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5- The troubles of the second day

"Good Morning class, you can take your seats now! I see the exchange student is in this class. Care to tell us why you are in History 101, the most demanding class?"

"Oh that's easy, you hadn't anything more changeling. And since you are teaching Egyptian History it would be nice to learn from someone who knows!" – she said in a sarcastic tone that her teacher didn't caught.

"Very well… Last time we were talking about Giza… So what can you tell me about that?" – since no one was answering she gave another try – "How about what I told you in the last class?" – the students all said in the same tone some gibberish, Sakura looked around her and couldn't imagine anything funnier than that, she tried to repress her laugher, well she didn't try very hard. And soon she was laughing so hard that she fell of her seat. Everyone was giving her a weird look, how could a student laugh at a teacher, specially this teacher – "Care to tell us what's so funny!"

After recovering her breath and taking her seat back she looked at the teacher's eyes, and without blinking or shifting her gaze she answered – "Yes. This class looks like a freaking kindergarten, and you have your facts and dates wrong!"

"How can you say that? Miss Ryoko is an expert in this subject!" – said Shimura, trying to make some points with her teacher, and when the teacher smiled in return.

"Oh, is she now? So tell me Miss how many times have you gone to Egypt? How many thesis you have written about it? How many books have you read about the subject?"

"I… I… " – she was getting nervous with the inquire when she remembered she was a mere student – "I won't let a mere exchange student like you question me!"

"Because you don't know anything about it, I bet the jerk behind me knows more than you!" – she said point with her thumb to her back.

"Hey… Who are you calling a jerk?" – asked a student that sat behind her.

"You." – she said turning back and glaring to him, by only looking at him once she knew he was jock, she was regretting not having Syaoran behind her, but with the glare the guy shrunk in his chair, she turned her eyes back to the teacher – "Miss Ryoko to talk about Egyptian History with me in the room and not your stupid moronic gullible students, you must know more than me. And I doubt you even know how to read an inscription. While I know it, very well indeed, after I came from there…"

"You…" – Miss Ryoko tried to say something but noticed that Karza was picking up her stuff.

"Now if you excuse me, I've got better things to do than wasting my time in your class." – she picked her bag and started walking towards the door, when she reached the middle she stopped – "And for your information, in case you didn't know, the last pharaoh, and yes it is pharaoh not monarch, emperor or king, it was a pharaoh." – she left the classroom feeling all eyes on her. "Well I'll just skip her classes, it isn't like I need to do this class again after all I aced it in my final!"

Inside the classroom

Every one of the students gaped at the door after she left, like at any moment she would be escort inside, and then they begun to whisper, it was like they weren't on the presence of a teacher.

"That girl is nuts, talking to the sensei like that, it doesn't matter she is from Egypt or Mars. The authorities must be respected!"

"She will get busted… and then she is going to be sent back to the hole she crawled from… she will go back to her forsaken country…"

"She is Japanese…" – said another girl answering to the other girl suggestion of sending Karza back to her country.

"Not anymore she isn't, not when she disrespects a teacher like that." – said Shimura.

"What will the sensei do about that?" – asked another student.

Syaoran never before let the whispers of his classmate about another get to him or disturb him like it was happening now, he was getting pissed with all the whispers and talk about Karza, especially behind her back. "The cowards don't have the guts to say it in front of her!"

He had it with all the talking, he stood up, knocking his chair on the process, he managed getting very one to stop whispering, only because they looked at him to see what the ruckus was all about.

"Will you shut up!" – he growled.

"Li that is no way to talk in my classroom. Who do you think you are? Are you already learning bad manners with the new student?" – Miss Ryoko hissed.

"Better her than you. It isn't like anything she said was a lie, you don' know squat about history, especially about Egypt history. And now you have in your class a true Egyptian… why do you all think she is right? Because she is a teacher? News flash… she isn't… she teaches us the facts all wrong. Now I'll be leaving. I don't even know why I came…"

Sakura was outside the room and heard everything he said. She fought against the smile that cradle up to her face. She lost. Before he come out she walked way, so she wouldn't be caught eavesdropping.

She walked to the backyard to one of the cherry blossoms and sat down at her bottom.

"This isn't so bad!" – she whispered gazing to the blue sky between the leaves of the tree.

"What isn't it so bad?" – he asked.

"Don't you know it's rude to walk up to people like that and listen to their private thoughts…" – she was fuming.

"Sorry don't need to go all defensive with me!" – he said putting his hand on her shoulder, big mistake he made, touching her without permission, even though she wanted to deny it that contact left a tingling sensation the spot and send some kind of electrical discharge on both of them, that spread through their entire bodies, they were feeling something pleasant but at the same time strange.

"Take your filthy hand of me… If you want her like it is now… I mean in the right place!!" – she said lowly, like she was threatening to rip it off and give it to him by present.

"Hey you don't need to…" – he said not taking of the hand and sitting down beside her trying to touch his shoulder with hers, he needed to have her, but for now he was contempt in only touching her, feeling that strange feeling. Something that made him forget he had a girlfriend, which he was supposed to love dearly, after all that is what he is always declaring to his friends, and to her through letter.

"Save it. I'll make it easier. I'm not interested in the likes of you!" – she said.

"What?" – he was aghast with her answering, she not wanting him.

"You are the heart throb of the school, are you not? I bet you had all the girls on your bed warming it for you…" – she took a deep breath this was hurting her, every word she spoke was dripping with venom, she didn't want to believe in that but by now he had only showed her what a bastard he was, and so therefore she wouldn't believe he never slept with any of the girls he flirted with – "and God knows what else, I don't even want to imagine it, I'm not about to let your actions contaminate my mind, all the school population. Sorry I don't degrade my standards so low to accept someone like you!" – she sneered.

"But… You got it all wrong!" – he tried to defend his reputation, sure he played and flirted but he never actually slept with anyone. He was saving himself for the love of his life.

"Have I? You begun to put your hand on my shoulder than you would use some kind of compliment like my skin is soft like silk, then you keep complimenting me… I've heard it tons of time before, there is nothing knew about it. Specially when you came from a country where it is rare to have auburn hair and green eyes…"

"What?" – he asked yet again, but this time he was remembering Sakura features, her lovely auburn tresses and her emerald green eyes, and then he begun feeling jealousy, "if this girl was so alike Sakura, and she was talking about guys ogling her and playing charm with her… So this means that my pure and sweet cherry blossom was having the same treatment, and she is so innocent and naïve she doesn't know about it…I need to make sure she is alright…Or maybe she learned when I taught her self defence…".

Karza hadn't answered him yet, she was watching his facial expression changing from curiosity, to jealousy, to mad, to fury, getting back to stoic. No one else would have noticed, maybe Tomoyo, but for her it was always easy read him like a book specially when he left his guard down, and after 8 years of having to learn the sign so she wouldn't get herself in trouble it was easier.

"Like I said before, and you better clean your ears because I don't like to repeat myself. I had tons of the likes of you courting me back in Egypt because of my features!" – she said it really slowly for him to understand – "I know that crappy song from backwards to the front. Girls like me are a rare finding and in Egypt they praise women like me. So if you want to be with your hand intact removes it!" – she said, she stood up brushing off her skirt – "I'll be going now!"

Before she could go he stood up and grabbed her wrist preventing her to leave. He knew after the threat she made of he losing his hand he was pushing his luck, be he couldn't help it, she intrigued he beyond believe and he wanted to know more about her.

"Why are you so cold?" – he asked not letting go of her wrist. She turned back and snatched her wrist back out of his reach.

"Two reasons!" – she said caressing her wrist, like he had hurt her, she take a deep breath – "I don't trust you and I don't really like you!" – the first part was true the blind trust Sakura Kinomoto had in him, Karza didn't trust him if her life depending on it, not after what she has been witnessing, all the faith she had on him were long gone. And the second reason was pure lie, if she didn't like him she wouldn't be so affected by his touch, with only his presence she would feel giddy inside, but she had learned to control her emotions during the years. She had to do be like this so she could move on.

"Why? You don't even know me!" – he said with a hurt on his eyes that almost made her falter.

"Simply, I know your type. Flirt with all everything that breaths, as legs and breast, just because you feel so much better having them crying in the corners after you went to another. You might have a girlfriend…" – she said narrowing her eyes to him, she remember the commotion he made for her not to sit on Sakura's place – "… that don't even know what kind of bastard she is dating." – she couldn't stop hurting herself. Why did it have to hurt her so much saying those words to him. "Damn it why can't I stop feeling it… It's to hurt him not me…"

"Don't you talk about stuff you know nothing about!" – he said getting angry.

"Oh did I hit a nerve? Poor Girl… Sakura right? Poor, poor little Sakura. Probably wherever she is, is better than here with you having her heart broken every second. At least out there she doesn't have to see you stepping on your so called relationship, and she can be happy and have fun…"

"Don't you…" – he now was seeing red, his fists were clenched beside his body, if this had been someone else he would have taken some action now. But towards her he couldn't. "I can't bring myself to do it… She just is too much like her…"

"The same fun you are having…" – he left abruptly not wanting to take actions to whatever else she could say. His face was marred with a deep scowl, deep inside his heart it wasn't jealousy or love anymore what he was feeling was anger to Karza or towards himself he couldn't say – "Not… I wouldn't ever do that to you!" – she whispered to the wind. She climbed that tree so she wouldn't be disturbed again. Just in time to answer her phone not seeing who was calling her.

She pulled it out of her bag…

"Hi…" – she said cheerfully, whoever was calling wasn't at fault she just had an argument with someone else, and that is left her beyond angry.

"Ying Fa" – a voice said from the other side of the line, from everyone she had in her address book she wasn't expecting to be him. But hearing his angry voice, she forgot she was pissed at him since the moment she saw him, and wanted it to laugh. She truly did, never before had he called her so distressed.

"What is the matter Xiao?" – even though she already knew she had to play her role perfectly.

"Nothing…." – his voice still showed traces of anger but hearing her were proving to be rather soothing to him, just hearing her made him forget about everything.

"How comes nothing? You never call me at this time…"

"Say what are up doing?" – she heard his voice became edgy once more.

"It's not what you think!"

"You don't know what I'm thinking! Tell me!" – he demanded. "Think Sakura what are you usually doing at this time when you were in Egypt? Working… no and he would go crazy if knew about that… I remember…"

"I was skipping a class, didn't felt like it going to Math…" – she smirked to herself when she heard him sighing with relief. – "But don't change the subject, tell me why are you so irritated?"

"I told you already it's nothing… I just wanted to know how you were!" – he said to her sweetly…

"I'm fine, missing you terribly, but copping with it…" – she said smirking "Yeah right…"

"I do too…" – he said in a sweet voice, the one she remembered about in their phone calls – "You know that…"

"Yes…" – she said it was their routine…

"No matter what may happen-"– she heard him saying, now he got her attention, and she was getting worried what he would say.

"What may happen? What are you talking about?" – she asked getting more curious.

"Nothing, it's just a way of talking… I still and always love you!"

"I know that silly, and I love you too, since the moment I laid eyes on you. Till the last time I saw you… I love you!" – she was speaking from her heart, what really was inside and not what she let come out…

"I know… Stupid Amanya!" – he muttered the last part.

"Who is she Xiao? I hope you ain't cheating on me!" – she said, she was angry he called her stupid, and angry he muttered another girl name while talking to her, never had he done such thing… But she also wanted to laugh about the whole situation.

"No one important…" – she was pissed he was calling her unimportant.

"If he or she wasn't that important you wouldbn't be calling her name!" – she said sharply – "Tell me Xiao Lang!"

"She is just the new exchange students, she is kind of weird… and made me freak out… Happy now?" – she knew he was smirking, by the sound of his voice. She couldn't help it, she knew him better than anyone.

"Yes… and why is she weird?" – she was trying to not show in her voice how much it hurt having him call her weird.

"Well she dresses funny, talks different languages, doesn't wear a uniform, faces the teachers!"

"Sounds like someone I know!" – she was hurt to hear him calling her weird, she knew he thought that about Karza, but telling her has Sakura hurt even more.

"Hey I was like that but it soon blows ever, I'm not that rude anymore… you changed me…" – she smiled inwardly, knowing what he was referring too.

"I know I did, but I was talking about her…"

"Well she is from Egypt!"

"Really?" – she pretend getting excited with the possibility of being someone she knows.

"Yes!" – he said exasperated damning his life, if his pure blossom knew such person…

"What does she look like?" – she asked interested in his opinion on her, beside of being called weird.

"I don't know…" – he said, she knew immediately he didn't want to answer that question afraid to say the wrong thing, and get her angry or worse sad with him.

"Xiao you know you can tell me everything… There isn't a reason to hide is there?" – she was curious to know why he was all so secretive about the subject.

"I'm telling you the truth!" – he said like he didn't want to talk about that anymore – "I really don't know but she makes me think a lot of you…"

"How does she do that?"

"I don't know maybe because like you she comes from Egypt… Or maybe because she is sitting on your seat… Oh blossom I miss you so much. When are you coming back?"

"I don't know… Xiao I've got to go, class is starting soon…"

"Me too… Talk to you later?"

"Yeah bye…"

"Don't forget?"

"About what?" – she asked puzzled redwing her the talk in her head to see what she missed.

"Love ya a million…" – he said like he was whispering in her ear.

I know you do… me too!"

Her face supported a dreamy look, he said he loved her… he still loves her. But can she trust his words? Well she did saw him getting angry but was it because of the possibility of being cheated on or losing her, when she said that Sakura could also be flirting like he do, she couldn't say. Even though all that he didn't want Karza to sit in Sakura's place… "Maybe I misinterpreted him… But I'll stick with the plan." – she thought.

The day pass slowly, class after class, hour after hour, it seemed the last period would never arrive. But finally it was the last class of the day – P.E.

Karza was grabbing her stuff from her classroom like all her classmates, so she could proceed to the locker room to get change for her last class, when her homeroom teacher stops her.

"Miss Amanya, may I have a word with you?"

"Sure!" – she said walking towards him.

"uuuuh!" – her classmates said.

"Looks, like someone is in trouble." – said Shimura, Sakura glared at her – "That bimbo, skipped class so that's what she deserves!"

"Kai, shut up. If she was call so will be Syaoran!" – Tomoyo snap at her.

The teacher's head appeared once again at the door – "Mr. Li join us."


With Sakura and Syaoran

"So do you two care to explain what happened in Miss Ryoko class?"

"I don't know about him, I skipped it because that so called teacher is a phoney."

"What?!" – he asked outraged – "I must tell you that she graduate in the top 10 in history and she has a PHD in Egyptian History."

"You've got to be kidding me. I bet with you that she can't even translate the inscription of a tomb!"

"Why do you?" – Miss Ryoko asked, being fed up of an exchange student question her potential and wisdom.

"As a matter of fact, I do. I lived not one or two months in Egypt and proclaimed I knew it all. I lived there for 8 whole years, and not even a quarter of that time was in Cairo or any type of city." – she said, Syaoran was eyeing her and listen carefully to what she was saying, sinking in everything she said, Karza noticed that – "More, I think. So don't you came and tell me what I know. I helped and live in digs."


"Oh... What? Never mind Miss Ryoko you'll have to talk to the principle about this… Now about you Mr. Li?"

"I didn't felt like it. Differently from Amanya -" – he stared at her and saw her death glare, it was almost as powerful as his – "I learned every piece of Egyptian history from books send to me by Sakura." – she was surprised with what he said.

"Oh I see."

"I bet they are in Egyptian."

"Yes they are, she translated them to me. I actually learned the language by the books and her translation."

"So if we'd give you a written test about it would you both pass it?"

"Of course… I already told Miss Ryoko, that back in Egypt I had 100 on history, in every single exam. Now it would be stupid for them giving such high score in history, especially of their home country if I didn't knew a thing about it. Wouldn't it?"

"I guess you are right. You both may go to your last class."

They stood up and got out of Mr. Terada office. Together at the same pace they walked towards the locker room.

"Hey" – Syaoran called her trying to get her attention. She ignored him, not intentionally though, she was simply lost in her own thoughts.

"So he kept the books and used them to learn something. That is a good Syaoran…" – She was cut short on her thoughts because a hand got hold of her wrist.

"What?" – she asked annoyed trying to pry her hand from his tight grip.

"I asked you why you didn't told the class you weren't Egyptian?"

"Oh that… Well if you've to know, it's none of your damn business. I do what I want… I'm not obligated to tell them or you for that matter anything about me, nor do I want to." – she tried to walk away from him, but he merely pull her back towards him, making her crash against him "Not good…" – they both though – "Didn't I told you before to never touch me…" – she said putting some space between the two of them – "Now if I'm late to class you are dead meat… I don't feel like having a dete4ntion today."

"Fine he let her go, and walk towards the place their teacher was.

"It always a honour to have you with us Mr. Li, but try to be on time next time… you to Miss Amanya…" – the teacher said, each word dripping with sarcasm.

"Sorry for being late, but Mr. Terada wanted to have a word with us."

"Instead of wasting more time, why don't you two go change… you've 5 minutes before the class starts and you'll have a detention."

"Yes teacher."

Each went to their respective locker room. They changed and got out in less than 5 minutes, each locker room was empty their class mates probably were just burning time and taking their sweet time to the field.

Syaoran was waiting for her outside her door, when the door opened and she came out, his eyes popped out of its sockets and his chin hit the floor. He never had seen a girl with such a perfect body, according to his opinion the piercing and tattoo only complimented her already perfect figure.

Being the normal guy he is he started to undress her gym suit with his eyes, it's not like there was much to take off, or there was anything left to the imagination to fill. Her gym suit compared to his other female classmates could be considered a micro version. She had on black short shorts with a green strip on the side, the length that showed her tattoo, a white wolf cub laying on top of a bed of sakura's and sakura's petals under it was written لتتلي وأل. He was intrigued by it. If the shorts took his breath away by showing her perfect legs the top, or should he say sports bra/bikini, red with a green strip on the side just like the other girls uniform. It was usual for girls to shorten their uniforms but not like that. He got a full view of her flat stomach and the piecing in her belly-button supporting an Egyptian cross. Her hair was on half a pony tail, and too match her outfit; she wore a black pair of tennis.

Sakura also stared at him but more discreetly, she didn't want him to know how he affected her. His gym shirt shoed his arms, and what arms they were, it showed how many hours he spent training also it showed his six pack, phenomenal abs. The black shorts made his ass look more round. That was the sole reason why every girl in campus would go watch his gym class and soccer practice, so they could enjoy the view.

"What?" – he asked nonchalantly.

They kept staring at one and other till Sakura change posture to a more flirty one, she smirked and – "Like what you see?" – she twirled slowly so he could have a good view of her, he noticed she had another tattoo on the small of her back, it was a Scarab - "But remember you call ogle all you want, but you can't touch!"

"Wha… Bu… I…" – he was completely appalled with what she said he was left speechless. Syaoran shook his head to get everything clear – "You can't go to class like that…"

"Says who?" – she eyed him dangerously – "You are a student so what you say isn't valid."

The two of them were so suck into which other appearance and argument they didn't notice the teacher arriving – "If you two are done chit-chatting I would like to start my class. And what on Earth are you wearing? Your underwear. Go put your gym equipment this instance.

"Told you so" – Syaoran mouthed to her. She simply smirked, he begun to worry… "Why would she smile like that when the teacher is about to order her to change clothes?"

"This is my gym suit… Here this is for you." – she said smiling innocently.

"What?" – She gave him the note, he skim through it – "Very well you can wear that. I wonder how it will be accepted."

Syaoran was aghast with the teacher's decision.

"Told you so…" – she said walking with the teacher to the field. – "And about the others I don't give credit what they might think or say. I do what I want, when I want and the others don't have a say in it… Can we go to class?"

"Is that a piercing?" And a tattoo?" – a student asked horrified in how a 18 year old had her body so mutilated. Sakura looked around a noticed a few students had come out of the locker rooms, they were all girls, Shimura was among them.


"And your parents-" – Sakura cut her off.

"Yes my father let me do it. But that isn't any of your business!"

"No it isn't but it makes you look even more like a hooker." – Shimura said loud and clear.

"It has to be one to know one, isn't it right?"

"You didn't just call me a…" – they arrived to the game field. Very ones eyes were on her. Once again Syaoran glared at them from staring at him. He hadn't a clue why he felt so compelled to protected her has if she was his.

"Kids stop string at her. And lets begin class." – he said trying to avert the attention on Karza's outfit.

"But she is almost naked." – said a guy that was eating her with his eyes.

"No I'm not, and do yourself a favour stop drooling over me. I use this outfit when I need to move around quickly without any clothes constricting it and P.E is jut like that. So sensei what are we going to do?"

"I was thinking maybe a few exercises from gymnastic and soccer! Now everyone 5 laps around the field for warm up."

Sakura was tying her left shoe when the teacher told her the others had already started.

She begun racing at her own pace, slowly till she reach the last one, then she started to speed her pace till in no time she had reached the first one and easily run pass him, she never stop running till the end of the 5 laps, she ended it first with an advance of two laps over the fast runner in class, Syaoran.

To say he was pissed it was an understatement, never anyone run pass him, they couldn't he was way faster than them and usually had to wait till the finish the last lap for start the exercises. But he soon got over it when he watched her stretching right in front of him, okay so he strategically positioned himself there so he could have a clear view of her ass and to her cleavage.

Hardly he manage to remove his eyes of her rear end to look around and noticed the bleachers and around the camp it was full with students, that was a regular feat for him, but normally it was only girls, now they were fill with male and female students, and believe it or not everyone was gapping at how well fit she was. She had all the curves on the right places.

HE once again look to her ass only to have her looking straight at him with a smirk adorning her lips – "Are you done staring at my ass? You know some would think you were trying to see your image on it. Sorry but you can't… my ass is more pretty and cuter than you."

She gathered around the teacher with the others while the teacher explained what they had to do, Syaoran was left rooted to his spot.

They had to do a back split………., with a mortal to the back, a cartwheel, and ended with a spinning mortal (Frankii please help me out here….). The teacher made them do an impossible sequence, the boys didn't try it some of the things might do some permanent damage, so they started to train some kung fu moves under the supervision of Syaoran. Some girls tried and failed, not even the cheerleaders were capable of doing it perfectly, and some lost their balance.

"I'm disappointed with you Miss Kai" – said the teacher who was also the cheerleading coach – "This should be easy for you and the squad, but instead you ashamed me."

"But…. But.." – she tried to defend herself.

"You should have been able to do this but you showed me you are incapable so maybe…."

"Sorry, I'll try doing better next time…."

"I sincerely hope you can till next train. Next…. Who hasn't done the sequence yet?"

"Amaya-san!" – said Kelly with disdain, she didn't like the smirk Karza had adorning her lips when Shimura was being told off by the teacher.

"Oh yeah…. So show is what you've got. Since the note the dean send said you had a great ability…" though he didn't believe it was possible.

"Fine." – she said, she fixed her pony tail, and put herself in position to start.

She got the balance needed to start, less tan the others had, the girls especially Shimura and Kelly started snicker and whispering she wouldn't be able to do it. Se begun doing the sequence with the grace of a professional. She didn't even stopped to change to think what was the next one or how should she do it more than 2 seconds, it was like it was her nature. The teacher jaw fell to the floor. Everyone stopped talking and doing what they were doing just to simply stared at her not for her body but for the performance. It was like time stopped when she was doing the mortal, she was going really high, and something the cheerleaders only could do with the help of each others she managed with only the force of her legs. Everyone held their breath afraid she might fall at any second.

She landed like a feather without for once stopping what she was doing or showing uncertainty or doubting herself.


Clap clap

Clap clap clap

Everyone begun clapping at her performance, standing up, only Shimura and Kelly didn't do it, they couldn't believe it. Syaoran and Tomoyo were gapping at her performance, the last time they seen something like that it had been Sakura.

"That Miss Kai was what I expected to see from the captain of the cheerleading squad. Your place has captain is hanging by a thin thread."

"But… But…"

"But nothing. Miss Amanya would you like a spot on-"

"Now it isn't the best of times for me, I don't have much time for it…. Maybe sometime later.

"It's your choice, but don't forget there is a spot waiting for you. You just have t sya the word!" – he said. He wanted Karza in the squad immediately but he could wait, she would come around – "Now let's play soccer, and the girls will play it too. No whining."- he started counting the girls – "But we have a problem we now have an extra girl to the teams and one boy short so-"

"I can play with them-" – someone spoke but no one listen.

"Mr Natifa we used to be even but since Amanya arrived we ain't so it is only fair she stay out…."

"Like I said…" – the same person said louder getting everyone's attention – "I don't mind play with them…."

To be continued….

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