Feel the Pain Version B

Summary: When Sam's visions begin to affect him physically, the rest of the world takes notice of the Winchester Brothers. This is a completely different version of my other story Feel the Pain with only the first chapter being the same. Please R&R!!

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Chapter 8: Whisper in the Wind


Taking a deep breath, he raised his head to look at his baby brother. As his brain registered the image, which he knew was now burned into his memory forever, he let out a single choked sob.

"Oh, god. Sammy."


The air flowing in and out of his lungs felt amazing. Cool and tranquil. This is exactly what I wanted. Sam let out an easy breath and opened his eyes. A bright white ceiling greeted him. Sam let his face twist in a combination of a smile and a grimace of disgust concerning his predicament. Ah, yes. The hospital. Why was I here again? Oh, right. Exploding chest.

Sam turned his head, expecting to find Dean sitting by his bed, asleep and ready to start bugging his little brother. Sam's eye widened slightly as the sight before was just as empty of Dean as the ceiling. No one was there. Only more white. Sam gave himself a mental shrug. No doubt Dean was talking to a hot nurse, maybe that Kate girl he had seemed so interested in earlier. Leave it to Dean to already be bored with the hospital scene and start spending more time with the nurses than me.

Sam lay his head back down onto the comfortable pillow that seemed to be wiling him back to sleep. Just as long as I don't have any more weird double fire dreams like that one I just had. Sam felt his eyes drift closed. Sleep would be really nice right now. Sam let out a final sigh, letting his hands rest comfortably on his chest. A moment passed before his eyes snapped open, his body sitting straight up in bed as his hands grasped at his bare chest.

His mouth dropped open. The chest tube was gone. The gaping hole in his chest was gone. The PAIN was gone. Oh, there was a God. A sweet merciful God who was thoughtful enough in his busy week to take away Sam Winchester's pain AND the tube! Lifting his hands, Sam let out a laugh of disbelief. His IVs were gone too. He was healed. He was fine. He was better than fine; Sam felt positively giddy.

Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Sam tested his strength, slowly rising to his full height. Grinning, he gave his feet a slight bounce. Ok, all good. Let's blow this popsicle stand.

Sam had barely taken a step toward the door before a loud hiss sounded, revealing several people walking in thru the automatic doors.

"What's going on?" Sam gave an involuntary step back at their sudden appearance. Something wasn't right. All those people seemed to be doctors and nurses, although it was hard to tell when they were all wearing facemasks and full body scrubs. "What's happening?! ANSWER ME!" Sam could practically feel his heart freeze as the masked people began to spread out, silently surrounding him and the bed.

"Don't come any closer." Sam hissed. If they heard him or not or were under orders to not speak was unclear. The young hunter let out a frustrated growl. Screw this. I've been poked and prodded enough this week. Taking a deep breath, Sam rushed forward and fell to his hip, sliding neatly between two of the smaller looking people. Without looking back, Sam stumbled thru the doors, letting himself a small smile as he heard the doors close behind him.

Barely missing a step, the Winchester pushed the next door open, revealing a hallway. Huh, kinda looks like the hospital. Wonder if I'm still there, just in one of those "abandoned wings no one ever goes into other than the mad doctor". Deciding left was just as lucky as right, Sam turned and jogged down the hall. The eerie feeling of being watched washed over the young hunter, even though every time he passed a room, it was empty.

Coming to the end of the hall, he noticed the nurse station was deserted. But not in a bad deserted way. More like the nurse had just stepped and he had only barely missed her. Although the desk had that weird feeling, stopping to find the nurse could risk getting caught by all those doctors again. And without knowing exactly where he was or where Dean was for that matter was enough incentive to keep Sam going, although one sight did have the hunter sliding to a stop just a moment later.

The elevators. Not the best escape route, but Sam couldn't afford the time it would take looking for the stairs. Jamming the down button, Sam glanced from side to side, expecting the doctors to at any moment. After what felt like hours, the elevator finally binged and the doors opened. Sam felt his jaw drop, a gasp of relief escape him. Dean stood in the elevator, staring at the floor.

"Dean, man. Talk about good timing." Dean lifted his head, a look of disbelief crossing his face as he stared out at his brother. Neither Winchester moved, both stunned enough to not realize where they were. At least until the elevator doors began to close again, forcing Dean to thrust his arm in between them.

"Dean, I don't know what happen" Sam shrugged. "I just woke up and I was healed. And the next thing I knew, doctors were coming at me. Something is going on, man." Dean gave a slight nod and pushed past his brother. Sam smirked. Now they can get some answers.

Falling instep with his brother, the two Winchesters marched down the hall Sam had just run down. Stealing a glance at Dean, Sam frowned a bit. While he had been happy to see Dean in the elevator, he hadn't realized just how crappy he was actually looking. Judging from the bags under his eyes, Sam guessed Dean hadn't slept in at least two days, probably closer to three. Or if he had slept, it hadn't been at all restful; most likely they had been filled with nightmares. Probably worrying about me, Sam silently sighed. Dean might claim to hate chicky moments, but the darn boy could play the role of mother hen better than anyone.

Sam slowed as they approached the door, pointing it out. "This is it, Dean. That's where I came out when they were chasing me." The two hunters stopped, staring at the door. Sam glanced at the surrounding doors, marking it into memory in case they had to come back. Room 336 Visitors Enter Here. Huh, wonder what that leads to. Sam glanced over at Dean, trying to read his stoic face. "You ready?"

Dean reply was a quick swallow and letting a breath out before marching straight ahead thru the door marked 336.

"Uh, Dean? Wrong door. Dean!" Sam stared after his brother, who seemed to think it would be funny to ignore Sam while going into a stranger's room. Sam let out an exasperated breath as the door swung closed. "Dean! Now is not the time to look for women changing clothes!" With a huff, Sam stormed into the room, stopping only when he stood directly over Dean's shoulder, staring straight into his face.

"Dean, what the hell? The doctors were in the other door and you just run into this one like you have someplace to be? What the hell could be so…" Sam's voice trailed off.

Dean wasn't looking at him. He wasn't even reacting to Sam's yelling. Not a flinch. In fact, he was staring into the window the room had along a wall. Sam turned, determined to find out what was holding his brothers attention so much.

That's when it happened again. Sam could feel his heart freeze. His breath stilled. No. No, no, no, this can't be happening. Sam slammed his hand against the glass, knowing it would not make a sound, let alone distract the doctors who were now surrounding the burned and practically mummified body of Samuel Winchester.

The spirit of Sam turned around, staring as Dean allowed a tear to fall down his cheek. The spirit sighed.

"Aw, crap."


Author's Note: Finally another chapter!!!! Just so I won't have to answer a lot of questions, if you remember what Sam told Molly in Roadkill, spirits only see what the want. This is why Sam didn't see the nurse at the station, or see Dean speak to her. But he did want to see what Dean thought was important, thus allowing him to see himself. Hope you liked it, although I can't guarantee another chapter for a while. Not only am I writing it as I go, but I have a lot on my plate right now, including planning my wedding. So I'll do as much as I can and hopefully, I'll keep you interested. But I do have a plan for where this story goes and I hope you will all stay around long enough to read the end. Reviews are my bread and butter, so don't leave me starving! Salt and Burn, baby!