Stay together no matter what

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Summery: Stella must go back to Solaria to become queen but when she refuses to marry a prince Stella escapes with Brandon so they can stay together.

Info: The girls graduated from Alfea last month and the boys graduated a year ago. The girls all live in an apartment together and the boys live in a separate one.

Chapter 1 Phone call from daddy

It was 11:00 and Stella was getting ready for a day out shopping with the girls when her phone rang, Stella picked it up clueless of who it was.

"Hello" Stella said happily down the phone.

"Stella darling" a posh voice said down the phone.

"Hi daddy" Stella said sitting down on her bed "Whats up?"

"You graduated last week right," Her father said down the phone.

"Yeah why" Stella asked

"Well now that you are out of school you now can become queen," her father said.

Stella nearly dropped the phone in shock "OMG I CAN BECOME QUEEN NO WAY how come you didn't tell me?" she screamed down the phone.

"I wasn't aware of it either but I was looking through the Solarian law book and it said that you can become queen," Her dad said proudly "now to start your training you need to come to Solaria right away".

"Ok I'll be right there" Stella said excitedly down the phone, she hung up and danced around her room happily.

"Stell whats going on" Bloom asked walking into her room.

"Bloom you are never going to believe this but I am going to become queen on Solaria".

"AHHHHH NO WAY" Bloom screamed hugging Stella.

"But that means I will have to go to Solaria right now and I can't go shopping with you guys" Stella said sadly, shopping was her life.

"Never mind do you want us to help you pack?" Bloom asked

"No you girls have a good time shopping" Stella said pulling five suitcases from under her bed, she walked towards her closet and started to pack up her clothes using a spell.

"What did Brandon say when you told him" Bloom asked, Stella froze again; becoming queen would probably mean having to find a husband and Brandon had not proposed yet.

"Oh no I haven't told him yet he's going to freak out he won't want to be a king he'll never propose now" Stella cried tears welling up in her eyes.

"Stell calm down Brandon will be happy for you and he will support you I know him and he won't freak out I promise" Bloom said handing Stella a tissue.

Stella dabbed her eyes but she still wasn't convinced. "Bloom what should I do? I need to got to Solaria right away but I need to tell Brandon too" Stella sobbed.

"Well how about you call him get him to meet you here and then tell him" Bloom suggested. At that moment Stella's phone started ringing Stella looked at the screen to see who was calling and the name Brandon flashed on the screen, Stella dropped the phone and screamed "ITS HIM" She wailed.

"Well what are you waiting for Stella answer it" Bloom said picking the phone up and handing it to Stella, She looked at the phone and then at Bloom, then back at the phone she answered it with shaking hands.

"Uh hello" Stella said down the phone.

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