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In the previous chapter

"Here is ours in Tomoeda!" – said Sakura grabbing a paper and scribbling hers and Tomoyo's address.

That night they all returned to their rooms earlier, since the trip on the following day would be a long one, everyone with the exception of Nakuru and Meilin would be driving. They got into bed and before their heads hit the pillows they were already asleep, with the wish of seeing their new friends soon.

The next day the first going back home were Sakura and Tomoyo, they took Sakura's car, a Beetle 1.6 Cabrio black, Toya and Yukito had returned by train, like they were going to take her car. Actually this year was their turn to go back home on other means of transportation. They said goodbye to Mrs. Mizuki and for the first time they didn't said "See you next year!" because they didn't know if they were coming back, and she knew that. She knew if her flowers would come back it wouldn't be for the same time, after all they weren't in high school anymore and their vacation time would be shorter.

After they were gone it was Meilin and Nakuru's time to leave, they waited for their taxi. They thanked Mrs. Mizuki for everything and said that what Sakura and Tomoyo said was true, the best thing of staying in that particular house was Mrs. Mizuki, she thanked for the compliment and told them she loved having them with her this year, that her garden had more two beautiful flowers, and that she would be waiting for them when it was possible and they could bring their brothers.

Then it was Naoko and Rika turn to leave, with a sad face, like they were about to cry. Mrs. Mizuki remembered them of the four rules, and the most important thing is that even during goodbyes, no matter how sad they were there would be always a tomorrow. Afterwards they went to Rika's blue Peugeot 2006 and headed back to Tomoeda.

The last ones to go back were Yamazaki and Chiharu, since they shared a room, they wanted to make their last day there, last forever while holding onto each other, after another fight, making peace always felt good. They said their goodbyes to Mrs. Mizuki, and she to the couple said to enjoy the company of each other. Then to Yamazaki to enjoy his girlfriend because like her there are few, to less stories and lies. Then to Chiharu have more patients with him, not to throttle him so many times, or someday he won't have a neck instead a thin line for getting squeezed so much. And so they climb into Yamazaki's silver Renault Clio and went back to their home town.

Now on with the chapter

4- Accommodation Part 1

As soon as they arrived to Tomoeda, Sakura left Tomoyo at the entrance door of her mansion.

"So we meet here at 9 sharp. Right?" – Tomoyo asked for the -enth time since the beginning of their trip back home.

"Yes…" – she said exasperate – "But you are still taking your car right?" – she was uncertain about that fact.

"Of course. You didn't think we could take all that's left of our stuff in your car?"

"No, I was just asking. What car are you going to take?"

"Don't know yet…. I'll think about it tomorrow."

They said their goodbyes after unloading Tomoyo's luggage from Sakura's car.

"Ok. Say hello to auntie Sonomi. Till tomorrow." - she said goodbye getting inside her car.

"Bye…." – Tomoyo waved at her entering her mansion, where her mother was waiting for her.

She was finally ready to spend her last night in her bedroom in her home in a long time with her father and brother. The next time would be on Christmas but then her probably would probably miss it.

She parked her car in her garage space, unload her bags and walked to the entrance of her home. She thought she would have the house all for herself even if it was just for an hour, well alone has she could get with the servants, but she was in for a surprise.

"Surprise!!" – everyone inside in the house shouted when she walked through the door. They were her dad, her grandfather, her aunt, her brother, Yukito; all her friends and classmates but the presence that surprised her most leaving her really confused was Tomoyo's.

She was overwhelmed. For starters she had just left Tomoyo in her house, and how in God's name did Naoko, Rika, Chiharu and Yamazaki arrived first than her. And weren't her family supposed to be working at this hour. But they were all there for a party.

"But how in…" – she couldn't even express herself.

"Well I arrived first than you because I know you wouldn't resist to stop by the park." – said Tomoyo with a knowing look – "After all it's where everything important to you happened. Where we first met…" – she had smug look referring to that one – "where you trained, where you hang out, where you decided what you were going to do for the rest of your life…."

"You know me to well!" – she said blushing.

"And we arrived first, because we know Miss Kinomoto always has to stop in the middle of the trip to say your last goodbye to the beach. Even when we were returning by train you made us get out or follow you. Let's say it's a tradition for you." – said Naoko like she was telling a story. Sakura became even redder.

"We decided to take the day off to say a proper goodbye to our beautiful flowers!" – said her grandfather, Mr. Amanya, pointing to her and Tomoyo. Now Sakura wasn't the only one blushing.

"Ah… you are making us blush!" – they whined.

"You two are the first ones leaving Tomoeda, so we decided to throw you a surprise party. To the both of you!" – said Tomoyo's mom.

"What? It was supposed to be only for Sakura!" – Tomoyo complaint to her mother in a hurt tone for hiding something so important from her.

"If you knew it, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?"

"No…. but…." – she started to pout.

"Now you know how I feel when you organise the surprise parties for me!" – Sakura said, looking directly to Tomoyo, since her cousin has a thing for throwing surprise parties.

"Fine. I get it. But this is a party right?" – once again everyone nodded – "But it isn't only ours, it's yours too, after all you will all go, sooner or later."

"I agree with Moyo, this party is for all of us that are leaving home to work or study." – Sakura said thanking her lucky stars for having such a brilliant cousin for thinking in a way to throw everyone to the centre of attention with them. They both hated being on the spotlight.

"So let's partyyyyy!" – Toya said, he had promise his family he would be enthusiastic about the whole thing.

After that small talk, they started celebrating. At beginning the were all mingling together, teens and adults, but after awhile, the adults joined to together and went to a more secluded part of the house away from the noise to talk about business and Fujitaka's next dig. Leaving the kids alone to have their own fun, they didn't need adult supervision anymore.

The teens during the party time besides having fun they decided to catch up one last time, so they spoke about everything from rumours to college, about the ending of the vacations and summer, especially how they were going to miss everything about Tomoeda, but alas it was time to leave and start again in a new place. It was past midnight when everyone started to leave to their own homes. The last ones staying in the Kinomoto household was Sakura's grandfather, her aunt and cousin.

"It seems like you two are going to start a new milestone in your life, away from us, without our help if it's needed it!" – their grandfather said with a stressed voice, they were all sat in the living room. Hearing this Toya started to frown with jealous of all the attention the girls were receiving – "Yes and you too Toya. You are also starting a new milestone."

"But you know perfectly well it's different for your cousin and sister. We were always next to them too protecting them, like you do too." – his dad said.

"But now they are going to start something all by themselves, and even though you are going to be there, it won't be the same thing. For starters they are going to live all by themselves." – Tomoyo's mom added.

"They could very well live with me." – Toya whispered so no one could hear him, but his grandfather did.

"They could but they won't. And I want it to stay that way." – he said with a tone of finality that Toya knew there was nothing he could say to change his mind – "Thought the years you protected them to much, now they have to fend for themselves and they are going to be just fine, they are going to make us proud!" – their grandfather spoke looking straight into Toya's eyes. The message was clear "I support their decision of living by themselves." Toya simply wanted them to live with him so he could protect them, but he knew it wouldn't happen anytime soon.

"And although you are all going to the same city and to the same campus, you won't be having the same schedule, nor the same classes, the buildings are apart from each other. That's why we're telling them to be careful, and to do what feels right!" – Sakura's dad said. He wanted to give them a chance to find their own space in the world, outside the family.

"That's right. And no matter what we will always support your decisions!" – said Tomoyo's mom, but the girls new she was only saying that, truth to be told that wasn't like that, at least not when Toya is around, but they won't let him ruin their life – "And for our goodbye we bought you a gift. We're going give the same thing to you Toya, but to where you are going to live they don't accept it."

"Don't accept what?" – Sakura asked extremely curious.

"Here it is! Open up and see if you like it!" – the grandfather said passing to Sakura and Tomoyo a box with holes on it, Sakura's had a pink bow and Tomoyo's a purple one.

They took the boxes very carefully and set them down on their lap, because when they picked them up them seem so fragile, like whatever was inside would break at any instance. They discarded the bow to the side and opened the boxes all that could be heard were squeals of excitement.

"Aaaaahhhh! They are so cute… utterly Kawaii" – they both said it at the same time with a very sweet and high voice, seeing what was inside the boxes.

They slowly picked up two kitties, which had to be one month old or less. Tomoyo's was entirely black like a puma, the eyes were greenish. Sakura's was yellow like a lion; the eyes appeared to be golden with streaks of black. Each had a necklace of a different colour, Tomoyo's was turquoise and Sakura's red.

"Hey…" – Toya whined – "Why didn't I have a pet? It was my idea,"

"Because like you aunt told you, to where you are going to live animals aren't allowed. Also we weren't really seeing you taking care of a kitty nearly born. So we decided to give you something else." – his grandfather said, looking to him, stealing a glance to Sakura – "This…" – giving him a box.

Inside the box it was a golden plate, with his engraved on it and under it was C.E.O.

"I don't get it." – Toya said while he looked towards his aunt with his eyes full with question marks, confused.

"Actually, it's pretty simple!" – she explained – "Even without having finish college you did a great job this summer, especially in the last business deal, you made sure we will stay business partners with them for a long while. It's been a while seen father and I came to this decision!"

"What decision?" – he still wasn't getting it.

"That when you finish college, the firm will be under your care. But till then it is your aunt's and yours during the summer." – his grandfather explained, Toya was shocked, not even moving. He didn't want to believe it what he just heard – "Yes you can believe it. It's true." – he was so happy that he didn't saw his grandfather glancing towards Sakura with sad eyes.

"Thank you…. Thank you so much!" – Toya said and then he looked to his sister and cousin and asked – "So monsters what will you call the fur balls?"

"We ain't kaijuu's…." – and before he could prevent it Toya learned the reason why he shouldn't ever, ever sit in the middle of the two, they stomped on his feet – "And they ain't fur balls, they are kitties…" – they elbowed him.

"Itai… that hurts…." – he screamed, he tried to look for support on his family members but they were looking at him amused.

"We know." – they muttered grinning at him with a warning look.

"I'm going to call mine Kero."

"I'm going to call mine SpinnelSun!"

After that, they said their final goodbyes and left for the night. The following day was going to be a long one for both of the girls. They had a 5 hour drive till Tokyo, each in their own car. It was easy for Sakura she was used to drive, the difference was this time she wouldn't have anyone to keep her company, Tomoyo on the other hand would drive for the first time to somewhere else than to the shopping and back home.

Sakura after cleaning up part of the house, she didn't want the servants to have to much work after all they had a lot to do already besides worrying about cleaning the leftovers of the party. She went up to her room and in there she found some accessories for Kero. She picked them up and put them inside a box. She opened up her closet and saw that there were a few things she needed to pack, in an hour she had everything in a corner of her room ready to be load in her car, but first she had to rest for a few hours.

In the next day miraculously Sakura managed to wake up on time, something that left her brother terrified of, since never before had she done it, not in their 18 years of life. So that could only mean two things: his sister had been switched for another person during the night or the sky was going to fall over their heads since it was the end of the world. He didn't utter a word he was smarter than that after all his feet were still healing from the previous night stomping.

Sakura packed her last few boxes and bags in her car; her cat was next to her in his travel box. The moment has finally come, where she would say goodbye to her family and family home till Christmas. She said goodbye to her father and brother, she hug her father really tight she didn't know when would be the next time she would see him, he was leaving the following day for a dig without a returning date. Toya would be leaving in two days to Tokyo with their other friends. Sakura would be the first to go because she couldn't wait to be in Tokyo and the beginning of her new life.

As soon as they said goodbye she hopped into her car and drove towards her cousin house. Tomoyo had a frustrated look on her face since she was still loading her car and it seemed she hadn't any space left, her was in Sakura's car with still plenty of space for her last boxes.

Finally everything was ready for them to leave, they kissed goodbye their grandfather and aunt/mother in Tomoyo's case and they started their way out of the driveway of the Daidoudjii household. Sakura was taking the lead since she was more familiar with the directions to their new house in Tokyo, after all every time they went down there she was the one driving whilst Tomoyo gave her the direction.

Before leaving Tomoeda behind they passed in front of their elementary school. Seijuu high school and the King Penguin Park, they set their course to Tokyo. They took the highway and after two stops one to fill in the gas tank the other to rest for awhile, they arrived at 14h30. Its way past their lunch hour and they were starving. They spotted a Pizza hut kind of restaurant. They ordered a Pizza to take home because they didn't know what condition they would find the house in or if there was food in it. And after leaving that place they headed finally to the place they would be calling home for the next four years.

The house was near to the campus where they would attend class, but the bad thing about it was how far away from the centre of the city, but they could cope with it. The house had four floors and a small garden at the front and back, it also had an open porch with a swing. When they parked the car they could see on three of the floors, except the first one, they could see three windows. This house wasn't only for the two of them it was going to became a fraternity, but it still wasn't named after all the name needs to be given by all of the girls that would be living there.

Sakura and Tomoyo had already a chosen room so there won't any misunderstandings; they were going to stay on the third floor on one of the corner windows, the left one. They unloaded the cars and left everything on the entrance hall they had another thing to the first – eat. The sat down on the living room, the first division on the right when you enter the house, and started eating their pizza. They took noticed in how different the living room was since the last time they were there; it was a big difference from empty to what it is now. It had a TV across from where they sat on one of the three sofas, between them a coffee table where the Pizza box was settled. To their left was a huge dining table for at least eighteen people. Around the entire room there were a few bookcases with different kinds of books since novels, to drama, to music and few object of every girl, like photos and tiny ornaments, so they would feel more at home.

After finishing eating they cleaned up and put the pizza box and the cans into the garbage inside the kitchen. They had a dream kitchen well equipped with a microwave, a stove, a oven, a fridge, a juice machines and a shaker machine as well as a bread maker, there was a kitchen table in the middle of the kitchen.

On this floor there was also a study room with a library, they picked inside to see how it was and were marvelled it has a large table with enough space for everyone sit to study even if every room of the house were occupied. There were also two computers even though all the girls had their own.

The top floors were exactly the same, with three bedrooms, two to the front and one to the back, the middle window seen from outside was the hall window. In each floor of the house there was at least one bathroom.

They took their stuff to their room, before unpacking and putting everything in their place they cleaned up the dust. The rooms were big, it had two single beds, two desks with 3 shelves over them (the shelves were still empty), on top of their desks there were their laptop, in one of the walls there was a board from the floor to the ceiling where they had for now a few photos of family and friends, and then there was the reason why they chose this room from all the others – the closet. It was big enough for all of their clothes, including evening dresses, and still had enough room for Tomoyo's creation for college and what she wants to do in her free time and for Sakura's shopping spree when she felt like it.

They had already picked up their beds and anyone who entered the room could tell which belong to Sakura and Tomoyo. One bed had a blue quilt with lilac flowers; the other was green with pink flowers. The first thing they did after getting rid of the boxes, they release their kitties of their cages, when they got out of them, Sakura and Tomoyo weren't expecting what they saw, their kitties went directly to their bed, trying to climb up. They found it funny, because they were so little and they were trying to go up, they picked them up and put them down on top of their beds.

During the next day they went shopping for what was missing in the house, food was the top priority on their list, then cleaning products and for what it's worth Sakura bought a cute necklace for her cat and for Tomoyo's too. After parking Sakura's car in front of the house they noticed the door was wide open, but they clearly remember closing it. Sakura was sure she has closed it and Tomoyo had checked, since she is so absent-minded.

"I closed it didn't I?" – Sakura asked from inside her car pointing to the door.

"Yes." – was her answered just above a whisper.

"So why is it open?"

"I don't really know."

"Naoko, Rika, Chiharu like the other girls only arrive tomorrow. That was what the message said, right?" – Sakura said a little afraid of stepping inside.

"Yes. So what should we do? It could be a thief? Should we call the police?"

"We can't really call the cell phones are charging remember. The only way is entering and catching him by surprise, with every self-defence class we had. You think we can do it?"

"O-f cou-r-se!" – said Tomoyo in a very confident way but her voice showed the fear she was feeling – "Lets?" – Sakura nodded.

If they had look around they would have seen a car parked next to the house, with a trunk full of bags. But in a moment like that they didn't thought of that, they simply thought someone was robbing them.

They entered quietly, even though they were wearing heels they didn't made any noise. They hide behind the door and inside the living room. Instead of one, they saw two figures climbing down the stairs that gave access to the rooms; one was taller than the other. They didn't thought twice when they walk through their hiding place they attacked. Sakura took the taller and Tomoyo the shorter. Sakura controlled perfectly her thief down, Tomoyo on the other hand didn't, and she in fact was the being controlled.

"Who are you and what do you want in our house?" – asked Sakura, she tried to speak in the strongest voice she could muster and it come out sore; it didn't resemble her own voice.

"We live here." – said a female voice – "Now let go of my cousin or she will pay!" – meaning Tomoyo would get hurt.

Although the voice was shaking with fear of what might happen to her cousin, Sakura recognised her immediately.

"Meilin? What are you doing here?" – asked Sakura letting Meilin's cousin arms go.

"Sakura?" – Meilin asked, and she also letting go Tomoyo go – "I'm the one who should be asking!"

"I asked first!"

"Okay!" – now Tomoyo and the cousin, also known as Nakuru, were also standing, and since the argument weren't taking them anywhere they drove their cousins towards the living room – ""We come studying in Tokyo. Now it's your turn to answer the question."

"Isn't it obvious, us too."

"This is going to be so kawaii!" – Tomoyo squealed.

"You could have told me you were coming study in Tokyo, that way we would know there was a chance to meeting you again!" – Nakuru said pouting.

"Yeah… you too could have said something…" – they started laughing with the whole situation they found themselves in – "It seems like we will be classmates." – Tomoyo said.

"It was actually my family idea for us to attend college in Japan, since we wanted to do out of China. But our brothers had to come with u. It's going to be so boring having them calling in and checking on us!" – sighed Meilin bored already remembering everything her brother had said before they left the airport.

"Don't fret about it now." – Sakura said changing the subject – "What room are you staying at?"

"The first room of the second floor!" – said Nakuru – "you?"

"On the last one of that same floor!" – Tomoyo answered – "Kura I think it's a good idea to unload the car, before something happens to the groceries."

"That's right…" – she said slapping herself on the forehead only now remembering the groceries, the butter and milk were probably rotten by now.

"And we've to finish unloading ours. I mean what is left of it, it we weren't robbed already."

"Meimei, why are saying that?"

"Because you left the trunk open, don't you remember?" – as soon as Meilin said that Nakuru was gone, leaving behind a cloud of smoke.

They left after Nakuru, Meilin to help, Sakura and Tomoyo to get the groceries. After they had put everything in its place inside the kitchen. They went to the second floor they were dying to take a peek inside Meilin and Nakuru's room. They knocked at the door because it's room to just go in, and waited for an answer.

"Come in…." – said Meilin and then added after looking around their room – "Don't mind the mess."

"Okay." – said Tomoyo looking around, they needed help – "if you want we can help."

"You'd do that?" – asked Nakuru her eyes filled with tears, anime style, of thanks.

"Of course let's get to work!" – said Sakura – "Let's talk this through so it's quicker!" – and gave one of her sweetest smiles.

In less than two hours they had everything in the right places, they took twice the time because Meilin and Nakuru brought everything now with them. Inside the closet they had all their clothes packed. They have as much as Sakura and Tomoyo. In their desks, there were their laptops, the shelves were still empty. The room was exactly the same that Sakura and Tomoyo had chosen. And just like them you could tell which bed belong to which girl through the quilt colour, Nakuru's was a strong pink with red stars and Meilin's red with golden flowers.

That night neither one of the girls wanted to go out to dinner, so Tomoyo for once cooked dinner. They talked about their trip, the surprise party Sakura and Tomoyo got, the argument Nakuru and Meilin had with their brothers, they like Toya wanted them to live with them.

"Honestly they are going to live in a house full of guys and they wanted us there. When our mothers heard them, gave us reason, so we won't be living with them!" – said Meilin completely irritated by only thinking about it – "It's enough we had before college…."

"I understand you completely. Right Moyo?"

"Yes. You should have seen my cousin's face, during two weeks the only thing they did was argue and fight. And the day before we left Tomoeda he tried to soothe our grandfather into going against us living away from him. But fortunately for us…." – she looked at them and noticed the look she was receiving like she two heads – "Yes I said us, Toya is the same way with me too, but with is a little less, or could I put it, possessive, just tiny bit. But like I was saying, our grandfather helped us, even with moving us to this awesome home."

After a few more minutes they decided to call it a night and went to bed. In the next day they would have a busy they helping the other girls getting settled in.

It was noon when Naoko, Rika and Chiharu, and the other girls finally arrived. One of the girls was Chiharu's cousin, her name was Mihara Kaho, the other two were called Michyo Gabrielle and Akizuki Tao.

Chiharu was going to stay on the room below Sakura and Tomoyo with her cousin, in that same floor there would be two vacant rooms. The second floor middle room would be free, in the third floor the only room vacant was the middle one, Naoko and Rika would above Sakura and Tomoyo, and Tao and Gabrielle would be on the other one.

During the rest of the day it was used to get to know each other, giving their own personal touch to decoration of the house and decide what name they were going give the fraternity but still hadn't come up with anything good. That night who cooked was Gabrielle, she made a French dish. Sakura and Tomoyo were the ones that talked less about their family, even Meilin and Nakuru spoke more than they did.

After dinner they sat down in the living room and spoke for awhile about themselves, they found out intriguing things about the girls they weren't acquaint with yet. They found out they had boyfriends, but they stayed in another college near their home town or close to Tokyo, and they would go see them and received them if the others would mind the intrusion.

"For me it's okay." – after all we have a few vacant rooms and putting them to use won't do us any harm." – said Sakura

"I agree!" – said Meilin even though she doesn't have any special someone on her life at the moment she would like her housemates to the same for her.

The others girls also agreed because maintaining a long distance relationship is complicated and having to pay for a room in a motel was expensive with the means of transportations and the college expenses.

After that all of them, except Meilin, Nakuru, Tomoyo and Sakura, called it a night. They still wanted to talk a little more. Tomoyo couldn't hold her curiosity any longer; she wanted to know where her friends' brothers would be living.

"Can I ask you a question without prying in?" – for the cheesy way she spoke Sakura knew what she wanted to know.

"You already did…." – Nakuru said with a mocking voice – "But you can ask another one."

"It's about your brothers are staying at?"

"They are in a house close from here, just like ours, I think it's about 4 or 5 houses away!" – answered Meilin.

"Uh-oh" – moaned Sakura.

"Uh-oh what?" – asked Nakuru.

"Because there is a high chance that they are going to stay in the same house with my cousin, and two of our friends!" – said Tomoyo – "And if they find out we are all together, and since they are all over-protective, adding Toya, we will have a guard dog here."

"Oh my god you are right! Uh-oh….But lets just hope for the best…." – Nakuru said while yawning she wasn't going to worry about it just now – "See you guys tomorrow, I'm off to bed."

One after the other they went to bed, in less than two days classes would star. Sakura was lying in her bed, anxious, she couldn't sleep. She picked up Kero and got out of the house really quietly. She sat on the swing that was on the porch and started looking towards the sky.

"You know Kero, I have this weird feeling that something is going to happen, I don't know if it's something I'll like it or not…. But I probably will… Do you think I'm crazy?" – she asked her cat and patted him.

Has if he was answering her he cuddled further in her lap, she saw it has his way of saying everything is going to be alright.

"You are right. Everything is going to be alright. It's not worth it suffering with anticipation. Let's get inside…." – Sakura said starting feeling cold, since she was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

As soon as she got back inside, she went to her room, laid down in her bed, her last thought were towards her late mother, thanking her for giving life to her and her brother and for teaching them to keep on moving no matter what, even though she ahd died young that was one of the most important things she taught her kids. And then she fell asleep.

To be continued….


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