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The Line


Just knock on the door, he will come and answer and then you can talk. Right. Easy. Nothing to it.

Except for the fact that she can't raise her hand to knock, and she was scared of what would happen when he opened it. She had never been this nervous to speak to him, ever. After the war they had become surprisingly close, as close as her friendship with Ron and Harry. She felt she could talk to him about any and everything. Well till a little while ago when some feelings raised their ugly head. Suddenly he wasn't just a friend, Ron's brother.

Suddenly whenever he walked into a room she got butterflies, if he sat next to her she felt like she was going to combust from the heat that flowed through her at the slightest touch. She told herself it would fade it time, it was just a phase. She was with Ron. He was the one she was supposed to be with. Never mind the feelings, it was just a crush, a silly little crush. She just wanted to go back to when he was a friend, who she could go to with the slightest problem. She wanted that back.

She did think it would go away on it's own, but then she realised she wasn't alone in these feelings. One day she looked up and met his eyes. And she knew, he felt exactly the same way. In some ways it made it easier, it was the unspoken. They could be friends, it almost went back to the way it was. Almost.

One day she came to the conclusion that it was just too much. She couldn't carry on anymore pretending she felt nothing for him. So one afternoon not long after Ron returned from his trip up north with his Quidditch team, she broke it off. Her memory was a little distorted over what she actually said, but he took it well. Didn't seem that surprised, a little resigned to the fact that it was coming. And they parted on good terms.

After breaking it off with Ron, she pretty much went straight to talk to Fred, and was shocked when George told her he wasn't there. He had apparently gone away, for how long he didn't know. Just that he would be back before too long.

For days she had walked around in a funk. Till finally Ron snapped and told her he would be back soon, and if he weren't then he would go find him for her. She wasn't entirely sure Ron knew exactly why she was feeling so odd without Fred around, she imagined he thought it was because they had become so close. He had become as much a best friend as he and Harry. As much as she missed having her friend Fred around. There was the fact that she had quite possibly fallen in love with him, and she needed to see him as soon as possible to assess whether he felt the same way. If he didn't she would just move on, she valued him to much as a friend to let her romantic feelings get in the way.

And today she had received an owl from George telling her he was back. It perplexed her a little at first. Did the entire Weasley family know how she felt? It certainly felt like it. And so she was here, standing in front of the door terrified to knock and face him.

Time to be brave, soak up all that courage she had inside. She raised her hands to do it when the door flung open and there he was. Fred. Time to face the music.

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