna have a big scrap book."

"No kidding. By the way, I have to go get or more like make a scrap book. And I gotta amp up the security"

"For what? And security? What? Afraid that someone might take something that you already own?"

Athrun made a face at her as she laughed at him. "No… of course I'm not gonna let anyone get near or take you or my son. I'm gonna be there anyways. But to be cautious, I'm gonna amp the security. And for the scrapbook, it's for you. I want to put all the pictures we took in everything. Oh yeah, Miriallia gave me these the other day. It's a part of our wedding present."

Athrun handed a folder to Cagalli and she opened to see that there were pictures of her in the Archangel, group pictures, different dresses she wore, when she was pregnant in all stages, during labor, doing housework and everything girly."

"Oh! I'm gonna kill her."

"This one is my favorite." Athrun took out the one that was under the other photos. It was a picture of Cagalli in a red ZAFT uniform. Not just any uniform, but Athrun's uniform. "You look really good in my clothes. That's when you were suddenly all girly. Oh! And I like this one too." It was a picture of Cagalli in another ZAFT uniform but Lunamaria style. "And these ones." Pictures of Cagalli in different dresses and wearing his clothes. There was one where she wore a really poofy green dress complete with a crown with Lacus dressed in her poofy pink dress as well. They looked like Princesses while Kira and Athrun wore black tuxedoes during their engagement party at the beach with the sunset backdrop. And the second dress up during the party where Cagalli changed into a turquoise green strapless dress with a slit high up with a fan of willows on her chest, while Lacus had on a purple dress with a pinky purple veil wrapped around plus a open chest cut corset matching the color of the dress with a white ribbon tied around her waist.

"You are such a dork. And I wasn't in my girly phase. Stellar wanted to play dress up."

"Uh huh… sure. Admit it! You wanted to wear my clothes to see what you looked like. I saw you posing at the mirror in my uniform."

"Shut up! I'm going to bed."

"Awwww…. Don't be like this. It's our wedding night!"


Athrun loved her child side. He crawled into the coverings and hugged her from behind. She didn't resist and then he turned her around and placed her on his chest as he hugged her.

"Admit it. You love acting all girly."

"It was my mood swings."

"Okay… okay… But anyways, you look really good doing all these girly stuff with a touch of your attitude. Another reason why I fell in love with you."

"…sigh… fine. To be honest, I never thought that acting all girly and stuff actually feels good. I like it. And if you breathe a word about this to anyone, you're dead."

Athrun chuckled. "Yeah… yeah…It'll be our secret."



"I love you."

Athrun kissed her on her forehead and looked into her amber eyes. "I love you too." He then kissed her on her lips passionately as her hands caressed his face. He brought her closer to him and deepened the kiss.

Cagalli broke the kiss and kissed him again as she then snuggled into Athrun. "Let's get to sleep. We have a long road ahead of us."

"Yeah… by the way, did you see them?"

"Yes. We were all talking about it. Lacus said that she thought she saw her mom and dad. Milly felt as if someone was right beside her. Everyone said that they had this overwhelming feeling of warmth inside."

"They came."

"Your father was smiling at you."

"I know. I saw him."

"We're going to be alright."

"With the help of each other."

"They'll watch over us too."

Athrun smiled at her and then cradled her into his arms "I love you my beautiful wife and mother to my baby."

"And I love you my handsome husband and father to my son," she replied as she placed a kiss on his lips and then snuggled back into his embrace and soon they both fell into a peaceful sleep.

Not too far from their bed was their son sleeping in his little crib with a smile plastered on his face as he was having the best dream of his life and having the best parents in the world. Beside him, next to his pillow was the amber haro.

In their dreams, they were connected with the dreams of their friends. They were all soon met with their lost loved ones and most couldn't believe what they were seeing. Knowing that they were inside their dreams, they were overwhelmed with happiness and love. Only in dreams that they were able to see their lost families and friends.

In their dreams, they made up all the lost time and moments with them and everyday when the night falls and they go to bed, they all entered into the world of dreams meeting up with their loved ones and having the greatest time of their lives.

In years to come, the world was in peace and not a single battle or bloodshed of war was started. Two iconic leaders ran their nation and listened to their people and with the help of their friends and loved ones, they were able to get through anything. Because it is the power of friendship and love that brings forth absolute peace.


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