xLink meets Marvin the Martian

By: Shannon

NOTE: I do not own the characters in this story.....thanks to Lady Alexandra of Hyrule for the idea.

Link was fighting Ganon again, as usual. After defeating Ganon, he saw a glowing blue light so he stepped into it and found himself in a most unusual place. There were stars gracing the jet black sky and huge, green bird-like aliens walking around.

"I'm definitely not in Hyrule anymore," said Link as he looked around. He suddenly bumped into a little, black creature with sneakers, a red long-sleeved shirt and a helmet with a brush on it.

"Hello there," said the creature.

"Um, hi," said Link. "Where the heck am I?"

"You're on Mars," replied the creature. "Isn't that lovely?"

"Oh great, I'm on MARS!" thought Link to himself.

"My name is Marvin the Martian," the creature continued. "I'm going to blow up the earth."

"Well, that's nice," said Link. "Don't quit your day job." He walked off about a few feet away and he was about to play his ocarina to send him home when a horrifying thought entered his mind.

"WHAT!" thought Link to himself. "I can't let that little maniac blow up the earth! I live on it! All the people I know live on it!"

He approached Marvin and said, "You're not going to really blow up the earth, now are you kid?"

"Oh yes," said Marvin. "It obstructs my view of Venus."

"You can't just blow up the earth," said Link, rather firmly. "There are people living on it, including me. It's my home and home to EVERY human on earth."

"Well," said Marvin. "I do have some change-of-address forms somewhere in the back closet. Help yourself."

"I AM NOT MOVING FROM EARTH!" hollered Link. "And YOU, you, you, you little good-for-nothing, YOU are NOT going to blow up my home!"

"OH YES I AM!" Marvin hollered back. "With my Q36 Explosive Space Modulator!" He held something in his hand that looked like TNT.

"Oh that tiny thing?" said Link. "That's just a stick of TNT! You can't blow up the earth with THAT!"

"Do not underestimate the power of the Q36 Explosive Space Modulator," said Marvin. "It has the power of billions and billions of tons of TNT...just enough to blow up one planet. It took me several years to create it."

Link was definitely not going to let this Marvin twerp blow up the earth so easily. "I got a better idea, Marvin," said Link. "What if I can TAKE you to Venus? You won't have to blow up the earth."

"You'll do that?" asked Marvin. "Oh goody!"

Marvin handed Link the Q36 Explosive-etc.-etc. and Link played a song on his Ocarina to transport him to Venus.

"Little does Marvin realize that the temperature on the planet Venus is over 700 degrees Fahrenheit," said Link as Marvin disappeared. Then he played his ocarina and transported himself back to Hyrule.


"Ooooh, ouch, ouch, OUCH!" screamed Marvin as he was hopping up and down. Marvin then transported himself back to Mars. "OOOOHHHH, that earthling! He stole the Q36 Explosive Space Modulator! Now I'll have to spend another hundred years making ANOTHER one!" He stomped off back to his laboratory.

Back in Hyrule.....

Link was looking at the Q36 Explosive etc.-etc. "I'd better put this somewhere so no one can touch it," he said as he threw it into the Hyrule Castle Moat. "I saved the Earth from destruction and no one will ever believe me."