A Romeo and Juliet Caste by DD Agent

Spoilers: Up to Season 2's All Alone in the Night

Chapter One – All Alone in the Night

Delenn sat alone in her bare room, with no windows and a depressing sense about the place. She had just been removed from the Grey Council, and she was feeling the burden of everything that had happened since the chrysalis heavy in her heart. From the looks that people gave her as she walked down the Zocalo to the final act of betrayal by her own people, as her actions were not 'politically correct'. Her hair laid by her shoulder, and her green eyes echoed a silence. All she could hear was the dim hum of the ship and the gentle footsteps outside her door. Thinking it was Lennier, she went to find something to wipe her eyes with.

However, when the door opened; Neroon, Star rider and Satai entered. His bone crest and warrior caste robes declared a regal bearing that carried with it an ego that had prominently wiped Delenn's hopes for the Grey Council to at least understand what she is doing and what she had become. The door closed behind him, making the room feel more like a cell than ever before.

"Hello Delenn," he said in his gloating tone. His face appeared triumphant, like he desired her to lay beaten and backed into a dark and lonely corner.

"Leave Neroon. You are not welcome here," Delenn murmured back, turning from him so he could not see the tears in her eyes. He did not take her warning, and gently sat down beside her. The bed lowered and she could sense her presence. She was wearing her night things, as she intended to get at least an hours sleep before returning to Babylon 5. With Neroon sitting there, she felt severely underdressed and embarrassed.

"I am sorry," he whispered. Delenn turned to face him then. Even after Valen, no Warrior Caste Minbari had ever said sorry, to Minbari or otherwise. He could see the look of shock in her face and gently began to stroke it with a thumb and a forefinger. The end result was so comforting, so wonderful that Delenn almost forgot that this male had taken her place on the council and had humiliated her.


Delenn leapt from the bed as dignified as she could manage and stood angrily to the side.

"What in Valen's name do you think you are doing? I thought I was an affront to the purity of our race!" Delenn asked, her tone hurried and angry.

"If I had said nothing about your appearance then Shakiri would have grown suspicious. He would have thought that something was wrong," was the reply. Neroon made to stand, but Delenn turned her back to him once again, showing him that the conversation was over.

"Delenn…" He whispered, coming up behind her. He slowly breathed on her neck as he kissed it. His arms wrapped around her, and she felt the comforting presence of him that she had known since she was a child.


Delenn sat in temple meditating. Her father was alive and the war between the Humans and the Minbari wasn't even a possibility yet. She was a happy religious caste Minbari, meditating before her class with her teacher Draal. Her robes were in a light white colour, and the temple sparkled with what seemed like magic.

The doors to the temple opened, and in came Neroon of the warrior caste. He had no business there, and the only reason he could possibly come would be to take the latest and youngest Religious acolyte and engage in inappropriate sexual rituals with her. He was well known to the older acolytes and often chased out of the temple.

He was pathetic and he had an ego that was larger than several planets. He was a warrior, and they were completely different. Yet when his gaze shifted to where she was praying, their eyes met. Her heart skipped a beat and started to race as she realised he was coming over. To her.


"Neroon," Delenn moaned as the kisses grew faster and harder on her neck. His lips made the skin wet and cold and Delenn found that she could die at that very moment and be at peace.

"Yes Delenn?" He asked, stopping the rampage on her neck to look into those green eyes he found mesmerising. He had often lost himself in those eyes when they were younger. He turned around to face her, stroking the side of her face with his long fingers.

"What are you doing?" Delenn wondered as he held her strongly and comfortingly.

"Six cycles ago I asked you a question. You said yes. Then you went to Babylon 5 and I only have seen you once since, and even then I had to pretend that my feelings were non existent," Neroon said with a smile playing on his face. He pulled Delenn to him and planted a deep kiss on her lips.

Her heart began to race and as she looked at his handsome face and realised that he wasn't joking. Six cycles ago he asked her to be his mate. They decided to keep it secret as a joining between to high profile Minbari in different castes.

"I love you," he whispered in her ear, and discretely experimented by biting it. He felt her hatred at him slipping, but he was not sure. He loved the feel of her under his hands, especially the new found addition of hair. This change had made her unique, unique in everyone else's eyes and not just in his. Her smell was also unique, something he had not smelled before. Travelling after the war, he had gone to many different worlds and he believed he recognised this particular scent. He believed it to be orange blossom.

"Neroon," Delenn started and he released his grip to look at her. "Even after all this time apart, I will still be your mate. But, if we are to do so, we must start the sleeping ritual," she finished, and he smiled. He kissed each of her delicate hands and sat her down on the bed. Neroon used his thumbs to wipe away some of the remaining tears.

"Of course. Now?" He asked, holding her tenderly. She pressed her head against him and he was revealed to feel the pressure of her head bone under his chin.

"Yes, before I must leave for Babylon 5," Delenn replied and kissed him lightly.


Neroon walked over to her and smiled. His pike was resting against his thigh and she could see the dark robes of one that was taught by Durhan himself.

"What are you doing here Neroon? Surely the Star rider youths are not being trained in this part of Yeodor," Delenn smirked, rising as the bell called her to class.

"That is true. I'm here to see you Delenn of Mir," Neroon replied, his smirk with equal sarcasm. He looked like a predator waiting to pounce. She was shocked at his words, but did not show it. That would have given him a sort of victory.

"Why?" The simple question had so many answers but Delenn wasn't interested in what he had to say. She was only interested in getting to temple and to Draal's lesson.

"Because I find you intriguing Delenn of Mir. Very intriguing," Delenn rushed off as composed as she could, his parting words ringing in her head.


He had fallen asleep in her room, and Delenn had silently packed her things. She had no intention of watching Neroon, just leaving with her dignity intact.

Once, a long time ago, she had been willing to move the stars themselves for him. Now, after his words at the Grey Council meeting and his somewhat sincere reasons, Delenn couldn't bare to look at him.

I have sacrificed all that I was and all that I am.

I'm more than happy to let you go back to the humans.

The Warrior caste can not be allowed to set policy.

I didn't know whether I should laugh or weep.

Before me is a creature that I do not recognise.

One foot in two worlds.

An affront to the purity of our race!

Return to Babylon 5 and stay there!


With the words spoken at the council meeting as her catalyst, Delenn made her decision. Neroon was a part of her life that had died in the chrysalis. Although he might still love her, and although some part of her screamed it was wrong, Delenn left the small chamber.

In an adjacent corridor, she found Lennier and they walked to their flyers. Departing from the ship, Delenn looked at the beautiful, shimmering surface of the ship and realised that she never would be welcomed into the circle of the grey council or the Minbari federation as friend again.