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Chapter 19 the new Law

Radius was staring at the law book; he couldn't believe what he was reading. He had this all planned out how could he miss this.

Luna walked towards her ex husband "Radius, I think you should go now".

Radius gave Luna a nasty look, he brushed past her and walked away from the crowd Luna smiled, she walked over to Stella.

"I think you know where to go from here," She whispered in her ear.

Stella nodded "Thanks" She said.

Luna then turned to the crowd "I am no longer your queen, your new queen is my daughter Stella and she now has the power of the Solarian law book".

She gave a little nod to Stella who had something planned; she looked up at the crowd.

"As your new queen I now officially get rid of law number Three hundred and eighty two and replace it with this rule, a Solarian royal can get married to anyone he or she wants".

The crowd nodded in agreement, Stella continued.

"And I also get rid of law number four hundred and twenty six and hereby cancel Brandon's execution" Stella said a smile spreading across her face.

The crowd cheered, Brandon looked up he felt someone undoing his tied up hands. Once they were undone he got up, he smiled Stella had done it.

He looked up, there he saw Stella She smiled and ran over to him.

"Stella you did it" Brandon said.

Stella nodded "I did didn't I" She said with a smile then tears fell out of her eyes.

"Stell why are you crying?" Brandon asked.

"I don't know" Stella said wiping the tears away Brandon hugged her.

"Don't worry, we're safe now" Brandon said, Stella looked at him and they both kissed.

After a while Stella pulled away and put a hand on her stomach, she smiled.

"They're kicking" She said, Brandon smiled and he put his hand on Stella's stomach too.

Away from all the happiness the ex king of Solaria was standing in a dark alleyway, he looked back at the palace one last time and then he put a hand to his face.

A dark blue light surrounded him and when it faded, it reveled a man with dark blue hair and a muscular body.

"Pity" He said staring at a wall, he clicked his fingers and then, he was gone.


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