This is incredible. I'm posting the prologue of Jazz Fenton's Heck 2 already! YEAH!

Jazz Fenton's Heck 2: The Epic Odyssey Prologue

Millennia ago there was a time when Orcs, Trolls, acid wash jeans (with holes in the on purpose! Dragons, walkmans, Dinosaurs and various animals from World of Warcraft. But the most incredible were the Super Intelligent Scottish Beavers. They built an underwater city in Loch Ness (and created the Loch Ness Monster rumors to scare away pesky realtors) and lived peacefully until that terrible day…

A troll named Slegg who lived in Gadgestsian was exited about the opening of THE HARDWARE STORE! He was walking on air and could barley brush his teeth or comb his hair! He'd been waiting since last June! He was so happy (HAPPY) just to be alive! He joyfully told everyone he knew about the big day including the Beavers.

Everyone knows Beavers love places were you can go by bolts and screws. But when they returned our rodent friends discovered that their underwater civilization had been obliterated by their greatest enemy. They ran to various parts of Europe and finally made it to Oregon the Beaver state. Yet the enemy followed them there. Using a tractor beam the bad peoples crashed the moon smack dab into Oregon. And so the Super Intelligent Scottish Beavers began their eternal search for a homeland continued again until they found Fenton Works. But who were the enemy you ask? The most terrifying race imaginable, there name a lone sends shivers down the spine of any rodent. They are the Super Intelligent Irish Badgers.