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The first thing she heard was a distant, beeping sound.

Trying to locate the sound she opened her eyes, closing them almost as fast, a harsh bright light piercing them.

She tried again, opening her eyes slowly this time, letting them adjust from the darkness she had been floating in.


The beeping continued and she turned her head towards it.

A heart-monitor.

Then she looked down and saw the needel in her hand.

An IV needel.

She was in a hospital. Again.


-... you looked about ready to strangle him.


Lexie was her doctor. But who was she talking to?

She tried to move her body and nearly gasped when the pain shot through her stomach.

Oh God... What had happened to her?

She settled for just turning her head instead and found herself looking at a familiar backside.

- Well, it´s between him and me. And his wi...

Lucas. What was he doing here?

Well, you won´t know if you don´t ask.

- Lu... Lucas?

He turned around, shock evident on his face.

- Sami?

- Lucas. What..?

She winced at the sound of her own voice. Why did she sound like she hadn´t used it in a week?

- I´ll explane later. For now just let me... Oh, God Sami... you´re awake.

And he leaned over her, resting his forehead against hers, his hands cradiling her face.

What was this? Why was he acting like she had come back from the dead?

And why did it feel so good to be close to him?

After a while he straightened, opened his eyes and offered her a trembling smile.

And fear started seaping through her when she saw the tears that still lingered in his eyes. Lucas never cried.

Unless it was something bad had happened. Not unless he had thought that she would die.

- Tell me.

He sat down in the chair beside her bed, reaching for her hand.

- Something... happened outside your mothers apartment two days ago.

Two days ago? Had she been in a coma or something?

- Two days?...

- Yeah. You had us a little worried.

He gave her his trademark grin , but she could see the worry behind it.

She could have...

No. She didn´t want to go there.

- Sorry general. So, what happened?

She saw something flash in his eyes, but it was gone before she knew what it was.

Anger? Guilt?

- Do you remember anything?

Did she?

She knew she had dropped of Will at school, she remembered how embarresed he had been when she tried to give him a hug. Then she gone to her mothers apartment and...

And what?

Her mother had said something...

- Sami?

- I remember dropping Will of at school. Then I drove to my mothers apartment...

- Yeah. And you called me to tell me to pick Will up after school, you said that you had something to do.

She had called Lucas?

- I did?

Lucas frowned at the unsure tone in her voice.

- You don´t remembered that?

- No. I don´t.

There where something else. Something else she had forgotten. Something important.

- Yeah, you called me after you had visited your mother. You sounded agitated and then I could hear you crying, but you wouldn´t tell me what was wrong. And...

He stopped, a look of pain in his eyes.

- And?

He swallowed, looking like he didn´t know if he should continue, if he should tell her.

- Lucas?

- You stopped talking and...And there was some strange noises and then you screamed... God...

- And you came there?

- And found you beside your car, unconsious and bleeding. There where so much blood...

There was a knive... A flash of a mask... And then, darkness.

- Someone... Someone stabbed me?

- Yeah.

- In the stomach.

She put here hand on her abdomen, feeling the bandages there.

- You shouldn´t touch that yet.


- You saved me life.

The doctor gave her a small smile as she looked up from the chart.

- It wasn´t just me. There was a team of surgeons.

- Thank you.

- It´s my job.

Yeah, but she and Lexie wasn´t the best of friends. In fact, they could bearly stand each other.

Switching paternity tests could do that.

- But still, thanks.

- You´re welcome.

Lucas got up from the chair and ran a hand through his hair.

- I should go a and call Will.

- Oh.

She didn´t want him to leave.

She wanted him to stay here,beside her bed, holding her hand.

It made her feel safe. And she needed that so badly.

The concern in his eyes comforted her.

Witch made her feel stupid. When had she started to need Lucas to feel safe, to feel comforted?

To feel lo...


- He was pretty worried. He didn´t want to leave you yesterday until I told him that I would stay here.

Lucas had stayed here? The whole night?

Why did that make her feel all warm inside?

- Yeah, go and call him. Where is he by the way?

- With my mom.

Kate. She was surley having a field day with this.

- She´s gonna be disappointed when she hears I´m still alive.

He didn´t argue with her, didn´t tell her that she was exaggerating. He just shook his head and sighed.

- Yeah. Well, I let Lexie check up on you and I´ll come back later. Okey?

She smiled at him, relieved that he wasn´t leaving her.

- Okey. If you want.

- Couldn´t drag me here if you tried.

- Thank you. For staying I mean. Even if it was just for Wills sake.

- I didn´t stay for Wills sake. I stayed for mine.

And before she could comment on that he had left the room, leaving her to stare at the door in confusion.

He had stayed for his sake? What did he mean by that?

- So, Sami, how are you feeling?

- Huh?

Lexie chuckled.

-Don´t worry. He´s coming back.

- What? No, I´m not... I mean, I don´t care.

Lexie smiled knowingly.

- Sure you don´t. So, how do you feel?

Sami felt her cheeks turn red. Why did everyone think that she had a thing for Lucas?

She didn´t. She couldn´t.

And besides, if she did (witch she didn´t), it didn´t matter anyway. Lucas didn´t have any feelings for her.

That problem solved she foucused on the next one.

- My stomach hurts. You think you could get me some morphine or something?And no...

-No needels. I know. Lucas told me. Just let me check those stiches and I´ll see what I can come up with.

Lucas had told Lexie about her phobia for needels?

Why had he done that?

He didn´t care about her.


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