A Romeo and Juliet Caste by DD Agent

Spoliers: Up to Season 4's Moment of Transition

Chapter Three – Moments of Transition

Delenn had locked herself in her room, and Lennier was keeping watch outside. Turval and other prominent religious members all wanted to talk to her, to see what her thoughts were on the day just passed. But Lennier would not allow them entry, he had to give Delenn time to grieve. After she had reformed the Grey Council, Delenn had needed some time to reflect on what had happened to Neroon. She needed to know why he did what he did, after all they had done to one another.

Three figures approached. All of them were wearing hoods, but only one covered their face. The young acolytes shied away from the group, as it was an unusual one at best. The taller one was in the middle, and they both wore a symbol on the pocket of their robes. Each was wearing a different symbol from one of all three castes.

Darren, trainer to the Star riders was among those with the hood down. His crest, sharpened to points, had a streak of red running down the centre. His face held many lines, more than it did in the war. He wanted to pay his final respects to Neroon, and see the one he loved for cycles upon cycles.


Benji, was standing on the other side of the hooded ones. Considered to be an eccentric among the Minbari, Benji revelled in his individuality. Wearing robes of shocking pink and the customary red streak, Benji stood out in the middle of all the white. He was worker caste, and was loyal to the religious. There were rumours that Benji wasn't from our time, but from the past. All he said to that was:

Sod off and mind your own business.

Benji and Darren created rumours of their very own, and many whispers among those present. Many of the acolytes were not happy to see one of the Warrior Caste in this place, especially near their leader.

In the middle of these two was the hooded figure. By the way they were standing, it was obvious that he was the leader of the three. It was also obvious that they were part of the sect of Valco.

Created just after the war with the Earthers, the sect of Valco was formed to preserve the original culture and Minbari spirit that would be lost following contact with aliens and the inevitable war between the castes. The acolyte's recognised the trademark streak of red in the middle of their crests and the silver crescent moon on the hoods. Lennier did too, and was surprised and intrigued when the middle one stepped forward.

"I am here to see Delenn," the Minbari spoke with a deep voice, strong and charming at the same time. His voice was commanding, and if Lennier was a lesser person, he would have let him in without question.

"No. No one can see Delenn until she is ready to receive visitors," replied Lennier. He stepped forward, his hands forming a stand off position. He would fight these stranger if he meant on seeing his mentor. Delenn was still praying, meditating and grieving for the loss of Neroon, and had asked not to be disturbed unless the ceiling caved in.

"She will see me," the voice replied. The door opened, and out stepped Delenn. Her face was clean and free of any tears that she had shed. She was wearing the traditional white, and noticed all the people surrounding her chamber.

"Why? Why would I see you among all these others?" she asked. Her voice was quiet, yet it filled the hall, echoing off the walls.

The figure stepped forward and removed his hood. He was handsome, very handsome. He had a strong jaw and a smooth face. His eyes were deep green, and had that same mesmerising quality that Delenn's had.

"Surely it hasn't been so long that you would forget your own brother, Delenn," Brandon of Mir finished.

Lennier was stunned and looked at Delenn to confirm this strangers identity. She looked stunned also, but noticed the two figures behind him, two of Brandon's old friends. She hadn't seen her brother since the war, but he looked good. His eyes didn't have the same haunting aspect that hers sometimes adopted. Instead, his sparked with life and electricity.


"Come now little sister, keep up!" Brandon laughed, as the whole family climbed.

Their mother had gone into the sisters of Valeria, and their father Selenn of Mir was treating them to a walk to the city's top point. On the top of this hill you could see the entire city of Yeodor and even Tuzanor in the background.

Selenn sat down and started to meditate. Delenn and her friend Mayan sat and looked fascinated at the city below them. Darren had been the first one to the top, and now was beginning to draw his training staff. Brandon joined him and they began to tussle until Delenn pointed something out.

"What is that?" Delenn asked anyone who would listen. Their father opened one eye to see which direction his child was pointing at and then closed it again.

"Tuzanor. The city of sorrows," Selenn replied, his meditation slowing his breathe.

"To dream in the city of sorrows is to dream of a better future," Delenn and Mayan recited. They had been taught about the city recently by Sech Turval. Both Darren and Brandon leapt to the side of the hill and peered out to the west.

"One day, I'm going to train there and become one of the an'lashok," Darren said, mesmerised. Selenn stopped meditating and joined the children on the edge of the bank.

"I'm going to become a poet and perform," Mayan declared, joining in the game.

"I am going to be a priestess and work in one of Valen's temples," Delenn replied, her voice joyous at this prospect. Brandon had since stood up by this point and reached out as if to touch the city.

"And Brandon my son, what are you going to become when you are older?" Selenn asked. Brandon looked at his father and smiled.

"I am going to travel over a hundred worlds and see the sun set on every one. Afterwards, I'm going to see Darren fail his an'lashok training," Brandon smiled as he was tackled by Darren. The two girls squealed and leapt out the way.


In her chamber, she had set aside some chairs and a pot of tea for her guests. Lennier had not been happy that she had let the three men in, but it was not his decision.

Brandon, Delenn's brother was sitting next to her, too closely for Lennier's liking. That was his place and, family or not, he was responsible for her. Benji and Darren were sitting next to Brandon on the left.

"So, little sister, how have you been? From what I have been hearing, you didn't make the position of priestess did you?" Brandon asked, sipping his tea. He gave her a warm smile and a small laugh. Unlike many Minbari who first saw her appearance, her brother was not phased and actually seemed pleased by it.

"No. And did you ever get to see a hundred sun sets?" Delenn asked. Benji took this moment to choke on his tea. Darren ended up slapping him on the back, and sending the cup skidding across the floor.

"Unfortunately not. Got a little side tracked with these two. Did get to see Darren fail his an'lashok training though. I hear you're engaged to be married. John Sheridan isn't it?" Brandon replied. Darren threw him a dirty look when he mentioned his ranger training and Delenn was surprised that he didn't call her fiancé Star Killer. Many people did. Then Delenn remembered that while Brandon had considered joining the war effort, he had opted out and ran away.

"Why are you here Brandon?" Delenn asked. After losing one of her oldest friends and being in the star fire wheel, she was not up to games. Darren and Benji stood up as Brandon stroked his sisters face.

"To see my little sister before I go away for a very, very long time," Brandon replied. Delenn caved in, but Brandon drew her close and held her, very much like John Sheridan had done all those many months ago.


The temple which he had often visited to see the new acolytes was the final resting place of Neroon, Star rider, Satai and friend.

Many Minbari had come to see the plaque be put on the temple door. It was a special place, as only people who have died to protect the religious caste and their way of life may be put upon it. There was only one plaque on it before, and that was from a thousand years ago.

Neroon's family had turned up to see their child's resting place. Delenn, Lennier and the main members of the family of Mir were present to bid farewell to him. She had been sent a message from John that everything was going okay their end, and that he hoped everything was going all right with her.

Brandon, Darren and Benji were also in attendance. Wearing robes of white, black and pink made the three stand out even more than their crests did. Once Turval and Durhan had said their piece, people were invited to have a private moment in a special section of the temple where they could talk to Neroon's spirit in private.

"Well, it's time we were off little sister," Brandon replied. He grabbed his sister and formed her into a large hug.

"Good luck Brandon. I hope you find what you are looking in this quest," Delenn mumbled. He had revealed last night that the threesome were going to seek out a few old races and see if they had information on the Minbari that might have been lost.

"I want to meet that husband of yours Delenn. And any little children that you have. I will see you again little sister, I promise," Brandon kissed her forehead and moved off. Darren bowed to her and Benji finished by giving Lennier a massive hug and sloppy kiss on his cheek.

The three moved on, on their quest to find something special to each of them. Delenn hoped that she would see her brother again, but in her heart she knew that she would never seem him as he was now, if at all.

Lennier nudged her elbow and pointed her to the temple. It was Delenn's turn to go into the small room and speak to Neroon. Quiet as a mouse, she kneeled and made sure she drew the curtain.

"Hello Neroon. I wanted to thank you for saving my life, it was something that I shall cherish always.

I was once told, by a madman from the eighteenth century, that there was no greater love between a man than laying down his life for his brother. In the dark. Where no one shall ever see. You will be remembered for a while as the Minbari that stopped the civil war by saving my life. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that events are going to happen that is going to overshadow this wondrous event. No cities, no banners. Just my heart. Is that all right with you, Neroon? Is it?" Delenn asked the plaque, and a small breeze of air filtered in through the window.

Outside the small room, Brandon spied on his sister, hearing the words she spoke to her former lover.

Neroon had loved his sister endlessly and completely until the moment he had passed beyond the veil. Delenn would love Neroon until she passed too. He had once read a piece of earth text by a man called Shakespeare. It was recommended by one of the rangers he had met in Tuzanor called William Cole. It was called Romeo and Juliet.

He now realised that this ending was what would have happened had the woman, Juliet, not killed herself too. Love knows no borders, Delenn had said once, and she was right.

Love doesn't obey borders on a map Delenn, it wants what it wants.

And what do you want Neroon?


And what if you can't have me?

Then I will have the memory of you, for you shall always have my heart Delenn.


Always and forever. So, can I?


Have you?

We shall see, Neroon. We shall see.