The Honey in the Lion by DD Agent

This is my first Hannibal fan fiction. It's number # 4 in my Drabble Marathon although I'm not sure Parting Wishes really counts after I did three chapters. Hmm, must think on that.

The extract here is from the original draft of Steven Zaillian's script. You can find a copy at The extract does not belong to me (already mentioned). I downloaded the script from the website above (ta very much). The characters belong to Thomas Harris.


Clarice stood in what remained of her basement office. All around her was the remains of the hunt on Lecter.

"Oh, Clarice, you are the honey in the lion."

The hunt had come to a close at Chesapeake, but Lecter had evaded capture once again. Clarice had been sent off the case and was now between projects.

"In times to come, whenever you see yourself naked,"

The old newspapers were gone. The photos had been taken down. The video's had been boxed and packed.

"whenever you see the scar - the quality of the stitching -"

She had moved, to a tiny little apartment in the city. Just enough space for her and her things. Clarice had had to move, Lecter knew where she lived.

"you'll remember this moment -"

Her hair was shorter, but only by a couple of inches. She liked the ponytail. She wore long sleeved shirts with collars. Nothing sleeveless or collarless.

"- and your lips will burn."

Nothing that reminded him of her, for if it did, then her lips would burn. Burn with desire.