The Digivirus

The Digivirus

By: Lady Ava

Kari tossed and turned in her bed. Her thoughts were in shambles, as she lay there, helpless in her awful nightmare. Kari was surrounded by darkness and the only light in the void was coming from her crest of light. She knew that she was alone, for her soul told her so. "Hello? Who's there?" Kari called, her voice echoing into the blackness.

Within a short time, her call was answered. Although the voice sounded distant, Kari could easily recognize it as T.K.'s. "Matt, is he going to be alright? Mr. and Mrs. Kayima seem really upset after the doctor talked to them." He sounded very hoarse, like he had been crying very hard.

"T.K. Where are you, T.K.?" Kari called. She tried to take a step forward, but the darkness held her crest and her at bay. "T.K.! Tai! Where are you? I'm scared." The echo of her voice carried through the emptiness, as if trying to break free.

As Kari stood there, she heard Tai's voice, which seemed to break away the blackness. "Kari, come on. Wake up. We need to go." He spoke, sounding very loving.

Kari's eyes flew opened to meet her brother's. He was smiling down at her, his teenage looks really noticeable. He was dressed in casual clothes; a pair of jeans, a soccer jersey, and his goggles around his neck. "Hey, good morning. Come on, we have to go." He smiled.

Sitting up, Kari threw her arms around her brother's neck. "Tai, it was awful. The darkness, T.K.'s sad voice echoing through my head. It's a warning…I know it is." She babbled, crying into her brother's chest.

Tai looked down at his little sister. Touching her shoulders, Tai asked, "A warning? To what?"

"I don't know. But I have a feeling that you're in danger." She whispered.

"How do you know?" Tai questioned, lifted his sister's head up so that her tear-filled eyes were looking at his eyes.

Kari looked away towards the balcony doors. "Because…I just feel it. My heart and soul feel a sense of danger in the air, Tai. The evil, black auras aren't surrounding the others, but it is covering you. I don't know, maybe…I just ate something bad before I went to sleep, which caused me to have nightmares."

Standing, Tai looked down at his sister and smiled. "Kari, if something is going to happen, we can handle it. I know it." Walking over towards the door, Tai called back, "Hurry and get dressed. The Digiworld needs us."

Kari watched as her brother left. "Thanks Tai. He is really great…for an older brother." She said to herself.


"Hey. You guys are late." Joe stated as Tai and Kari walked into the school's computer lab. "What happened, Tai? Did you see a cute girl on the street and tried to flirt with her?" He asked jokingly.

Kari walked passed her brother giggling. His face turned bright red with anger and embarrassment. "No, not really." Tai said through clenched teeth.

Kari walked over to T.K. and gave him a light kiss on the cheek. Smiling, she turned to her brother. "Now Tai, you shouldn't lye like that."

"Okay, buddy. Just how did she turn you down?" Matt asked, looking over from the windows.

"She…hit me with her bags and walked away." Tai answered, slamming the door behide him.

Sora stood from one of the many chairs in the room. Walking over to Tai, she gave him a hug. "Listen, don't bother with her. Remember, you got me." She whispered, kissing his cheek.

Clearing his throat, Izzy grabbed the others attentions. "Listen guys, can we get this show on the road. The Digimon are waiting for us."

Mimi stood from the heater. "Your right, Izzy! Let's go!"

Gathering around the screen, the Digidestined withdrew their Digivices. "Alright, let's do it! Digiport…Open!" Tai shouted. The screen glowed its usual bright glow as the gate between the two worlds opened and with the mighty flash of light, the eight teens vanished.


When they reappeared in the Digiworld, a loud explosion greeted them. The dust from the blast surrounded the teens, causing them to gag and hack. "What's…going…on?" Izzy questioned, covering his mouth and shutting his eyes.

"Tai! Over here!" Agumon's voice shouted through the storm of earth.

Raising his head, Tai managed to open his eyes to see Agumon and the other Digimon waving them over towards fresh air. "Guys…this way!" He commanded.

With the others on his tail, Tai led the others to their Digimon companions. "Gatomon!" Kari shouted happily, seeing her feline friend running towards.

Jumping into Kari's arms, Gatomon purred. "It's so great to see you, Kari."

"There's no time for reunions. We have to attack!" Gabumon stated, pointing towards the dust storm. Looking over to the storm they just escaped, the Digidestined and their Digimon saw a large creature walking through the storm. It had large black claws to match the rest of its black body. The head looked like a large beetle, with two massive pinchers in place of a mouth. "It's Virusmon. Don't get in the way of his double-viral attack. The effects can be dangerous." Gabumon said.

Withdrawing his digivice, Tai stood strong. "Come on, guys! Let's get these Digimon Digivolved!" He stated.

"Agumon digivolved to…Greymon!"

"Gabumon digivolve to…Garurumon!"

"Byimon digivolve to…Birdramon!"

"Tentomon digivolve to…Karbutarimon!"

"Palmon digivolve to…Topomon!"

"Gomamon digivolve to…Ikkakumon!"

"Gatomon digivolve to…Angewomon!"

"Patamon digivolve to…Angemon!"

Virusmon looked at the newly digivolved competitors before him. Smiling, he roared a mighty roar. "It looks like he accepted the challenge that we put before him. Prodigious." Izzy stated, withdrawing his laptop.

"Greymon! Give it everything you got!" Tai shouted.

Nodding, Greymon ran towards the evil Virusmon. "Nova Blaster!" He shouted, firing the hot fire from his mouth. Virusmon dogged the blast easily. "What? How could he do that?" Greymon shouted.

"My turn…Celestial Arrow!" Angewomon shouted. The bright pink arrow shout from the Digimon's hands gracefully, but it too, missed. "This is getting ridiculous!" She shouted.

Garurumon ran over towards Matt. "Matt, get on. We'll attack him together." The wolf Digimon stated, bending down. Nodding, Matt climbed onto his friend's back. "Alright! Let's do it!" Garurumon shouted.

"Come on! Bring it on, Virusmon!" Matt shouted angrily as he raced towards the evil monster.

Springing into the air, Garurumon attacked. "Howling Blaster!" His attack hit the evil Digimon head on, causing him to fall to the ground. "All right!" He shouted.

"We got him!" Matt said, as they landed on the ground.

Looking over at the massive dust storm, T.K. began to shake. "Don't celebrate yet, Matt. Look!" Matt's brother shouted, pointing.

As the others looked over, the evil Digimon was still standing, dusting himself off. "How could he survive such a strong direct hit?" Kari asked, coming up next to T.K.

Suddenly, the evil Digimon tilted his head back. "He's getting ready to attack! Everyone hit the ground!" Sora shouted.

"Guys! Head towards those rocks! We can hide behide them." Joe shouted, running towards a large pile of rocks.

Everyone turned and began to run with Joe. Tai looked back to see the Digimon still trying to prepare his attack. That's when he saw his Digimon companion lying in the attack's path. "Agumon!" He shouted, doing an about face to grab the lizard.

As he ran passed his sister, Kari turned as well. "No Tai! Come back!" She shouted, giving chase after her brother.

"Kari!" T.K. shouted. He tried to run after her, but Matt grabbed him. "Matt, let go! I need to get Kari!"

Matt pulled his brother behide the rocks with the others. "Listen! She'll be fine!" Matt shouted. Looking up from his brother, Matt watched as Tai and Kari ran over to Agumon. "Tai! Kari! Come On!!!" He shouted.

"Agumon, are you okay?" Tai asked in a rushed tone. He kept glancing at the large Digimon, making sure he wasn't about to fire.

Agumon looked up at Tai. "I can't run. I hurt my foot."

Tai bent down and looked at the lizard's injured foot. "Tai! What's wrong? What are you doing?" Kari demanded.

"Kari, What are you…" Tai started, but couldn't finish. Suddenly, the earth began to shake beneath their feet. Swinging his head around, Tai saw Virusmon's claws beginning to glow. "RUN!" He shouted to his sister as he picked up Agumon on his back.

The two teens turned and sprinted towards the boulders where the other waved to them. They shouted things like, "Hurry!" or "Faster!" Suddenly, they heard the Digimon shout his attack. "Double-Virual Attack!"

A massive black light shot from the monster's claws. The beam soared past the other Digimon and flew directly at the teens. Seeing the beam coming right at them, Tai took Agumon off his back and quickly shielded both the Digimon and his sister from the attack. They flew forward, begin engulfed by the black light. Kari heard her brother scream in pain and she let out a scream of horror as she flung forward. As she hit the ground, her mind flashed back. 'A dark aura surrounding Tai. It must have been the attack from Virusmon…' Kari thought as she and the others hit the ground with a thud.

As the attack ceased, both the black light and the monster vanished. Coming out from behide the rocks, all the digidestined could do was stare at the sea of destruction that the monster caused. Their Digimon returned to their sides, back to their rookie forms. "Are you alright, T.K.?" Patamon asked, landing on T.K.'s hat.

As he surveyed the flat land, he saw Kari and Tai lying motionless on the ground. Agumon and Gatomon sat there, trying to wake their friends. "Kari! Tai!" T.K. shouted.

Running towards their fallen friends, the others heard the Digimon's pleads.

"Kari, Please kid, wake up." Gatomon cried.

"Tai. Come on, you gotta wake up. We gotta go home now." Agumon said softly.

Sora ran to Tai. Moving past Agumon, she bent her head down to Tai's chest. She sat there listening for a pulse and finally rose her head up again. "He's alive. But he just unconscious." She said, a sigh of relief being breathed on her part.

"The same goes for Kari." T.K announced to the rest of the group.

Suddenly, Kari began to stir. Her eyes slowly opened to see T.K. holding her in his arms. "T.K.?" She questioned, her voice faint and tired like.

"Yea, it's me. You okay?" He asked.

Kari shook her head, trying to rid her ears of the buzzing sound. "Kari!" Gatomon shouted, jumping into her friend's arms.

As Kari smiled at Gatomon, she saw her brother slowly waking up as well. "Are you alright?" She asked, standing from the ground.

Tai sat up and smiled. "Yea. My head is just buzzing, that's all." He stated, shaking his head as well.

"Hey guys. Let's go. There is nothing else we can do here." Matt stated, pointing towards the gate. "If we leave now, I think we can make it home in time to the movie on channel 7." He laughed.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Sora asked Tai as he came to him feet. "I mean, you took the brunt of the attack.

Tai took Sora's hand in his. "Sora, I'm fine. Please don't worry yourself over all this." He said, lifting her hand up to his lips.


When they returned through the portal, the Digidestined part ways to their separate parts of town. Mimi, Joe, Izzy, and Matt went one direction while T.K., Kari, Tai, and Sora went their own direction. They waked through the noisy city in silence until they reached Tai and Kari's apartment building. "Well, see ya tomorrow right here." Tai said smiling.

"Yeah, Good night." Sora stated, her face a bit flushed.

"Night, T.K." Kari smiled, kissing him on the cheek.

T.K., too, turned a bit red. "Yeah…you too." He breathed.

Tai and Kari walked to their apartment and let themselves inside. After eating dinner, Kari went into Tai's room. As she cracked the door opened, she saw him lying on his bed. Shutting the door behide her, she walked past her brother, who was sleeping, to his balcony. Opening the doors, a warm breeze rushed into the room and past Kari, blowing her hair back. Walking out onto the landing, Kari watched the ships sail through the harbor, the lights flashing into the water, as a sign that they were entering the docking area. Breathing in deeply, the girl let out a deep sigh.

"Kari?" Tai asked from behide, causing Kari to jump. Turning, Kari saw Tai leaning against the door. He had a calming smile on his face as he stood there in his sleeping attire. "What's up?" He asked.

"It's a long story." She stated.

Walking over to his sibling, Tai placed an arm around Kari's shoulders. He, too, gazed up to look at the stars. "Man, these stars are nothing compared to the Digital World's, eh?" He observed. Looking over at his sister, he smiled. "Those stars put our stars here to shame."

"Tai, I don't think that we are out of danger yet." Kari firmly told her brother. Looking up to meet his gaze, she continued. "I feel that the dark aura has gotten stronger ever since this afternoon, when we were in that attack. I just don't think that you're out of the fire, that's all."

Turning towards the door, Tai began to move forward. "Kari, I have a confession to make. I have this weird feeling inside me. Like something bad is creeping around and looking over my shoulder whenever it gets the chance.

Kari stared at her brother. "I've felt…the same way. I told Mom. But she said that it just a thing teenagers go through."

Tai turned towards his sister and frowned. "That's way I didn't eat all of my dinner and I didn't stay up to watch the soccer game. I've just wanted to sleep and even now I feel as if I'm using to much energy."

Kari murmured, "Let's not tell the others. They will be really worried if we say anything."

Tai nodded in agreement. "Okay. Night Tai." Kari said, walking towards the door.

"Night kid." He smiled as he watched her close the door.


The next morning ran like it always did. Mrs. Kayima would come in and first wake Tai, then go to the get room over and wake Kari. Then go back a second time to wake Tai again. But there was one difference in that part of the morning. Tai was already wide-awake lying in his bed, waiting for his mother to come in. He had been awake all night, tossing and turning in bed.

When the two Kayima's went down to meet the others, Tai looked all messy and sickly. His uniform was untidy and his hair was as well. Tai and Kari fell back in the groups pace, mostly because Tai felt as if he could give at any moment and pass out and Kari was there to help him if he did.

Upon reaching the school, Matt turned to the two teens who brought up the rear. "Hey guys, are you okay?" He asked as he held the door opened for them.

"Fine." Tai answered coldly walking through the door.

"You'll have to excuse him, Matt." Kari replied, following her brother.

Matt looked back at the others. "I don't want to sound as if I'm losing it, but is it just me or dose Tai seem not like himself?"

Sora looked over at him. "Yeah, you're right. Tai didn't kiss me good morning like he always does."

Izzy watched at Kari and Tai said their good byes and went there separate ways for the day. "Maybe something happened last night." He suggested.

Matt walked into the building. "They haven't really been themselves since they were hit with that attack yesterday." He stated.

"Okay. We each have at least one class with each of them, right? So we'll just keep an eye on them for the rest of the day." Joe declared.

Mimi smiled at Joe. "That is a great idea, Joe!" She said, her high-pitched voice echoing through the lobby of the school.


Tai sat in his science class with Sora next to him and Matt behide him. As he sat there, Tai felt sick. He felt his temperature rising and that his hands were becoming clammy. His vision kept going in and out of focus as he watched his teacher write about waves in the ocean currents around the world. 'What's wrong with me? I feel as weak as a kitten and I'm trembling all over. Plus, I feel as if I'm going to pass out right now. No. I'm not going too. But, I can feel as if it is going to happen soon.' He thought.

"Tai? You okay? You're really pale." Sora whispered over to him.

"Yeah…why…why wouldn't I be?" He whispered back.

"You're hands are shaking." She stated with concern in her voice.

Suddenly, the bell rang. Tai jumped a bit and then quickly grabbed the desk as a safety precaution. "Oh, just…the bell." He breathed.


The three digidestined walked out of their classroom and towards the gym. Tai dragged behide Sora and Matt. The crowed halls between periods didn't make Tai feel any better. His brain felt as if it were about to burst from all the sound. 'I can't take anymore of this.' He thought.

Walking into the gym, Tai noticed that the bleachers were pulled out from the walls. "What's going on?" He asked, looking dazed at the students sitting on the bleachers.

"Tai, it's a new marking period, remember? We're gonna be sitting on the bleachers the whole period." Matt stated, looking for the others. "Hey, there's Mimi." He said, seeing Mimi waving her arms in the air.

Walking up the stairs to where the others were sitting, the three teens saw that both Kari and Izzy were missing. "Where's Kari?" Tai asked hoarsely.

"She's in the computer lab with Izzy. He is helping her download a new computer program onto her camera." Mimi stated loudly.

For the rest of the period, the five digidestined sat there talking about their day so far while Tai sat with his head against the wall, sleeping. Sleep that Tai craved and needed.

When the period concluded, the digidestined walked down the stairs to the gym floor. When Tai's feet hit the floor the sound of his soccer coach caused him to freeze. "Kayima! There you are! I was looking for you."

As Tai and the others turned, a large built man came walking over to them. "Hey Mr. Samami. Is there something you wanted to talk about?" Tai asked, his voice's volume getting weaker and weaker.

"I wanted to tell ya that we have practice after school today. We can't have my most valuable player missing practice, now can we?" Mr. Samami stated in a coach-like manner.

While the coach continued to rattle on and on about things that he wanted to do at practice, Tai wasn't listening. His vision blurred completely and he began to sway on his feet. "What's the matter, Tai?" He heard his coach asked.

Tai looked at the blurry outline of Mr. Samami. "I…need to lye…down." He stuttered out. Suddenly, Tai's legs gave out and he fell onto the hard wooden gym floor. His breath was heavy and he was drawing attention of the other students in the gym.

"Tai. Hey Tai! Wake up!" Joe shouted as he bent down and began to shake Tai's shoulders.

Sora ran over to Tai as well. She fell to the ground and picked up his head. "Tai? Come on, Tai. Please wake up." She said softly.

Meanwhile, the other students were gathered in a circle around the scene. They echoed through the crowd what had happened. "Tai Kayima fainted!" "The star soccer player on the varsity team passed out?" "Just fell to the floor?"

As the other students babbled on and on, Tai began to stir on the floor. "What happened?" He asked weakly.

"You passed out." Sora stated quietly, so that only the Digidestined could hear her.

Placing his hand on Tai's forehead, Joe felt for a temperature. "Man, you're boiling hot. Why didn't you tell your parents this morning that you didn't feel well?"

Sitting up, Tai hung his head. "Because I didn't want them to worry, that's all." Before anyone else could say anything, Tai rose to his feet. "I'm going to the nurse." He stated.

"And we're going too." T.K. stated, walking up next to their leader.

As Tai and the others started towards the door, the group of teens who were watching the whole thing stepped to the side, so that they had a clear path towards the gym's main doors.


While the six digidestined walked down the hallway towards the nurse's office, they walked past the main computer lab. As T.K. walked past, he looked inside to see Izzy sitting at the computer with Kari's camera. He was typing away on the keyboard, opening the files needed to upload the new program into the digital camera.

That's when T.K. noticed that Kari wasn't there. "Hey Izzy." The blond haired teen stated, causing the computer wiz to jump.

"Oh, T.K. Hey, why are you guys here?" Izzy asked, standing from his chair.

"We're taking Tai to the nurse. He fainted in Gym class." Joe explained as he and the other Digidestined came to the door. Joe was supporting Tai on his feet, although Tai was very reluctant to have any help.

Izzy walked over to the others. "Man, we should tell Kari. She would want to be with her brother if he isn't feeling well." He suggested.

"Yea, that's why we're here. Where is Kari?" Sora asked.

"She went to her locker to get a photo magazine. She wanted to show me all the new stuff that this program will allow her camera to do." The red haired teen told the others.

Nodding, Tai smiled. "Well, just tell her that I'm at the nurse's office, okay?" He said, sounding as if he had just ran two miles without stopping. His breath was short and his complexion was very white. Breads of sweat ran down Tai's brow and dripped onto his jacket.

Lowering his head, Tai suddenly went limp. "Whoa. He's out again." Joe stated, adjusting the new amount of dead weight at his side.

"What do you mean again?" Izzy asked.

Looking up from her friend, Mimi frowned, "He has been slipping in and out of consciousness."

"Who's been in and out of consciousness?" Kari's voice asked from behide the group.

Turning, the digidestined saw Kari standing there, magazine in hand. Lifting his head up, Tai and Kari's eyes locked immediately. Pushing Joe away, Tai walked over to his sister. Suddenly, his knees gave out again and he fell to the cold tile floor. Dropping the magazine, Kari went to her knees as well and grabbed her brother's shoulders.

Looking into his sister's eyes, Tai asked softly, "Is the aura…getting stronger?"

Nodding, Kari hugged her brother. "Tai…" She whispered.

"Come on, let's get him to the nurse's office before you pass out again." Matt told Tai, helping him to feet.


Upon entering the nurse's office, Matt quickly walked Tai over to one of the beds. Sitting his friend down, the blond haired teen knelt so at he could look his best friend in the eye. "Just stay with us for a few more minutes, okay?"

Tai tried to answer his friend, but all that came out of his mouth was a harsh cough. "What on earth is going on in here? This is a medical office, not a teenage hangout!" The high pitched voice of the school's nurse shouted causing the digidestined to jump and freeze.

"Ms. Islama, we just brought Taichi Kayima down here. We're his friends." Izzy stated, taking a step back from the woman.

Looking past the rest of the teens, Ms. Islama saw Matt and Tai staring at her wide-eyed. "Which one? Both of them seem very pale." She asked.

Standing from the floor, Matt suppressed his anger. "Not me. Him." He said through clenched teeth.

Pushing Matt out of the way, the woman bent down and took a thermometer from a cabinet. Then turning around quickly, she shoved it into Tai's mouth. After two minutes of pure silence, the timer on the thermometer beeped. Yanking the plastic heat teller out his the teens mouth, the woman gasped. "Dear heavens boy! You have a 101.6 fever. You are going home immediately." She stated, walking over to the phone in her office.

Shutting the door behind her, the other digidestined walked up to their friend. "Man Tai. Now I see why no one ever wants to go to the nurse when their not feeling well or if they are injured. That woman scares me." Mimi stated, sitting down in an empty chair.

"Tell me about it." Matt added, sitting down next to his girlfriend. "She called me pale. I'm not pale!" He shouted.

Sora sat down next to Tai. She looked at him and could tell that he didn't feel like talking. Placing her hand into his, she rested her head on his shoulder. Closing her eyes, Sora suddenly felt a soft touch come to her head. Looking up, she saw Tai smiling at her weakly. They sat there in silence for the next ten minutes in complete silence, until finally the door to the nurse's office opened and Mrs. Kayima walked in.

"Tai, are you alright?" She asked, coming over to her son.

"I've been better." The teen stated to him mom tiredly.

Helping her son to his feet, Mrs. Kayima took his bag from T.K. and thanked all the teens. Then, signing himself out, Tai and his mom headed for the main doors of the school. The other teens walked with him and his mom, just in case he passed out again.

As they went out to the car, Tai bowed slightly and smiled. "Thanks guys." He whispered.

"We'll come by after school's over and see how you are, okay?" Sora told him, hugging him goodbye.

Kissing her on the cheek, Tai nodded. "That's would be great. See ya." He said, getting to the car.

As they drove away, Kari felt a tear roll down her cheek. 'My…dream…is coming true.' She thought.


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