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1- Returning back home!

"Sakura darling are you alright?" – a man asked to the young lady sitted next to him on the plane.

"Yes daddy just fine..." – the young lady, that was called Sakura answer.

"Aren't you excited, about going back home?"

"Yes daddy..." – she said but enthusiam was lacking on her voice. But her father didn't notice.

Sakura POV

Yayy, I'm going back to Tomoeda, I'm so excited... not. Why did I have to leave from where I was, and come back to there. I know everything will be different now. Every single thing will be completely different.

Oops I forget to introducing myself, how stupid of me. My name is Sakura Kinomoto, but for the past eight years people called me Karza Amaya Kinomoto, Karza means cherry in arabic and Amaya is my mother name, I have 18 years and like you already guessed I'm in plane back to Japan. But you must be wonder, back from where? Well back from Egypt.

You must wonder why I'm not excited being back home, getting of a country where almost everything is surrounded by sand and pyramids, well let me see if I can explain it to you. It's a rather long story, but I guess in a 16 hours flight I have the time don't you think? So let me start from the beginning. Nah... I'll tell you about it in a bit, first let me tell you why I'm excited but doesn't sound like it or is why I'm faking enthusiasm? I always get that confuse.

What is happening to me is that I'm divided... I'm excited because I'm going to see once again my best friend and sweet heart from when I was little, but that is only a small part of me, I rather still be in Egypt, be there where I know everyone and everyone knows me.

Yes you read it write, I prefer stay in Egypt. But wouldn't you if for the past eight years that was everything you knew. So let me tell why I prefer stay in Egypt. I used to live in Tomoeda with my daddy and big brother, but since he is a renown archaeologist he was invited for a dig in Egypt when I was only 10 years old, I could stay in Japan with my big brother but he would leave that year to another school in Tokyo so I had to leave with my daddy. I left everything I knew for the first ten years in my life. Back then I was miserable for having to leave everything I knew behind, everyone and specially him.

In Tomoeda I left my bestfriend, my sweetheart, my friends and my status, yes, you read it correctly, I was the most popular girl in Tomeda school. But I didn't was snobby, nor slutty I was always sweet and that was what made me popular, well that and the fact that I had dazzling emerald eyes, porcelain complexion and shoulder length auburn hair. Now the eyes and the hair coulour is the same, well kind of the same, my hair now I don't hear it simply I have different hairstyles every single day, mostly are egyptian, my hair now pass my waist. My complexion is more tanned and that make my eyes stand more.

When I left, it was one of the saddest days in my life.


"I'll have to go..." – said a ten years Sakura

"You'll write and send pictures, and who will do all your clothes and film all your kawaii moments..." – cried her best friend

"Of course I'll write everytime I can I'll send both of you a lete... Tomoyo take care alright?" – she said hugging her bestfriend

"Do you really have to go?" – asked a young boy with his hair covering his amber eyes (n.a: does anyone know who it is?), Tomoyo decided to go say bye to her father so they would have a little privacy.

"Xiao, you know I do... That is everything I want at this moment, I want to stay here with you..." – she said hugging him and him hugging her back – "Promise you write to me, even..."

"You now I'll flower, my sweet flower, I'll write to you and wait for you forever and ever, just don't take to long..." – he said tighten the grip around her

"I'll be back without you even notice I've left you..."

"Oh... Ying I'll miss you so much... Please don't forget me?"

"I won't and you don't forget me..."

"I would never do that..." – they break the hug little so Syaoran could reach is pocket and Sakura hers.

"Here..." – they both said at the same time

"Thanks..." – they did it again, she gigle and he chuckle

"Ill miss that!" – he said, hugging her once again

"What?" – she asked clueless

"You giggling... You can only open that when you get on that plane..."

"And you only can open mine after I leave for the plane..." – she said

"Sakura, you already but I'll say it once again so you don't forget it... I love you..."

"I love you too..."

"Sakura is time to go..." – yelled her father

"Come on kaijuu, is time for you go on that plane... gaki take your hands of my sister..." – yelled Toya nest to his father

"Toya..." – squealed little Tomoyo so she could give one more minute of privacy to them

"It is time to go..." – he said

"Yeah..." – they hold hands and went to be by the others.

"Bye Toya be good..." – she hugged her brother

"Bye squirt..."

"Bye Tomoyo..." – she hugged her bestfriend

"Bye Sakura..."

"Bye Xiao..."

"Bye Ying Fa..." they hugge for the longest time and when they were about to separate they look into each other eyes and shared their first kiss... It was sweet like it should... Toya was about to something but his father put a hand over his shoulder and and shook his head.

They all run to the airport balcony just in time to see Sakura walking the stairs to the airport.

"Sakura I LOVE YOU, COME BACK TO ME..." – he shouted. She waves at him and signalling him "Me too..."

End of Falshback

End of Pov

Instinctively her hand went to her neck, well not exactly her neck but a locket she wore for the last eight years, it was white gold with cherry blossom petals embroided and inside it had his picture and the inscription "Aishiteru!". That was his goodbye present fo her.

Sakura POV

I still remember when I open the package in the plane and saw what it was, I was speechless, it was so beautiful so thoughtful of him. This gesture made me cry through the whole flight, my daddy was beginning to stay worried with me but when he saw the necklace with the locket he understood me completely and confort me telling me that some day I would come back and if it was meant to be that it would be, nothing would be between us. I calm down after this, and decided if I was going to a different country, to a different culture I culd learn with them see the difference. But one thing that was always with me and it was the necklace. I really love this necklace, and even if I want take it off I can't bring myself to it, and also the lock is broken, it was so sort of lock that nobody can take it off unless it is him. He was so damm smart, he did that on porpose so that one day I had so come back and he would take it of. Not that I mind.

Enough talking about this necaklace and locket or I won't finish telling you about me and my stay in Egypt. Well like I was saying before I landed I make the choice of enjoying my stay in Egypt so after we landed I was way calmer and I look around and thought "It won't be that bad...". And it wasn't, it was awesome, now looking back in time, if I had the chance to change the past I wouldn't.

My past would remain the same. I would still go to Egypt and do every thing I did. This trip changed me. I changed for better, and everything begun when the people received me and my father and how the treat me, normally back in Tomoeda or the people had good looks or were nice they would be popular or else they would be nerds, even if they weren't smart, many of the foreigners students were consider nerds but I wasn't. I was treated like I belong there. I wasn't the only one that come from another country there were english, french, chinese, greeks, portuguese, egyptians, and other nationalities and these people had also children.

I learned new languages, like egyptian, arabic, chinese, english, spanish, greek and portuguese, but the ones I'm more at ease to speak was english, chinese, greek and portuguese, also japanese, and to write all the others but specially english, egyptian and japanese. We all had to learn, well it wasn't a real task but we decided it was best if we learn each other languages so it would be easier to talk with each other and so we would respect each others difficulties. In school we all got through our main difficulties in the subjects thanks to our friends. I finally stop hating Math now I like it, sometimes I still feel that it is a bit difficult for me but now I don't give up that easily.

We all went into the same school, you would thought that the most surprising thing would be the way they teach or how we learn, or even the classrooms or the teachers, or the language but what suprised me the most was that there wasn't any groups or popularity, none of them cared about status, and there wasn't such thing has calling nerds or freaks.

For me that was kind of confusing, but for the first time I saw that I didn't have to worried about how I look, I saw that no one would judge me if I wasn't well dressed or if I didn't act like a girl should act, I could play soccer with the guys and that was awesome.

In Tomoeda I would have to sit in the side lines and cheer for them, instead of being in the field with them. Everything that I thought it never would changed it did. When I saw this at the school ground I changed, that was the precise moment I changed to what I'm today. And if you think I don't like the change you are wrong. I love the new me, I don't care what the others think of me, as long as I'm happy and free I don't care who is popular or not. As long as anyone don't try to pry me for what I deserve everything will be fine.

Well you can say I change a little my personality I'm not the same cheerful and kind hearted Sakura, I'm still that but now I'm also short tempered, I can fend for myself, for the first time I don't need anyone to help me stand alone. In fact I usually fend for my friends. Like last night in the bar, it was my goodbye party, all my friends were there so we enjoyed ourselfs, we even try not to make a fuss. But like always we weren't successful in accomplish that. So like usually we call attention to ourselfs and some drunkers started to mess with us, in our group there were also guys but like always they only step up when I and other two girls can't do nothing about it.

If this was bound to happen in Tomoeda, I would sit quiet and watch how my guy friends would give one of heros and save us the damsel in distres, but I no longer sit quiet when my friends are bullied in fact I got my self into some nasty fights in a bar fending for my friends and me, stupid drunkers, and last night it was my last fight in Egypt, I really gonna miss them.

Now I can say I have a wide variety of friends, and we promise we wouldn't lost touch, although i think that will be kind of impossible. We promise write to each other one a month, and do some sort of joint letter, one will sent to another he will had, and sent to another, until it go back to the first one. Although we were all her friends I had a connection with the boy that teach her chinese, we immediately liked each other and became penpal with one of his chinese best friend, infact I had now three bestfriends and I still think of Xiao has my sweet heart.

Let me tell you a little about my best friend and sweet heart.

Tomoyo that is the name of my best friend, she wasn't only that she was also my cousin, it was like a sister to me, he would always be seen together. We play with each other since the time we could play. She knew everything about me and she was the first one to know that I feel in love with Xiao Lang. She help me everytime I need it, without even I need to ask for it. In her last letter she said "Dear Sakura, it has been eight long years since we last saw wach other, being away from you it is hard, but I can work it. Although I miss you I'm not tyhe one that miss you the most. Syaoran is the one who missed you, he isn't the same since you left... He misses you everyday of his life. There isn't a single dy he doesn't talk about you. You are the main subject 24/7 since you left. Please comeback soon...".

Xiao Lang was my first and only sweet heart. He was the sweetest boy I've evr met. I met him when we were only 4. He was my hero, my knight in a shining armour and I was his damsel in distress. I bet you are curious how four year olds are so important in each other lives. Ain't you?

Since the begin of kindergarden and after school activities I was bullied not because I was some weird kid or something, but because I was too cheerful and I tried to make everyone's day pleasant.


"Tomoyo, let's catch some pretty flowers?" – I asked

"HAI!" – replied a smiling Tomoyo.

"Onii-chan..." – we both yelled at the same time. But our older brothers didn't heard them 'cause they were to focu on their soccer game.

"Forget about them... Lets look for flowers!"

"Okay... Kura!" – we begun to catch some flowers.

"Oh look who we have here... if it isn't miss cheerfulnes!" – said a who begun to chuckle and that was followed by some loud snickers from his cronies.

"Leave her alone..." – said Tomoyo putting herself in front of Sakura

"Get out of the way Daidoudjii!" – said one of the cronies and push her of the way.

"Stop smiling!" – said Ryotchi, he was the first one to talk we had black hair and icy blue eyes.

"Why should I?"

"Because I say so..."

"But I don't want to..." – I begum to whimper a little but she didn't stop smiling. He push her to the ground making her white dress get stains all over the place. I rubbed my eyes to take the tears away from them, but I couldn't, however I kept on smiling, like nothing has happen.

"Hey what are you doing?" – said a boy with unruly chestnut hair and fiery amber eyes. He put himself on the middle and help me getting up.

"Who do you think you are to ruin our fun!" – saked Ryotchi

"My name is Xiao Lang Li!" – he said avoiding a push Ryotchi was going to give him – "you should be really ashamed bullying a pretty girl with such a sweet smile!" – I blushed

Ryotchi and his cronies tried to hit him but he simply avoid him making they trip and fall flat on their face, they begun to cry and run away.

"I'll get you for this Kinomoto!" – he said while running to his home.

"Hey, stop crying tear don't suit you!" – he said giving her his hanky to clean her tears – "See much better..."

"Thank you for saving me..." – she gave him her best smile. That smile warmed his heart, and his eyes became even more softer.

"It was my pleasure, my name is Xiao Lang Li"

"Mine is Sakura Kinomoto, and this is my cousin Tomoyo Daidoujii! Thank you so much Li!"

"Call me Xiao Lang. And you are welcome!"

"Thank you Xiao Lang, and please call me Sakura. Here..." – she gave him one of the flowers she catched the only one that wasn't dirty or destroyed after Riotchy push – "You were great by the way..."

End of flashback

He saved me many other times. After that day I found out he was new in town and the best thing was that he went to our kindergarden and the first thing he said was that I was his girl and nobody was to messed with me anymore. Some kids didn't take him seriously so they had to face him, he was always there for me. He also taught me self defense tecnics That I improve ing Egypt.

When my mother died he was the one that stayed with me conforting me for my loss. He stayed all day and night. Tomoyo was with her mother at the hospital conforting her for the loss of her sister.

Xiao Lang slept that night in my house so I wouldn't felt lonely. That was the moment I knew for sure what I felt for him was more than a friendship and puppy love.

I don't know when he begun to like or even love me, but my feelings for him since that day begun to increase. I would blush everytime he was near or when he payed attention to me.

After 2 years, I was at the time 8 years and he 9, in fact, it was on his birthday that he told me he loved. It was the happiest day in my life.

We were consider the most Kawaii couple. And then I had to leave him in Japan and go to Egypt with my dad.

We write to each other since then, long letters, notes, onl a word, depending on our mood.

They both are popular, but they keep on write me letters. He is still in love with me well that is what he says in his letters.

In his last letter made me cry, in fact there were stains in the papper before I read it. I bet he was crying when he wrote it.

What made me cry was: "A day doesn't go by without me thinking about you, since your last letter I think about you every hour, the day isn't long enough to say how many times you are in my heart or in mymind. I know you want me to be true to you and although many girls in school want to date me I can't bring my self to do it. You are the only own that my heart seek for, the only one that can confort me, and the one my sould waits to be finally completed once again. Youa rae the only one whose lips I want to kiss forever.

I miss you so much, I'm not the same. My heart only beats for you. I wish you could come back for me. Please come back.

Believe me when I tell you that I love you and I always will, that you are the one for me, the only one.



So after a lot of thinking and my father dig had finhised two months ago, we decided to come back.

I keep contact with them, I notice through the years the change in one way, it was almost unnoticeable, if I was the same Sakura I wouldn't have notice. But I didn't think much about it they had also grown up through the years, I knew they were still popular and they love being the center of attention, I understand them but in fact I could care less about that anymore. Although I understand them that doesn't mean I know how they are behind the letters I really don't know how to act in front of them, no that I know what I don't know is what to expect of them.

Before I told my father I would like to come back I had send them one telling them I would surprised them soon, I didn't told them how though. They don't know I'm coming back home.

"Miss I notice you were lost in your own thoughts..." – said an airhostess – "We will be landing in a few moments please put your seat belt."

"Thank you..."

I guess this is it...

End of POV

"I'm back..."

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