Title: Feelings.

Disclaimer: None of the characters from Days of our lives belong to me. Yes, I know, it´s verysad. For me. Anyway, they do belong to NBC and Ken Corday.

A/N: Do you watch Days of our lives? Hmm? Well, then I guess you see the chemistry between Sami and Lucas? No? Sure you aren´t blind? Anyway, what if (love those) the serial killer had attacked Sami again? And actually almost managed to kill her this time? Yeah, I know, I know. Just bear with me okey?

And all those who had been murdered? They are still "dead". Just so you know.

My first fan fiction for this tw-show... Hope you enjoy!

A person, running from the scene, disappearing in to the shadows.

Sami, pale as a ghost, lying unconscious in a pool of blood.

He, panic-stricken, kneeling beside her, feeling for a pulse that was barely there.

The phone that couldn´t get a signal.

The look on John´s face as he saw his stepdaughter on the ground.

Blood. Everywhere.

The ambulance that took forever to get there.

Her small clammy hand in his.

The whispered words from John, begging for her forgiveness.

His own voice, pleading with Sami to wake up.

The concerned looks on the paramedic´s faces

The sirens as he sat in the ambulance, still holding her hand.

The journey to the hospital that seamed to take forever.

The overwhelming feeling of loss when they rushed her to surgery and he had to leave her.

The phone call to their son.

The fear in Will´s voice that almost broke him.

The love that he had felt for her since the night they had conceived their son.

The voice inside his head, screaming that he had failed to protect her.

The anger that burned in his soul when he thought about the person that stabbed her.

The pictures rolled in his head, like a movie that he couldn´t pause, couldn´t stop.

Pictures that made the pain in his heart even more unbearable, made the nerves in his stomach twist in to even harder knots.

Pictures that said that he could lose her this time. That it could be too late to tell her... Too late...

He swallowed, blinking back tears as he saw her pale face in front of him, her jacket covered in blood.

Would she ever open her eyes again? Would he be able to see her beautiful blue eyes sparkle in amusment when their son said something funny? Would he have the opportunity to see how the love shone there when she hugged someone she cared about?

Would she ever look at him like that? Would she even look at him at all?

It was too much. It was all too much and he was no longer able to stop the tears as he sat in the chair in the waiting room, his head in his hands, waiting desperatly for news.

Praying for her to be okey, knowing that she wasn´t. Knowing he couldn´t do a thing to help her.

God, they had wasted so much time. They could have been a family now, like Will always wanted. Like he had always wanted if he was honest with himself. It wouldn´t have been easy.

God knew they had issues, but they could have done it. If they had worked hard they could have been happy.

He loved Samantha Brady. He loved her so much that he ached with it and he was sick of denying it to himself.

His son had always known it. Had always tried to push them togheter.

And damn it, he was getting fed up with his mothers comments. Always bad mouthing the mother of his child, calling her a whore.

She would have a heart attack when she released that he was planning to ask that "whore" to marry him.

If she didn´t die on that operating table that she had been on for the last two hours.


He didn´t know what he would do if he lost her.

If he had to tell Will that he had to grow up without the mother he loved more than anything...

If he had to watch them lower her body into the ground...

He had a feeling that he couldn´t go through that day sober.

The only thing stopping him from drinking right now was the need to be at the hospital, the need to be close to her in any way possible.

And he had promised her, promised himself, that he wouldn´t drink another drink as long as he lived. And he hadn´t. He hadn´t touched a drop since that day in his apartment after Maggie's death when she and Will had come to his apartment and found him drunk.

The look of disappointment in his sons eyes had almost been more than he could bear.

But if she died...


- Dad? Dad, is mom...?

The scared voice of his son made Lucas raise his head, tears still running down his face.

-Will? What...? How did you...?

Will sat down in the chair beside him, his eyes full of fear.

- Grandma Kate drove me here. Dad, you´re crying. Mom?..

Lucas tried to give his son a smile, using the back of his hands to wipe the tears from his face.

- She´s alive. And she´s gonna be okey ,Will. Your mom is a fighter.

Lucas forced himself to sound hopeful, but considering the look on his sons face, he didn´t do a very good job.

- Then why where you crying?

- I... Lucas sighed, not wanting to lie to his son, but knowing that the truth would make him more upset than he already was.

The kid had been through more than enough already and Lucas didn´t want to add to his burden.

Above all else, he hated to see his son in pain.

- Don´t lie to me. I can handle it. I´m a big boy.

And he looked so much like his mother when he said that, his lips trembling the same that

Sami´s did when she was upset, that Lucas felt his insides tighten.

Oh Sami...

She had to make it. If for nothing else, then for the sake of their son. The son she loved more than anything in this world.

- I know you are Will. I know you are.

His son had grown up so fast. It felt like it was just yesterday that Will had run up to him, eager to tell him what he had done in kindergarten. Now he was sitting here, his face full of

fear, scared that he would lose his mother.

- Dad?

- Sorry buddy. Got lost in some memories.

He gave his son a weak smile.

- So?

- Your mom´s still in surgery. She´s lost a lot of blood.

- Still? Why does it take so long?

- I don´t know, Lucas said, feeling helpless. He had been fighting that feeling every since he had found her laying lifeless on the ground outside her mothers apartment building.

She had looked like the sleeping beauty. If not for the blood...

Trying to shake of the memories of how the earth around her had turned red, the blood pooling around her, he looked around, seeing for the first time the large crowd of people in the waiting room.

Brady, a stricken look on his face.

John. Looking almost as bad as Lucas felt, guilt written clearly on his face.

Belle, her eyes big in her pale face, sitting next to Shawn who had an troubled, far away look on his face.

Bo, standing beside his wife at the reception, looking like he wanted to kill someone, casting angry glances at John.

His mother, sitting next to John, a paper mug in her hand.

Even Rex and Mimi where there, holding hands as they sat next to Belle.

The only one missing was Marlena and Lucas wondered where the woman was while her daughter was fighting for her life.

If it was Will...

Sami would be beside herself, tears streaming down her face, her blue eyes shining with fear.

Now it was Will who sat next to him, his lips trembling, tears in his eyes.

She had to be okey. She just had to. Because if she wasn´t...


He pressed his eyes togheter, willing that though out of his head.

He opened them again and tried to give his son a reassuring smile.

Then his mothers voice drifted through the room and his smile turned in to a scowl.

- I´m sure she´s gonna be okey. The little tramp always lands on her feet. Yeah, your brother´s been here the whole time. What? No, he dosen´t love her. Because she´s a twisted little bitch that´s why!

She was standing away from the group of people, talking on the phone, ignoring the sign that said that no cell phones where allowed.

That was another thing he didn´t need right now. He was tired as it was, without having to listen to his mothers comments about Sami. Good thing she was talking to Philip and not him.

He closed his eyes again, resting his head against the wall behind him. God, he was tired.

- I really hate it dad.

- What?

- When grandma is talking trash about mom.

Lucas sighed.

- Yeah. Me too.

He took his son´s hand, giving it a squeeze.

- Listen, Will. When your mom is...

But his son interrupted him, point towards the emergency room.

- Look, Dr Carver´s on her way here. Do you think...?

Lucas was standing in a matter of seconds, dread washing over him when he saw Lexie´s face.

- Lucas, Will. She gave them a small forced smile, her eyebrows knitted tightly togheter.

God, please.

- Dr Carver. How...? Is she...?

I´ll do anything. Just, please, God don´t...

- The surgery went fine. But there where some... complications.


No. No. God...


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