His grandma picking him up from school.

The ill hidden joy on her face when she told him what happened.

His mom in the hospital, serioulsy injured.

Sitting beside his grandma when she drove him to the hospital, the knots in his stomach twisting.


The tears in his fathers eyes, making him think that he had come to late, that his mom was already dead.

Relief when he heard that she was still alive.

Fear when he heard that she was still in surgery.

The helpless tone in his fathers voice, scaring him more than anything.

The anger when he heard his grandmothers comments about his mom.

His mom was in surgery for christ sake. Couldn´t grandma give it a rest?

She was fighting a losing battle anyway. He had seen the way his father looked at his mom.

The way his mother looked at his dad.

The look on their faces when they would get lost in each others eyes.

And the way they would look away when they reliased what they where doing. As if looking at someone was a crime.

The tone in his mothers voice when she told him that she and his dad was just friends.

The flash of hurt in his fathers eyes and the regret in his mothers.

He would get them to admit that they loved each other. Somehow.

If his mom made it out of surgery alive.


- I really hate it dad.

- What?

- When grandma is talking trash about mom.

His dad sighed, looking more tired that he had ever seen him.

- Yeah. Me too.

His father took his hand, squeezed it, and opened his mouth to speak.

- Listen, Will. When your mom is..

Will would have loved to hear him finish that sentence, sensing that his dad was about to say something about his feelings for his mom, but then he saw Dr Carver.

She was on her way towards them and the fear Will felt ten folded when he saw the look on her face.

Mom... You have to make it.

When she said that it had been complications... That his mom´s heart had stopped...

His father had turned gray and grandpa John had gasped, but Will had just stood there, doing nothing, feeling frozen. Dr Carver had looked at him with compassion in her eyes.


-Daddy, does that mean that mom´s gonna die?

Fear had made his voice sound shrill and he´d turned his head towards his father, seeing the same fear in his fathers face, feeling it in the way he grasped his hand.

- No, she´s not. Remember what I told you Will, your mom´s a fighter.

His dad had answered him without looking at him and Will had heard the desperation in his voice.

He wasn´t sure and a look at Dr Carver´s face and the words that came from her lips confirmed his suspicions.

His mom could die. And the thought of that made his own heart stop.

Mommy, please... You gotta live. Dad and I love you, so much.

And he prayed to God, to anybody that would listen, that his mom would survive.

If you let her live... I promise I won´t even ask for us to be a family. Just, please, let my mommy live...

He loved his grandpa John, and he knew that John loved his mother as if she was his daughter.

To grandpa she was, and everybody knew that.

His mom said that she hated John.

He didn´t know the details about what had happened between his mother and grandpa John, but he knew it had to be bad.

Every time he asked his mom about it she got a distant look on her face and then she would press her lips together and tell him to go do his homework.

He had heard his dad talk to her, saying that she should forgive John, that John loved her. That he knew that she loved him as a father.

She just yelled at him, telling him to drop it, saying that she didn´t love John, that she never had.

And they had all known that she had lied.

His dad had always tried to bring grandpa and mom together.

That´s why he didn´t understand why his dad acted the way he did, looking like he wanted kill John with his bare hands.

Why had his voice been full of anger when he asked about grandma Marlena?

Why had John´s eyes filled first with anger and then with overwhelming guilt?

What was going on? And where was his grandma? Had something happened to her too?

There was something his father wasn´t telling him. Something bad.

Something that would make this whole nightmare even worse.


His dad had told him to go home with grandma Kate, telling him that it was way past his bed time.

He had refused, wanting to stay at his mothers bed, if for nothing else then to assure himself that she was still alive.


She was still in a coma.

She could still die. And dad wanted him to go? No way.

- Will. Go home with your grandma.

His voice was stern, but Will saw the emotions in his eyes, knew that his father was on the brink of loosing it.

- No. I don´t wanna leave mom.

His dad swallowed, looking like he was gonna cry.

- I know you don´t buddy. But you need to sleep.

He wasn´t tired and he was sure he wouldn´t get any sleep. But the look on his dads face, the tears the glistened in his eyes made him nod.

- Only if you stay.

- Deal.

- You call me if... If anything...?

He´d swallowed, not beeing able to get the words past his lips.

Mom... His mom was at a hospital again.

- Of course buddy. Be good for grandma.

He had started to walk towards the door, the he had turned around, looking at his dad who sat beside his mom, one of her hands in his.

- Dad?

- Mmm?

His dads eyes didn´t leave his mothers face.

- When... when she wakes up...

- Yeah?

- Tell her you love her.

- Will...

- Please. She... she loves you too dad.

His dad swallowed again, pressing his lips together.

- Go with your grandma Will.

His voice was thick with emotion, his hands trembling.

- Dad...

- Please.

He sighed, knowing that it was useless to argue with his father when he had that tone of voice.

- Take care of mom.

- I will.

He stepped out of the room, colliding with his grandmother.

- Sorry, grandma. Daddy said that I should go home. Will you drive me?

She smiled faintly.

- Sure sweetheart. Your dad isn´t coming?

- No. He´s gonna stay here with mom.

- He is?

He could almost see the wheels turning in her head.

- Yeah.

Her eyes hardened and she pressed her lips together, but thankfully she didn´t say anything more.

He wondered how she would react when she found out that his dad loved his mom.

If only his mom woke up...

Mommy... Please...

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