Laura Pov

"What are we going to do about the cops?" Tyler asked. Dad looked around and then asked Jess if he could drive. He answered a very subtle 'yes' and then he asked Tyler if he could drive and he nodded his head, 'yes.' "Okay, then I'll take Laura and we'll sit in the back of Jess's car and then Tyler you'll just drive behind us." Tyler stared at the two dead guys infront of us. "Accidents happen." Jess said. I smiled because I really wanted to be with him more right now. I love my dad and all- but I thought since Jess got us into this, then he should get me out of this.

They moved me to the back of Jess's car they then backed up and turned around. Dad got on the phone right away- "Sam, we found her and were going to need some medical assistance, I can't talk long I have to do some talking to these two for right now." He then hung up the phone and looked at Jess.

"Your driving, so you get the lecture later-" Jess looked at me and I smiled at him. He smiled back knowing that everything would be okay, well for me- he wanted to assure me that.

"You were drinking, I called you 41 times and you didn't answer your phone and know look- your hurt." His voice was getting high but then he lowered it when he saw the blood covering my face. "How could you do this to me? Your always getting hurt and I have to watch you suffer, I don't like that- and we settled down! You still can't stay still." I thought about Tyler and how he strongly beileves there was a reason for everything. I had to brake up with him or something. I didn't like the fact that he was lying to me. This was just driving me crazy. I'll give him one more chance, I thought to myself.

"Laura! are you even listening to me." Jess mummbled 'no' under his breathe. Dad just glared at him still trying to figure out what he was going to do with him. I just laughed and smiled- it was funny and I was hurt, I didn't want to get introuble in the middle of that. Jess pulled up to the appartment and Dad rushed me inside, he then placed me on the couch and Uncle Sam and Aunt Chloe ran in the living room area.

"Oh my god! What the fuck happened?" Uncle Sam asked. Everyone stopped and stared at him. We were all shocked at what he said.

"She's bleeding Dean, what are we going to do?" Chloe looked at everyone like they were insane.

"Take her to a hospital you idiots." Everyone stopped and stared at Chloe.

"I don't trust doctors-" Dad said. Uncle Sam just rolled his eyes and got on the phone. "Hey, Lex-" Lex Luthor, he was on the phone with Lex Luthor.

"Ya, well I was wondering if you could call a doctor because my neice-"

"Thanks, 2619 Briar Ridge Drive." That was the address of our place and he was telling him everything.

"Lana's comming?" Chloe asked. Sam nodded his head, "I'm not letting her go like this- he's not letting her go like this." Sam pointed at Tyler, he was the 'he'. I looked at Tyler and then tried to shake my head no, kind of like a 'tsk, tsk' thing.

"Jess-" I said. He came by me and shh'd me a little.

"It's not your fault-" I whispered to him. I know thats what he was thinking- everyone was thinking that. Tyler was thinking that but it was more his fault then Jess. I was starting to love Jess as my brother- we were starting to form a relationship and I wasn't about to let this fall apart. Daddy wrapped me up as much as he could and the Lex Luthor knocked on the door 20 minuets later. I don't know how he got there- we were a few states away, well, he has a jet- I was pretty important I guess.

"Where is she?" Lex rushing in the house. Lana walked in behind him. Everyone gasped when they saw her- except Chloe, she was pregnant again. So she had Laura with Jason and now Lex, a few things were going through my mind but I wouldn't dare say them.

"Sam, Dean- she might have internal bleeding, we need to take her to Metropalis as soon as possible, I'll get the best team of doctors on her right away." Dad just took a deap breathe and then nodded his head, 'okay.' He then looked at me and he asked- "Are you going to be okay?" I nodded my head 'yes.' Jess took my hand and Tyler took my other and they strolled me out. Chloe and Lana were having small talk in the back of the Jet while the rest of the Winchester men were sitting there watching me nervously. Zack was just sleeping unaware of the situation.

"How long now?" I heard Lana ask Chloe. She smiled.

"3 months- you?" Lana laughed.

"7 months." They were trying to talk but they kept eyeing me just to make sure I was okay.

"Jess-" Dad kept saying but he couldn't get the words out, I could tell that he wasn't in the mood. Tyler didn't know what to do. Then dad's cell phone went off.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Dad- I can't beileve you, do you know where we are right now?" He asked his voice was rising. He was getting really angry.

"Were in a jet flying to a hospital in Metropalis because my two kids went crazy and decided tonight was a good night to do something stupid so Tyler won't be joining you unless you come and get him." He did lie to me. Tyler glanced up at me to see what my reaction would be but I wasn't in the mood. He was going to sneek off in the middle of the night and go on a hunt, that was just perfect. What was he trying to do? How can he not tell me this? We were sleeping together and he decided to hind something like this- something in this family that would be considered big, something like this! I felt like screaming.

"Okay dad- I'll see you, bye." Dad said while closing the phone. Lex looked at Dad and then sighed.

"I have the worst dad so don't even start that-" Dad smiled a little.

"Your dad's not that bad..." He wanted Lex to give him permission to say that he was.

"He doesn't even love me, he's pretty bad." Jess just sat there thinking I could tell that his whole mind was full of thoughts. I know that Tylers mind was more clogged though- I wasn't worried about that though. I was worried about how many bones my dad was going to brake tonight, thank god we were going to a hospital.

"Who is that anyway?" Lex said pointing to Jess. I decided to answer it. "My brother-" Jess smiled a little.

"Your pretty fond of him-" Lex said and I smiled.

"He's a cool guy-" Dad noticed the signals that I was trying to give him.

"Laura you need to be quiet- okay?" Dad said his voice as soft as could be. I nodded my head yes and we pulled into the hospital. I couldn't really remember anything after that. It just went blank.

Tyler POV

They rolled her into this hospital that I don't even know anything about and we all just waited outside. Then the doctor came out and called for Dean. He stood up and walked toward the doctor a little nervouse- like. "Yes." He said. The doctor scratched his head and then said,

"We've done some tests and Laura has some internal bleeding around her stomache area." Dean didn't look like he understood.

"Are you going to be able to stop it?" I asked trying to help out a little.

"We'll try- but if we can't today will be her last-" Dean gulped really hard and then turned to face Jess and I.

"Thanks." Sam said for Dean. The doctor then left us alone. John came into the hospital. He wasn't running but he was walking really fast towards me.

"Tyler." He called. I just stood there- Dean wasn't surprised that he wasn't at all conserned about Laura.

"We have to go now." I just looked at him straight in the eye and said, "I can't go with you- and I suggest you don't go because I have a theory on this accident." Dean and Sam snapped there head around to face me. Sam rushed up towards me and so did Dean.

"What?" They both said. Jess just sat there not wanting to get into any trouble that he wasn't in now.

"Laura's always getting hurt- the demons going after her first. Not me, not you, not Sam- her"

Laura POV

When I woke up I saw a nurse standing at my bedside. I scrunched up to the top of my bed thinking about the last time I was in a car wreck. "What?" I asked. She was looking at me pretty weirdly. Her eyes then became a pitch black color.

"Your posessed-" She didn't answer but then they changed from a black color to an orange-ish color.

"Your the demon." I said looking a little freaked out.

"You know-" He started. "I didn't know if I should come or not but I thought I would make a deal with you." Hell no I thought to myself. That never goes well in this family.

"Tyler is going to die Laura- I'm going to hit him with a car and he's going to die the night he perposes to you." He was lying.

"You are the only one that can kill me, and you know why- your arms, and the keys you know everything. The beer bottle, you know exactly why it happened." My power- I new about it. I didn't know that it was powerful enough to kill the demon though.

"Oh you didn't?" He asked me. I forgot that he could read minds.

"Why aren't you worried that I wouldn't kill you now and get it over with I asked." He pointed to my arm which was in a sling. Damn! I could of taken him even he said it himself.

"I will give Tylers life back to you for your dads." He then spat out- what?! Hell NO!

"No deal!" I spat out. He was my dad and it was a know brainer-

"You love him though, you want to marry him- everyone can tell that you guys are perfect together." Im still not thinking about it. It was a No deal and he new it.

"Nope, know deal. Tyler lied to me- and there's know way I'm going to give you my dads life for his- thats bull shit and you know it!" I spat back in his face. He smiled.

"What if I told you you were pregnant-" Oh shit. What did he say? I tried to act like I didn't care now.

"Ya, whatever- I was just in a car accident, the baby would of died."

"Not unless I did this." I felt a small pain in my stomache and then pop.

"Okay- she's alive now." She's?

"Yup!" The demon said.
"Can you stop reading my fucking mind!" I yelled. Everyone was scilent.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"Your going to bring a third generation winchester in the world so-" Grandpa came into the room with a gun in his hand. He new that the demon was here-

"Leave her alone!" He yelled.

"Johney- come on a gun?" Grandpa just walked toward him. The demon rolled his eyes and then put him against the wall.

"NO!" I yelled.

"I'm taking Tyler-" He said and all of a sudden the nurse fell on the floor and so did grandpa. The demon exited her body and then something happened with my machines. They started to go all crazy. The nurse got up and looked at me.

"What the hell-" She yelled. I don't know what she was reffering to though.

"Your okay?" I asked her. She still had that confused look on her face. Dad and Sam walked into the room with the doctors right behind him. The doctor ran behind the nurse and said, "What the hell again." Lex Luthor then walked in and said, "What!?"

"Your okay-" The doctor said looking at me. "The bleeding stopped and your- your-" I closed my eyes.

"Pregnant." I mummbled. Everyone stopped and looked at Tyler.

"It's the- the-" I tried to hint to dad but he was just staring at Tyler everyone was. Grandpa was shocked.

"NO!" I yelled.

"None of this would of happened if you didn't lie to me, and you didn't come" I pointed at grandpa and Tyler.

"Mom wouldn't have died, and Grandma, and you had this obsession and that stupid son of a bitch came in here possessing you-" I pointed at the nurse.

"HE MADE ME PREGNANT!" I yelled pointing at Tyler and then I pointed at the nurse.

"Then the baby died and you had to bring it back to life! I meen, it's my fault I was pregnant but I should of at least missed my period! I didn't want to know before the doctors could even tell!" This wasn't making any since so I decided to yell it out.

"How could you know if I just had sex on christmas- that son of a bitch hurried my pregnancy time or something!" The doctor grabbed my shoulders.

"Get off of me!" I yelled. Then Jess came up to me. "Laura just chill out okay." He said it very softly and tears started to roll down my eyes. He handed me my locket back-

"You sure." I asked. He just nodded his head yes. I looked at everyone. "Dad- can you and Jess just stay and everyone else go." I needed to calm down and take a deep breathe and think this one out- I wanted them to help. They were the only ones I trusted right now.

"Okay-" Lex said looking a little interested. Lana hit him just to make sure he was in check and not thinking about doing anything crazy. Chloe grabbed Sams hand and they left and Tyler just stared a little freaked out a little and he left the room.

"What happened now?" Dad asked me.

"The demon came in here and told me that he would let Tyler live if I sacrificed you- and I said theres no way in hell that was happening. Then he said, What if you were pregnant- because the babies going to need a father- I told him that I was in a car accident and the babies dead. Then he sent something in my stomache and he said, not anymore- which by the way hurt. Then grandpa came in and brought a gun which I don't know how he got that passed security and then the demon laughed. Grandpa was against the wall and he said that he was taking Tyler and then he left. Then the doctors came in with you guys just realizing that my body was showing signs of pregnancy and that nurse, there's something wrong with her. She didn't even feel anything after she was possessed and I don't know what to do."

"Kill the baby." Jess said. I looked at him in shock.

"what? No!" I yelled.

"Laura the demon just gave that baby something to live which meens that it could be possessed with one of the demons babies and you can't let your baby or his baby come in the world like that-" Dad was thinking about that.

"He's right." He finnally said.

"What if your both wrong!" I yelled.

"Shh." Jess said trying to calm me down. "Think about it yourself- what do you think would be good for your child."

"Why can't we exorcise it when it's born?" I asked.

"Because- it'll be to much on the baby and he'll die in a horrible way."

"So I have to kill my baby?" I asked.

"You also have to brake up with Tyler." Jess said. I looked at him and then said, "Shut up!" He shrugged his shoulders.

"I agree-" Dad said again.

"You only agree because he got me pregnant."

"Know-" Dad said trying to hide up most of the reason.

"If you brake up with Tyler then the demon knows that you don't have feelings for him and he'll think that you won't be hurt by the car accident." Jess started to think.

"Why does he want to hurt you though?" Jess said. "Why not Sam or Dad, or Chloe or Zack- why you?" I looked down. This was a lot to take in.

"Because," Dad and Jess looked up at me. "My strongness thingy." Dad still wasn't getting it. "With that power- I can kill him."

"How do you know that?" Dad asked.

"He told me." I said.

"Why would he tell you that though-" Jess asked.

"I don't know!" I yelled.

"Somethings not right." Dad said.

"I agree..." Jess said. "Were not thinking about this properly."

"Why isn't Laura possessed if the babies possessed?" Jess asked. Dads face lit up. "Laura your not pregnant- he screwed with the machine and then did something else to you- but we don't know what." Jess was liking that idea better.

"Thats a lot better-" Jess said.

"So I don't have to break up with Tyler?" I asked.

"Honey it's your decission, but I suggest it."

"So I have to talk to him." I said. Dad just shook his head yes.

"Oh, and if you do go out with him, you guys aren't having sex even if he will die! I don't care anymore I was just being weird for some reason. You two did not escape that lecture! It's comming up right after this so you guys be perpaired for the worst punishment of your life." Dad then looked at me... "The same exact punishment." He said. I smiled- that ment he wasn't going to go to hard on Jess. Jess was happy to here that to.

"See- I never brake my prommisses." Jess said smiling at me.

"What?" Dad asked.

"It's a brother sister thing." I said. He smiled he liked the fact that we were forming a relationship.

Tyler POV

"You got my neice pregnant?" Sam asked me he was pissed off. I didn't answer him. "You guys should of never shared a bed- Dean must of been on drugs or something-"

"I just don't get what was happening to Laura-" Lex said.

"Don't you dare." Lana said.

"What?" Lex asked.

"She's not going to become a prodject like Clark- she's just like the rest of us. Get over it!" Okay some things changed in Smallville- I'm aware of the meteor powers. I am a key baby, but I don't know if that came from Smallville or the demon. Most likely the demon.

"She wasn't even born in Smallville-" I added. Lex agreed with that fact a little.

"You shouldnt talk." Sam said.

"Sam- calm down, Dean will take care of it." Sam rolled his eyes.

"Doesn't meen I shouldn't be mad for him." Just then Dean walked out and it was the most scariest time in my life.

"She's not pregnant-" HE said directing it towards me.

"What?" Everyone asked.

"He did something to the computers." He spat out. Sam and Chloe got it, so did I but Lex and Lana were still a little confused.

"Don't worry about it-" Dean said.

"So is she okay?" I asked. Dean didn't give me the best look but he said,

"Laura wants to talk to you after Jess comes out." Chloe and Lana jumped up. THis was more of a girls instinct I guess.

"Sam come on- lets go check on the twins." Chloe just said randomly.

"Ya- Lex, maybe we should go with them." The men were clueless but they went with them anyways.

"She's going to brake up with me isn't she?" I asked Dean.

"I sure hope so." He said. "You deserve it- sleeping with her and then lying to her face, I never did that to Megan, and I'm the worst when it comes to women." That was true- I guess the crowns being passed on.

"She loves you though-" He spat out, he was becomming more truthful.

"She does?" I asked.

"You should know that-" John said.

"Dad- I want to talk to you too... " Dean said. There were a lot of talks about to go on, and we were all nervouse- I guess the wait was the worst. Time can really suck sometimes. I needed what was comming to me though- I just didn't know what was supposed to happen afterwords. I guess all I could do was wait and see what happens.